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Where: STAGE - San Diego (762 5th Avenue, San Diego, CA)

Minimum Age: 21+

Type: Indoor - Club

Web Site: Click Here

Genres: Dubstep


$ 5.00



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It was in the confines of a preteen’s room where in which the first drones of The Polymer Drone were created. This San Diego native made his first mixes with his very own cassette tapes recorded off local radio stations. More commonly referred to as Jafar, the somewhat introverted teenager soon found his favorite form of communication: dropping beats. Thanks to the confines of a strict curfew this transplanted OC resident dedicated late night hours to researching, creating, and essentially living music. His evolution from cassettes into drum and bass vinyl became the source of numerous backyard parties as well as stacks of noise violations. As the years passed, it became more and more apparent he had something to say. Moving from jungle beats to IDM, indie hip hop to electro and dub step, his opinions and beats got stronger and hit harder.


Jafar began generating his own productions at 19, and the passion in his music was instantly palpable. His conceptions were created on the most basic of equipment, however his knowledge expanded rapidly, and within the first years was already helping other aspiring artists score their short films and videos. Influenced by his favorite artist, DJ Shadow, Jafar’s roots are strong in down tempo and IDM, however after establishing 6ix:Twelve Productions in 2007 with his best friend, dance and electronic mixes were the first exclusive mash-ups and original scores to be released. Almost instantly the focus, as well as the studio expanded, inspiring gigs and parties from clubs to warehouses to music festivals all over southern California. By 2009, Jafar’s resume expanded to include playing a vast variety of venues such as Avalon, Detroit Bar, the Geisha House, Sutra, Chateaux, Envy Lounge, and 944 Magazine events, as well as placing high in the rankings of an array of remix contests. Amidst a social scene he felt out of place in, The Polymer Drone emerged, specializing in dub step with more aggressive beats than he had ever created or played before.


In 2010 the Drone was signed to Dubwar and was playing such gigs as The Elbo Room in San Francisco and was called out to the desert to play an unexpected yet demanded 3 hour set at Mecca. His first single as The Polymer Drone, “Dirty Little Secret,” was released in 2010. 


In early 2011 he had two more releases, “This Sound” and “Cape Town Slang.” He has now been signed to two more labels, Play Me Too and Dubline and now a resident DJ on THE RIZO roster. The shows for the Drone continue to grow in size and the amount of shows in which he is booked is growing quickly.The Polymer Drone is becoming someone people admire and respect as an artist and even as a person.


The Polymer Drone has started from nothing and what seems like an overnight success has been anything but. The Drone himself really only understands how far he has come and what he has done to make it this far. He has overcome challenges, let downs, and disappointment. He has fought with others, himself, and the ways people think music “should be done.” The Drone does himself, and people are beginning to fall for who the Drone is.


The Drone isn’t a person. The Polymer Drone is an experience, an emotion, a feeling. Love it or hate it, the Polymer Drone is here to stay and will continue to evolve as he experiences all that life has to offer. Good and bad.




THORN ON A ROSE [Seismic | Doom Music | Rockers Dub | Token Bass | Serious War | Big Heavy Music | p5Dubstep | Voidstep |]


Dj/Producer Thorn On A Rose is dedicated to driving basslines and face slappin snares.T.O.A.R tunes have been picked up by various labels including DOOM Music,Voidstep,P5 Dubstep,Token Bass and Rockers Dub just to name a few.If you happen to catch him rockin a show, be ready to switch BPM's about every 20 mins.With his current residency at Seismic dubstep weekly,he has had to opportunity to share the stage with some of the dopest artists in the game. With a growing catalog and a ever changing event schedule Thorn On A Rose is on a bass assault mission to drop bombs at a city near you!



PELIGRO [Rockers Dub Recs | Token Bass | Morbit Rec | Drumfoundead |]







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762 Fifth Ave [5th & F - downtown San Diego]




doors open @ 10pm

Guestlist: email full names to [with event date in subject line]

Guestlist consideration closes at 5pm day of event

*Guestlist is valid for no cover until 10:30 pm


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