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Spankalicious + BASSthoven + MonDope + HooD-TeK in Springfield, IL


When: -

Where: Bar None - Springfield (245 S. 5th Street, Springfield, IL)

Minimum Age: 21+

Type: Indoor - Club

Promoters: Connector Presents

Genres: DubstepElectroGlitchHip Hop

SPANKALICIOUS- Psychedelic Bounce/Dubstep/Live Drums(STL)


Connector Presents - Loyal Family - Grassroots California - Silver Surfer Vaporizers


Spankalicious is bounce. Making his mark on the electronic music scene in the Midwest with the high energy that he brings to the stage, creating the vibe needed to get the rage started! Kevin Moore (aka: Spankalicious) is currently based out of St. Louis, Missouri. Coming from an extensive background in rudimental percussion/drumming have allowed Spank to read rhythms inside and out. Shown through scratching, drumming, as well as seamlessly blending and mixing. Spankalicious thrives on taking the crowd through a musical journey that always brings many flavors of emotion to the party.

A hefty line of residencies, as well as extensive tour experience, have rounded Spank to be a self proven party rocker! In 2010 he co-billed alongside Pretty Lights, Bassnectar, CASPA, The Glitch Mob, Brother Ali, Boombox, Eskmo, Marty Party, Dubskin, Break Science, Kraddy, Mimosa, SAVOY, Two Fresh, Emancipator, Ott, Virtual Boy,Ana Sia, Eoto, Vibesquad, Big Gigantic and Elliot Lipp. He also served as the host of the Wakarusa Dj Classic in Columbia and St. Louis, Mo.

In June of 2010 he was voted "Best Dj in St. Louis" by the River Front Times annual readers poll/music showcase.

Festival appearances include: Summer Camp Music Fest, Wakarusa's Interstellar Meltdown, Bassnectar's First Bass Center in Colorado, Underground Sound 6, Immix Fest, Tall Tree Lake Fest, and Schwagstock 45 at Camp Zoe.

2011 kicked off with HUGE momentum! A four show run with the Psychedelic Guru HEYOKA, as well as plays in Atlanta, New Orleans, Memphis, Denver with PRAANG, and Chicago with Nit Grit. Keep on the look out for upcoming dates as Spanky plans to make a stop in YOUR city soon!


BASSthoven - Lincoln, NE

High Lucy Nation


MonDope - Springfield, IL


Killinoize Productions - Nasty Rumor


Hailing from Springfield, IL Armando Zuniga aka “MonDope” is a fresh force to be reckoned with. Although he has only been performing and promoting for a short period of time, MonDope is no stranger to the scene. With an eclectic arsenal of music ranging from metal to hip-hop and underground, as well as many different forms of electronic music, there is never a dull moment in his sets. In the summer of 2010 Mondope came together with other local DJs to form Killinoize, a production company interested in bringing the new wave of bass music to Illinois’ own capitol city. Killnoize quickly gained a following of like-minded enthusiasts and bass heads in the region. Mondope’s sets are energetic and demand your attention. He will bring anything from glitch-hop to dubstep, drum & bass, crunk, breaks, funk and even jungle/reggae to the dance floor. Able to feel out any crowd at any moment, MonDope delivers a HEADY blend to get down to. Playing along side National acts such as Pretty Lights, Michael Menert, NastyNasty, VibeSquad, DNAE BEATS, R/D, NiTGriT, Freddy Todd, Elfkowitz, Alpaca, Phaded, Spankalicous and more to come. Expect the best of this rising artist in 2011!


HooD TeK - Des Moines, IA

Connector Presents



Peoria, IL




Trinketz, aka Devin Gorman, is an up and coming talent born and raised in Peoria, IL. This places him in the perfect location to contribute to the growth of the Chicago/St. Louis dubstep scene. His love for music combined with technological skills acquired through majoring in Graphic Design has brought him to become one of Peoria’s most well-known dubstep DJs, as the scene continues to explode.

He began experimenting in late 2008 in order to give people something new and different to hear as well as entertain, by being able to create and control what group of people listened to with hopes they would enjoy. As the dubstep invasion continues to takeover, his passion helps him contribute and bring together the midwest’s growing music scene.

His combination of experimentally heavy bass, glitched out dance beats, and and dark psychedelic sound allows him to destroy dance floors with ear shattering bass drops. Within the Peoria area he has become a regular performer at “Wobble Wednesdays”, a weekly dubstep event that takes place at a local bar called Cam’s Place every Wednesday. Because of the dub invasion, Wobble Wednesdays have become excessively popular, allowing Trinketz to gain even more recognition, and a growing fan base. In late 2010 Trinketz was officially signed to Killinoize Productions. This is only the beginning.



Springfield, IL


Killinoize Productions & Nasty Rumor


"I prefer to play dubstep/glitchhop/metal breakdowns. Ever since I found dubstep I felt it necessary to push myself harder for success. The way I feel when I play music is like no other high i've experienced. My goals are to bring smiles to as many faces as possible, influence as many people as possible, and positively change the world through music. I first got into djing about 8 years ago for the aspect of scratching/turntablism. Not until a couple years ago did I really start cracking down on mixing. I can recall my whole career back to a family vacation to where I listened to so much DJ Lethal I felt it necessary to teach myself how to scratch. Once I got back from that vacation I got myself a job and saved for my equipment one piece at a time. After being introduced to turntablist such as DJ Q-Bert, DJ D-styles, Mr.Dibbs, Alien Army, and other turntablist artists and groups it was straight scratching for me. After years passed and I became more comfortable with scratching, shortly after my career slowed. Once I was introduced to time coded vinyl everything picked back up in full swing and it was a whole new ball game, and I really stepped up on teaching myself how to mix. Shortly after using time coded vinyl I discovered the sounds of dubstep, once dubstep came so did the house parties and playing different venues in the Springfield, IL area such as Marley's, Bar None, Field House, and Stella Blue to name a few. The past couple years of my life I have been learning how to mix, tweak, glitch and add lasers to music. I'm truly grateful with everything music has done for me. I am going to pay music back 10 fold and change the world with sounds."