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Sander Kleinenberg @ Ruby Skye


When: -

Where: Ruby Skye (420 Mason St., San Francisco, CA)

Minimum Age: 21+

Type: Indoor - Club

Promoters: Spundae

Genres: House

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$ 15.00
The Hague is a city of contradictions. It is the political centre of The Netherlands, a city of high class, stiff upper lips and more limousines than average cars. On the other hand the Hague is also the city where the most devestating Dutch dance-music is being produced. Remy of RR Workshop, Pako & Frederik, Vincent de Moor and numourous other underground icons are based here. Their sound is sparse, banging, soulful and when a melody comes in there is a bloody good reason for it. Sander Kleinenberg is from the Hague. His sound and Dj-ing technique represents these elements. But there is something else as well.
Of all the music making inhabitants of this little haven in the South of Holland Sander Kleinenberg knows more than anyone else that England is on the other side. He knows its there and he acknowledges that Great Britain and a little further away, America, are the countries where dance-music has its roots, without renouncing his origins.
Starting Dj-ing in 1987 at the age of 15, playing everything from rock to early dance oriented productions, he soon discovered that in the last category his love for life lied. Over the years that love became so intense that he started making his own children. He released his first records on high profile labels such as Wonka from Belgium, Superstition from Germany and the highly regarded Strictly Rhythm from New York, making it one of the few European releases to date.
As a Dj he is truly a flying Dutchman, traveling to the outher regions of Europe, spinning for extremely satisfied crowds at famous clubs like the Rex in Paris, Space in Ibiza and the beautiful Caf dAnvers in Antwerp to name but a few. Of course he did the motorways in his home-country where he got residencies at clubs like Asta in the Hague and the Amsterdam clubs like Mazzo, Chemistry and the legendary and now defunkt RoXY, while he also played the big festivals like Lowlands, Dance Valley and New Frontier.
His style of music matured over the years into a wonderful and extremely funky melting pot of dark & sexy US grooves and atmospheric, uplifting trance. In his sets he never goes for the easy option: dropping anthem after anthem. Instead he loves to tease his audience and bringing them into a frenzy.
This year, on the brink of a new Millennium, his future shines as never before, culuminating in the start of his own clubbrand at the highly regarded Amsterdam Milky Way, called Earth and some beautiful remixes for artists like Oliver Lieb, Destinys Child and Junkie XL. To top all of that his own releases My Lexicon and Sacred are hammered by practicely all premier league Djs such as Sasha, Pete Tong, Seb Fontaine, etc. Sasha included these two critically acclaimed tracks on his Ibiza-album on Global Underground. Sander Kleinenbergs debut album is to be released worldwide in the summer of 2000.
Before that expect three EPs called Four Seasons part 1, 2 & 3.
Sander Kleinenberg is truly a man for the next Millennia.