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Spankalicious in Atlanta


When: -

Where: Apache Cafe (64 3rd Street Northwest, Atlanta, GA)

Minimum Age: 18+

Type: Indoor - Club

Web Site: Click Here

Promoters: Connector Presents Full Circle Productions

Genres: DubstepElectroGlitchHip HopLivetronica

At Door
$ 15.00
With 2 Canned Goods
$ 12.00
It's a New year and the FULL MOON MASH UP has moved to the Apache Cafe sharing to everyone the same artistic vibe with a bit more dance space! Check out who will be throwing it down for us!!


Connector Presents - Grassroots California - Loyal Family

...Spankalicious is bounce. Making his mark on the electronic music scene in the Midwest with the high energy that he brings to the stage, creating the vibe needed to get the rage started! Kevin Moore (aka: Spankalicious) is currently based out of St. Louis, Missouri. Coming from an extensive background in rudimental percussion/drumming has allowed Spank to read rhythms inside and out. Shown through scratching, drumming, as well as seamlessly blending and mixing, Spankalicious thrives on taking the crowd on a journey.

GINZA (Earth One Recordings)

From the depths of deep Dub, Psy-Trance, IDM, Psychedelic, and Dubstep music - it was fate that evolved Alex Ginzburg to birth Ginza - a highly talented Electronic Music Producer / Performer. Bringing a mash of high quality original music with a fully customized light synced with every audio slice, he is taking Electronic Music Production and Performance to the next generation!

PLOYD (Trillitary)

An Atlanta native who started rocking minds with drum and bass in '07 has played a major role in the inner city dubstep movement. Ployd's "take-no-prisoners" approach to DJ-ing is spreading his name far and wide in the dubstep and festival circuit. His affinity for picking absolute bangers to bring to his audience has cemented his position

as one of the most reliable DJ performers in the underground scene today.

CHRIS GRASS (Atlanta Bass Wars)

Without question, Chris Grass (aka Soulshape/Quicktemper/Corsair) ranks in the upper echelon of Atlanta's most respected musical tastemakers. His sets are eclectic and dynamic, incorporating multiple styles and genres - house,techno, electro, breaks, dubstep, d'n'b, and downtempo - all without missing a single beat.

$15 at the door, $12 with two canned goods.