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Spankalicious @ Cosmic Tilt


When: -

Where: The Untz (, Vallejo, CA)

Minimum Age: All Ages

Type: Outdoor - Festival

Web Site: Click Here

Genres: DubstepGlitchHip Hop

a Night
$ 25.00
$ 40.00
Cosmic Tilt: 2011

"The Leo Party" by Travis T and Marsha Meixsell of The Phoundation and "Get Tilted" by Rion Lane of DUB mag are combining forces to bring everyone the ultimate campout experience!! On top of that we are celebrating Bdays, we are also commemorating some lost friends who left us and celebrating the lives they lived.

We will be having 2 stages with ear wobbling sound, face melting lasers and feet moving DJs and bands! There will also be hulahoop workshop, fire spinners, go gos and more!!

We are also extremely happy to to have play at our festival this year: off of a semi- vacation work release from the run down, dilapidated and infested area of Honolulu, Hawaii is KC's own and most widely known Chicago House DJ-- Johnny Bradford!!!

And from the far reaches of the semi-solitude, semi-junglish area we like to call the 10X10 is Nebraska's very own-- qubit!!! Comin' in to bass beat some minds and feet with his eclectic music stylings.

And from the vast unknown region of semi-retirement, we have your eyeballs long lost ability to see what you thought was impossible. The one way to always realize you can be blasted off to outer space without ever leaving the dance floor is-- Peter D. Rabbit!!!

Our lineup is only half filled as of right now so be sure to keep checking back for even more DJs and bands to be added. And if you aren't down with the camping just come for a single night of the experience for a lesser price! Event pricing at the bottom of the page.

Artist lineup (in no particular order):

--DJ ESP aka Woody McBride-- Techno

Minneapolis, MN

--Spankalicious -- Psychedelic Bounce

St. Louis, MO

--EZ Brothers -- Dubstep

Kansas City, MO

--Lip-ton -- Drum n Bass

Chicago, IL

--Partners in Crime -- Electrodub

Indianapolis, IN

--Tony Markham -- Electro

Kansas City, MO

--Skdajunglist -- Jungle

Kansas City, MO

--Jeff Thurston

Seattle, WA

--BASSthoven -- Dupstep/ Glitch hop/ Electro

Lincoln, NE

--Johnny Bradford -- Chicago House

Honolulu, Hawaii

--JP Goode Beats -- Tech House/ Electro Breaks

Omaha, NE

--Re:Works -- Electro House

Omaha, NE

--Yvan Carr-Chua --

Columbia, MO

--FSTZ -- Dubstep/ Bounce style

Kansas City, MO

--The Disorder Crew -- Drum n Bass

Kansas City, MO

--Johnny Hammerstix -- Hard Electro / Trash / Fidget

Kansas City, MO

--ViceGrip -- Filth/ Brostep

St. Louis

--Skeeter McGavin -- Dubstep

St. Louis, MO

--qubit -- Glitchhop/ Dubstep/ Fidget House

Omaha, NE

--Semtechs -- Electro/Dubstep/Breaks

Lincoln, NE

--Z-Sonic (live set & Vinyl set) -- Experimental Dance and Bass Music

Kansas City, MO

--Travis T (Vinyl) -- House

Kansas City, MO

--Treethug -- Thugstep

Kansas City, MO

--HipGnosis -- experimental hip-hop/dubstep/bass

Des Moines, IA

--Mr. Hyde -- Dub Hop

Omaha, NE

--Kris Krisis -- Dub style

Kansas City, MO

--Evil Bastards -- Dubstep

Kansas City, MO

--NVS -- Trance

Kansas City, MO

--Andi Capp

Kansas City, MO

--Kandi Kid Assassin -- Hardstyle/ Happy Hardcore

Kansas City, MO

--DJ 315 vs. Mistamatt --

Kansas City, MO

--Big $paid -- Junglist

Kansas City, MO

--Johnny Scott -- Progressive House

Kansas City, MO


Kansas City, MO

--Galactic Soul Tribe -- Bassy Party Music

Kansas City, MO

--2 Dub Breaks -- Turntablism/ Breaks/ Dubstep/ Live Trumpet

Kansas City, MO

--Soul Savant -- House/ Tech House

Kansas City, MO

--DJ Pint Size -- House

Kansas City, MO

-- DJ Panda

Kansas City, MO

--DJ Septacon -- Hard style/ Dubstep

Kansas City, MO

Sound provided by: Pounds Phat Sounds

Lasers provided by: 4u Productions

2 stages of Visuals provided by: Peter D. Rabbit and

Kidd from Pirate Transmissions

*A special thanks goes out to Bombo for all his help with this event

We will have the exact location posted closer to the time of the event.

We are taking special time and consideration into having as much vending there as possible so there be no need to go anywhere but the grounds.

And as always please NO GLASS, NO WEAPONS, NO DRAMA, and LOTS of PLUR to EVERYONE!!!

Don't forget to bring your ID if you plan on drinking!

Ticket Prices are:

$25/Night or $40/Weekend

$5/Car for Parking ($5 re-entry fee)

$5/Tent for Camping

*There will also be buses running from Kansas City to the event and from Lincoln and Omaha to the event!!

Promotional Support by:

DUB mag

The Phoundation

Kansas City Raver

Re:Animated Audio Visual Entertainment

Wandering 5tar Promotions

Good Karma

:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::ARTIST BIOs::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

----DJ ESP aka Woody McBride----

Communique, Bush

Woody McBride aka DJ ESP is currently one of the best selling, most crowd rockin' DJ/Producers in the USA. Internationally speaking, he has 100's of music releases and remixes, logged over 5 million frequent flyer miles and has performed at many of the World's greatest festivals and clubs. As a promoter, some say he was instrumental in starting and steering the midwest underground scene as a whole. As a man, he stands for your right to party. Let's Party.


Connector Presents, Loyal Family, Grassroots California

Spankalicious is bounce. Making his mark on the electronic music scene in the Midwest with the high energy that he brings to the stage, creating the vibe needed to get the rage started! Kevin Moore (aka: Spankalicious) is currently based out of St. Louis, Missouri. Coming from an extensive background in rudimental percussion/drumming have allowed Spank to read rhythms inside and out. Shown through scratching, drumming, as well as seamlessly blending and mixing. Spankalicious thrives on taking the crowd through a musical journey that always brings many flavors of emotion to the party.


massive-online-chicago, 2-4-5 trioxin, alliance

Lip-ton has been throwing down now ten years strong now and has been all over the midwest and spun with some of the industrys top players.. His style of fusion DnB, Mixing multiple genre's of drum n bass and other forms of music in his mixes sets him apart from the normal Drum n bass dj's you might of heard. Making his sets something not to miss, and taking you on a trip through electronic Bliss....

----Johnny Bradford----

ACC, Crowd Control

KC Chicago House head Johnny Bradford has been stuck on a rock in the middle of the Pacific since February and is flying in just to drop some heat for yo feet!!!!!! If you like Funky,Jackin,Soulful house you will not be dissapointed!



Take a journey through BASS with Blac & Bentone, collectively known as

BASSthoven. Bringing a live performance twist to traditional DJing,

expect 6 channel mixing with live percussion and sampling. Fresh

drops, gangsta acapellas and feel good vibes. In 2011 BASSthoven has

been performing nonstop all across the midwest with homies like

Spankalicious, HooD-Tek & MonDope. You may have caught them opening

for acts like Pretty Lights, Mimosa, Vibesquad, R/D, Kraddy already

this year. Right now BASSthoven is working on a debut album, so each

show carries the dream forward, much love.

----JP Goode Beats----

1 House Records, The Citizens, Re:Animated

P Goodebeats has been a long time staple of the midwest's Electronic Dance Music scene. Starting on vinyl in the fall of 1994, Jeff quickly learned the fundamentals of mixing from his peers. After 13 years Jeff decided to moderize and go digital. Now after 16 on the decks, Goodebeats has moved onto production with close to 20 original tracks in his library. With well over 500 live shows all over the midwest, you can believe Goodebeats will keep you bouncing and begging for more!

Free mixes and original tracks at:

Become my friend on Facebook:

The Citizens:

1 House:

---- ViceGrip -----



Dynamikl Dubstep

Houze Records

Morbit Records

Troubled2 Records

Yuk Records

Midwest Filth Movement

Brass 'Nuckle Entertainment

Drop Dead Dubstep


Gnarly Sheen & Chris Vice

Childhood Friends Re-united by the Love For Producing/Spinning Filthy Bass! Dropping Nothing but original/exclusive tracks to keep you moving!Inspired by 8bit and chiptune sounds but always keeping it filthy! There is never a dull moment when these two get together to bring you something unique and mind blowing! Watch the festy scene this year and expect to see them on alot of lineups! along with playing sold out shows in all diff states!











Chris Vice has been an electronic music producer in St. Louis from late 2007. He first started producing chiptune with only a gameboy and a special cartridge called LSDJ. While attending classes at Forest Park Community College, one of his classmate suggested that he listened to a new style of music: dubstep. Chris began to find artists such as Jakes, 16bit, Benga, and of course Rusko and decided to give dubstep a try in the lab. After watching production masterclass videos online by artists including Trolley Snatcha, Skream and Rusko, he slowly learned how to make dubstep tunes. Now, Chris has been producing fat dubs for abt 2 years and they're getting better every tune. He found an old childhood friend: Gnarly Sheen, not long after poppin up into the scene and they quickly began teaching each other and producing tracks under the well known name: Vicegrip. Chris Vice is known for dropping his originals and getting people hype at his shows, either under his name or with Sheen in Vicegrip. He's become big on the brostep scene with names such as Subvandals, Killnoize, Brass 'Nuckle and Troubled2 Records under his belt, and hes not stoppin anytime soon. Big things coming from this new producer/dj.

Check them out at


Wobble Family, Codex Collective

Qubit is the founder of the Wobble family, and the Codex collective, and he's been promoting electronic music events in the Midwest for nearly 15 years, and DJing for over a decade. His production, and DJ styles range from melodic IDM, and down tempo Psychedelics, to bass heavy dub-step, and Fidget house.

----Disorder Crew----

The Disorder Crew has been holding down the KC scene for many years. These hardcore heads got together with one goal in mind: bring hard-edged, tech-influenced, neuro-funkery to everyone within earshot. Known for precise mixing and, well, the tendency to get rather unruly, these 3 deejays from Barbequetown are equipped to give Cosmic Tilt: 2011 a healthy shock to the system. You can catch them weekly on their internet radio show Disorderly Conduct Radio on Wednesdays from 8 - 10pm Central Standard Time.

links and affiliations:





Listen to them here!!!!

----Big $paid----

Hy-Tekk Productions, Electric Collective, EDM

I've been Djing for 11 years now. Got started on a roommates equipment and it blossomed from there. I found my love for DnB from working at an all ages club and goin over to the techno side and hearing all the different genres but I specifically remember the night I walked in the other side and heard DJ Swiss playing some DnB and I just had to know what this new music was that I was hearing cause it was eargasmic!!! I starting doin research on the music and started buying vinyl and got busy practicing. Before I knew it I was playin house parties then a few clubs and over the years I had made a name for myself in Wichita Kansas. Been trying to venture out other places around the US and hopefully the Globe. I've played in Jacksonville Florida and now KC MO. I've been told by a dear friend of mine that I'm a DnB snob cause I don't play anything out except DnB normally. I just know I play my best when I play what I love... Junglist for life!

----Mr. Hyde----

Good Karma, BasSICK!, Fre$h Start Ent.

Mr. Hyde mixing up the vibe a little bit coming up quick has blasted many shows. Jammed packed basements to large venues. A style ready to blast of with bass, wobble, break, and house. Been around the U.S. and pick up a few tricks Mr Hyde is bring bombs to the table and many other suprises

----Kris Krisis----

Bass Edge Recordings

DJ/Producer Kris Krisis has been creating and mixing music professionally since 1996. First gaining global recognition in 2003 with his hit single "Cepilla." He has ignited dance floors across Latin America, Europe, and the US with his unique styles and sound.

Kris Krisis is one of the pioneer producers of the new subgenre Dubstyle, the unholy union of dubstep and hardstyle. His hard and krunky sets catch the ear and move your body. If you like new and different then you might just become a fan of Kris Krisis. Newest Tracks & Mixes:


Trained in the ancient deadly art of Turntable Tae Kwon Do, for which he has now earned the much coveted pink polka dot rainbow sparkly championship belt, this native of San Diego is no stranger to the electronic scene. DJ NVS had once been chained to a tree stump deep within the mighty chasms of the old Kansas City ruins for over 10 years. DJ NVS was forced to learn his sparkly semi-kinda-gaytastically awesome beat matching style from how the pimps used to beat around those hookers on Troost Ave. Legend has it that it was a magnificent creature with the most purest of heart, such as the stuttering three-legged unicorn with Tourette’s, that helped set DJ NVS free from the evil clutches of his nemesis captor.

DJ NVS has gone on to slay the beat dragons in venues in realms as far as Sacramento, Omaha, Minneapolis, to HELL, Michigan (okay, so he only wished someone would hurry up and throw a gig up there for him to play). Armed with only his flame retarded armor of a fake mustache and infinite charisma, DJ NVS plays trance, tech house, banging electro, and an array of Justin Bieber hardcore gangsta dubstep zombie polka mixes. This Serato ASSassin will make the rhythm sneak up inside you faster than that one time the chubby dude with that weird fake tan asked you to follow him inside his weird smelling dark tinted pedo van. Sorry I didn’t mean to…okay, stop crying…it didn’t hurt that bad – alright, so the scar will heal eventually…at least the guy went to jail right?

When DJ NVS isn’t too busy receiving psychological counseling from his theRAPIST, he juggles the daunted task of spreading musical enlightenment and preventing civilization from falling to the evil hands of the zombie pterodactyls from the Fairfax district. His countless battles with the not so very radioactive imaginary undead has given him super powers beyond all human comprehension that only helps him be bigger, faster, stronger, and much more awesome than the bipolar bear at the KC Zoo. He’s so magical that even David Blaine once called to ask the secrets to his mystical mixing methods. Bound by eternal secrecy, DJ NVS performs each and every show under the watchful eye of his most trusted and loyal midget ninja protector. Be careful where you step around DJ NVS, for the loyal midget ninja protector shall be lurking in stealth mode somewhere close by.

----Johnny Scott----

Johnny Scott has been DJing behind the decks for 10 plus years and has played from Kansas City to New York City and back again. As of late he has been really pushing himself on the production side of things with ableton live. Working hard toward Releasing tracks and sending them to different lables. Playing a mixture of Daft Punk Inspired beats with an electro trash twist like MSTRKFT with a pinch of Progressive houes influences from NYC. So come check this DJ out and get down and make your shoes melt off on the dance floor. with some original music.

links to my music on soundcloud

DJ demo mix 48 min



Wobble Family, Rave Haven

Once upon a time the cookie monster was dancing the night away at a happy hardcore party while swilling down several liters of Jager. After a lil drunken debauchery he hooked up with a care bear and 9 months later the Kandi Kid Assassin was born.