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Robbie Rivera


When: -

Where: Therapy - Providence (7 Dike St., Providence, RI)

Minimum Age: 18+

Type: Indoor - Club

Promoters: Rockstah Entertainment Volume Productions

Genres: ElectroHouseTechno

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$ 40.00

$ 28.80
10-12 MATT ARNOTT--------------
12-1 DJ PLAY---------------
1-2 RICHARD FRAIOLI-------------
2-3 DEREK THE PRINCE----------------
3-5 ROBBIE RIVERA----------------
5-6 JARED D----------------
6-8 WIL TRAHAN----------------
10-12 MARCUS CHRISTIAN-------------
12-130 DARYL CARL-------------
130-230 JJ ROYAL------------
230-330 JEFF DURAND--------------
330-5 TOMMY STYLEZ-----------------
5-? TOMMY DEE----------------
As befits a character whose modesty knows no bounds, Robbie Rivera's 2009 started great and just got better and better. One of the globe's most popular DJs, his parties are the stuff of legend, but one shindig stands out above all the rest.
"Juicy Beach at Miami was awesome," Robbie reflects from his base in Ibiza. "It was ridiculously packed: the sun was shining, everyone was in their bathing suits, and the mojitos were flowing."
His year, though, has been defined by the forthcoming release of his third studio album, 'Closer To The Sun'. Recorded in both Ibiza and Miami, the music reflects the sunshine-bathed backdrop of each location.
"Oh definitely," he responds. "You know what? It was raining here for three weeks solid recently and I just started to make really sentimental progressive music. And then when the sun came out again it was back to the party tunes."
And not that Rivera is going to walk away from his jet-set existence, but if he were, he knows what career he could pursue - psychology.
"You see everything from the DJ booth - people making out, fighting, it's very interesting. You definitely get to study people and their behavior."