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Stranger Than Paradise Loft Edition ft Isolée LiVE & Till von Sein


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Where: Warehouse Loft (411 New York Ave NE, Washington, DC)

Minimum Age: 21+

Type: Indoor - Club

Web Site: Click Here

Promoters: Stranger Than Paradise

Genres: HouseLivetronicaTechno

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General Admission
$ 10.00
Fri, Dec 3, 2010

Doors 10PM, 21+

Presale Tickets:

The Loft (Apartment Side)

Use Entrance Inside Loading Dock

411 New York Ave NE

Washington, DC 20001

Isolée    LiVE

(Playhouse, Frankfurt)

Till von Sein

(Suol, Supplement Facts, Dirt Crew, Berlin)

Navbox & Rosario

(Stranger Than Paradise, DC)

Solomon Sanchez


One of the most prolific electronic musicians of the decade, Rajko Mueller aka Isolée and Berlin's established talent, Till von Sein:

Isolée's been releasing music since 1996. He dropped his first full-length album, Rest, in 2000 with "Beau Mot Plage", which took the world by storm, a track played by all the house and techno jocks across the board. In '05, Mueller released the followup album, We Are Monster, and it was immediately hailed as one of the top albums of the decade.

His third full-length album is set to be released on DJ Koze's Pampa Records imprint in 2011. Isolée will perform a Live set with an analog mixer, various effects and processors.

Till von Sein's been rocking crowds since the mid 90s and made his debut as electronic music producer in '05. His Sundowna release on Guy Gerber's Supplement Facts imprint was one of the most talked about tracks of last spring.

Till is best known and loved for his musical honesty, ability to conjure emotion-fuelled harmony out of every day realities, dynamic dj shows, and his eclectic sense of urban music, which never really did fit comfortably into a musical box.

Some may have thought him unwise not to jump on various bandwagons, but maintaining his independence and artistic integrity has allowed Till von Sein the space to make consistent and uncompromised classic EP's for many years!

Check out Till's impressive collection of mixtapes online:

Also joining us on the 1's and 2's is fellow DC maestro Solomon Sanchez and Stranger Than Paradise residents Navbox & Rosario.

More on Isolée:

Isolée is Rajko Mueller, born in Frankfurt, Germany.

He lived with his family in Algeria from the ages of 7 to 12 and went to a French primary school (and on the weekends to a beach called bomo plage) before returning to Frankfurt with his family in 1983.

Around that time his parents bought him an organ for Christmas and he began trying to do some synth-pop with a school friend; the pair deciding to buy a synthesizer and a drum computer.

Rajko became bored of synth-pop and EBM at the end of the eighties and began listening more to rock and independent music. Friends helped him discover house-music, hip-hop and techno in the early '90s and he began trying to recreate these sounds on his old syntheziser. However he soon realized he needed more equipment, which luckily his elder brother - also into electronic music - had already bought.

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Resident Advisor review of Isolée - The Fantastic Researches of Yushin Maru [Dial Records, 2010]: 4/5:

Pitchfork review of Isolée - We Are Monster [Playhouse, 2005]: 8.4/10 "Best New Music":

RA Poll: Top 100 albums of '00s:

53. Isolée - We Are Monster [Playhouse, 2005]

A complex and dizzying array of sound, all filtered through the prism of house and techno. Barely.

Listen to October Nightingale EP by Isolée:

RA Playing favourites: Till von Sein

Till von Sein on Souncloud: