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Snowdown Monster Whomp Party


When: -

Where: Abbey Theatre (128 East College Drive, Durango, CO)

Minimum Age: 18+

Type: Indoor - Club

Genres: BreaksGlitchHip HopLivetronica

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$ 30.00
$ 25.00
Snowdown Monster Whomp Party

$25 pre-sale $30 Door

tickets Available Dec. 15th @

Southwest Sound and online at



Known as a pioneer of electronic music, Kraddy is one of the most innovative and remarkable artists of his day. He stands as a visionary in his field, a fresh voice that spans genres and artistic style. Hybridizing hip hop, dubstep and dancehall with digital edits and cuts, Kraddy's music is a voice from the future awakening our ears and minds to what is yet to come.

Originally from NY, Kraddy (born Matthew Kratz) began his musical career in San Francisco releasing his debut album, Truth Has No Path, in 2003. With the release of the single "Faux Show" (a remix of The Old Dirty Bastard's "Shimmy Shimmy Ya",) Kraddy became an underground favorite in the electronic music world. After a handful of vinyl breakbeat releases, Kraddy changed the game once again with his sophomore effort, The Illegal Album. Fueled by fierce beats and searing edits, The Illegal Album was a radical fusion of Kraddy's unique production chops with classic hip hop and dancehall acapellas. It was hailed as a breakthrough and soon after led to his collaboration with the Glitch Mob.

As a founding member of the Glitch Mob, Kraddy continued to innovate the sound andpossibilities of digital music. It was during this time that Kraddy released "Android Porn", a track hailed as the anthem of the "glitch hop" genre. With its epic melody, dramatic builds and unrelenting beats and bass, "Android Porn" marked a milestone in the creation of a sound so fresh, no one had a name for it.

After several more well-received releases with the Glitch Mob, Kraddy struck off on his own to pursue his solo career as a producer and performer where he continues to tour worldwide with his futuristic fission of dubstep, hip hop and dancehall. Kraddy's most recent projects include remixes for Mochipet and Echaskech as well as an Android Porn Remix EP, due out in February 2010. Also highly anticipated in 2010, Kraddy plans to release 4 EPs, each with a different theme. Based on his recent remix work, his fans and fellow producers alike eagerly await to see how Kraddy will reinvent the game once again.

** J WAIL w/ Chuck from Lotus **

J WAIL Live: HD Video (live tracks here!)

It is the dawn of an age of digital wizardry and in this modern era gadgets seem to surge in song, congealing in an amalgamation of buzzes, beeps and blips. The pulsing of machines and pounding of concrete and steel in symphonic collage power our world. J.WAIL rises to the call of the sonic traffic controller, poised behind a palette of electronic devices, guitar, booming bass and live drums. The dance floor becomes the launch pad where the duo fuses live instrumentation with organic electronica propelling mind, soul and booty into the upper stratosphere of sound. In the resonance of music and technology, they meld the sounds of tomorrow with the power of now into a bumping, party anthem for modern mankind. J.WAIL's enthusiasm and strong desire to share and spread music has earned them a reputation as one of the hardest working artists in the touring industry. J Wail's tours have logged countless road miles with hundreds of club/theater dates and festivals performed on all corners of the North America. Stretching into the DJ-based dance sound with the approach of a live band J.WAIL creates "club-funk-rock" through innovative techniques using live guitar, live drums, vocals, synthesizers and live electronics. The ability to experiment and improvise nightly has led to several appearances and collaborations with some prominent musicians including jams with Michael Travis and Jason Hann (EOTO/String Cheese Incident), Dean Ween (Ween), Brock Butler (Perpetual Groove), Chuck Morris (Lotus) Tom Constanten (Rock N' Roll Hall of Fame, ex member of the Grateful Dead), Clay Parnell (Brothers Past) and members of the Brazilian Girls. J Wail has performed on bills with national artists such as Bassnectar, Particle, Perpetual Groove, Ana Sia, Toubab Krewe, Boombox and DJ Le Spam & the Spam Allstars. J.Wail's unique styles and techniques infuse the audience with a taste of something completely new and fresh.