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Revolution 5


When: -

Where: The Golden Gate (50 Bowery, New York, NY)

Minimum Age: 18+

Type: Indoor - Other

Web Site: Click Here

Promoters: HardStylerz USA

Genres: HardcoreTrance

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$ 30.00

$ 25.00
HardStylerz USA Presents:
Revolution 5: w/ Dutch Master
Be Part of The Biggest Hard Dance Event in NYC !!!!
Friday May 14th 2010
The Golden Gate
50 Bowery
New York, NY 10013
1400+ capacity plenty of room to dance
12,000+ square feet big wooden dance floor
Hours: 9pm-5am
Age: 18 to party 21 to Drink
No dress code: free to be yourself
Lasers, Hot dancers, Great vibe, High energy, and another night you will never forget!!!!
Free CD giveaways, and Free Candy!!! (Get there early)
Advance tickets Highly Recommended
Cost: $25 in Advance and $30 at the Door
VIP: $75 very limited # (meet and greet)
Tickets Available on Groove Tickets Monday 9:00AM April 19th
Dutch Master
(Dutch Master Works // 2-dutch, The Netherlands)
Dutch Master’s tireless efforts to become a world class DJ and producer are finally paying of in a brilliant career that’s taking him all over the world! Today he’s the headliner of choice for massive events in Los Angeles, United Kingdom, Melbourne, Croatia, Sweden and Austria and the list continues to grow.
Olaf Started producing at the age of 15 (in 1994) with his first two hardcore CD releases at the age of 17. In 2004 he was responsible for the Headliner Anthem and in 2005 he went on to produce the Pinkster Par-t Anthem. His musical diversity resulted in a UK tech-trance release in 2007 but nowadays Olaf is completely focused on producing Hardstyle with great success!
Besides producing, Olaf has worked for organizations such as Outland (Rotterdam) and he was the founder of the famous Dutch party website Superfeesten. He is the co-founder of the largest Hardstyle merchandise store in the world, and now works closely in the studio with global superstars Showtek.
His brand new tracks 'Fly Like A Rocket' and 'What Goes Around' are already supported by the biggest names in the hard dance scene and is due to be released early 2010. With his top notch producer skills and Hardstyle DNA running through his veins, this man is right where he belongs; on top of the hard dance scene!
Discography Dutch Master
Dutch Masters * Humper / Take Some
Dutch Master * 2 The Dance / Rock beat
Dutch Master * Get Up / Insomnia
Dutch Master * Slammin The Bazz / We Go party
Dutch Master * Killer Beat / resort To The Beat
Dutch Master * Back To The Real Style / Flash Back
Luna vs Dutch Master * Copies Are Faking / The Scene
Dutch Master * Floorspin / Get Down
Dutch Master * Pride / Taste Me
Dutch Master* Fly Like A Rocket / What Goes Around
YouTube Dutch Master Video Coming to NYC
(Traxtorm – Italy / M.O.H – Holland / Industrial Strength - NYC)
Ever since the early 90’s, DJ Delirium has been a forefront leader in the Hardcore Techno scene. He has appeared countless times at some of the worlds largest events like Thunderdome, Mysteryland, In Qontrol, Raving Nightmare, Earthquake and many more. Delirium has also had tracks featured on some of the worlds most legendary hardcore compilations CD’s including Thunderdome, Always Hardcore, Masters Of Hardcore and Resident E.
To date, DJ Delirium has released over 350 slammin’ tracks with some of Hardcores most recognized companies including ID&T, Industrial Strength, Traxtorm, Masters of Hardcore, MegaRave, and many more. DJ Delirium’s got studio skills and has proven that with his top quality productions.
Anyone who’s ever seen DJ Delirium perform knows about his smooth mixing and tight scratching. His DJ skills have taken him all over the world including countries like Holland, Germany, Italy, Belgium, England, Hungary, Canada, Spain and many more places over the years. He has rocked dance floors for crowds of over 30,000 people!
DJ Delirium has brought the hits from the studio to the dance floor for the past 18 years, and there is no sign of stopping him so be prepared for the mantis to strike again!!! = )
DJ Drei aka The Digital Pimp
(HardStylerz USA // Empire Traxx, CT)
The founder of HardStylerz U.S.A. has been a supporter of the underground scene for over 16 years! Drei is dedicated to the Hard Dance scene and he is driven to make the difference. His passion for the Harder Styles of electronic dance music started with a Hardcore mix tape back in 1994 and it changed his life forever. Inspired by legendary producers/DJ's like Frankie Bones, Lenny Dee, Paul Elstak, and Neophyte, it was only a matter of time before Drei would make his own mark as a DJ, promoter, and producer.
Driven as a fan, Drei started to DJ mostly for personal entertainment and for private events all over the northeast. Pushing the limits for over 15 years, Drei’s flawless mixing/cutting skills behind the decks represents a true veteran status that very few in the industry can match. Drei’s unique energy creates an incredible vibe that radiates to everyone on the dance floor. Drei had shared the stage with some of the biggest names in the Hard Dance scene including Headhunterz, Showtek, DJ Isaac, Used & Abused, DJ Venom, Hard ‘Onez, and Jen Mas just to name a few from the long list of talented artists.
Working hard as the front man of HardStylerz U.S.A. since late 2008 the crew has quickly become the premier Hard Dance organization in NYC. HardStylerz U.S.A. has been gaining recognition all over the World. Many top artists have been reaching out showing major support and Drei believes this is only the beginning of the future of Hard Dance music in the USA. Driven to bring back that old school vibe he fell in love with back in the 90's, Drei has definitely started a new underground Revolution! Get ready to be part of history at Revolution 5 on May 14th.
Last but not least Drei aka “The Digital Pimp” has also been working in the studio every free second he has. Drei has dedicated his life to music and it shows trough his hard work. In later 2009 Drei has formed the very first US Hardstyle label Empire Traxx along with business partner and talent manager Sogma. Empire Traxx has been gaining major support in the digital realm on and more info available on the web sites. Come out on this very special night as we also celebrate The Digital Pimp’s very first release on Empire Traxx “ The Hardstyle Superstar” Available on May 14th check the Empire Traxx site for more info.
You must be wondering how is it possible for one man to accomplish all this with a new crew in such a short period of time? May people have been asked Drei the same thing and his reply “very little sleep :) and the best people and crew in the industry supporting me.” Thanks
DJ Sogma
(HardStylerz USA // Empire Traxx, NJ)
Sogma, whose name stands for "State of Great Mental Abstraction" Hardstyle DJ/Producer born in the Dominican Republic and currently living in the NYC area. With over 14 years of DJing and 7 years of producing, Sogma has become one of the leading key figures of the American Hardstyle scene and has quickly gained lots of attention across the U.S. and overseas . He is the founder and Executive Producer of the widely acclaimed internet radio showcase "The Hard Axis Show", and also his very own award winning YouTube series "Hardstyle Live" which earned him a spot on the November 2009 issue of DJ MAG. Sogma is currently signed to Empire Traxx, a groundbreaking Hardstyle label based out of NYC under the parent company "HardStylerz USA".
John Bas
(Electronic Chaos,, NY)
Born and bred in Brooklyn, New York, this former Graffiti Artist turned DJ has been an influential part of the underground music scene since 1994. John is considered one of Brooklyn's originators for the harder styles of dance for several reasons. On top of DJing and producing, Bas is also the founder of Electronic-Chaos. Throwing countless underground hard dance events in the mid to late 90's, John helped create the foundation for the scene we know and love today. After cementing his name in history with Electronic-Chaos as one of Brooklyn's best rave promoters, and an honorable mention by HUGE magazine in 1998, John turned his attention to, and concentrated on, spinning.
Beginning his career as a Hardcore DJ, he has rocked the decks and shared the stage alongside such east coast legends as Lenny Dee, Delirium, and Rob Gee. However, after a trip to Holland nine years ago, John discovered a new sound of music, that would later be named Hardstyle, and immediately fell in love. John knew instantly that he wanted to deliver this new sound to the masses here in America, and while he is extremely humble, John is considered by many to be one of the best, and one of the first, DJs to play Hardstyle here in the United States.
A veteran of 15 years, known for rocking dance floors as if it is going out of style, John has proven himself repeatedly over the years. Holding residencies at some of New York City's top nightclubs back in the day, like Avalon, Limelight and Tunnel, there is no question that John Bas is one of New York City's premier underground DJs! John is also one of the first Hardstyle artists on Beatport to release his tracks for download. Tracks like "Feel It", "Take Me To The Top", "Locked Inside Your Mind", Kick In The Bass", and "We Don't Give A Fuck". With production hits like that to his credit and his superb track selection, it's no wonder why Bas is one of Brooklyn's favorites.
For those of you who cannot wait for John to hit the stage, I have a bit of good news for you. John is back yet again with a new mixed CD release entitled "Hardstyle Is My Style" Vol 3. Even better, you can download it and other mixes free at In addition, Bas promises to bring it hard, fast, and on point, when he steps to the decks. So get ready to tear the walls down and dance your ass off to the Hardstyle beats of John Bas!!!
Joe Rowe
(GBH Records // Trance Gold Records // DFF, Canada)
Joe has played at some of the top venues and events in the world, including the several gigs at the Guvernment (Voted #8 Nightclub in the world), Circa (Voted 2007 #1 New Nightclub in the World), Trinity Rooms (#1 Nightclub in Ireland 3 years running), the World Electronic Music Festival and even the Grand Oasis in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic to name a few!!
Recently signed to Great Britain Hardstyle Records, Joe's first release alongside Khalid S was picked up by a second label and is now featured on The Best of Hardstyle & Jumpstyle Vol. 2 by Trance Gold Records!! Known for his tight mixing skills and energy behind the decks, this 2 time DJ comp winner has been rocking dance floors for years with a career spanning nearly 200 gigs and counting!!
In addition to adhering to his busy DJ schedule, Joe has also organized over 40 EDM events!! From his Christmas food drive to Recognition to his flagship event, Deep Frequency Fridays, Joe's events are well received and showcase a variety of DJ & Producer talent from around North America in a great party atmosphere alongside upcoming local artists!
With a diverse vinyl & digital music collection, and his own productions under his belt, Joe is known as a very diverse DJ, with a passion for everything from House, Electro & Prog, to Hardstyle, Trance & Techno.
The Hardbass Addicts
(Dice & Cepheus - Groove Therapy NJ/LI)
It was only a matter of time before one of Long Island’s favorite hardbass heroes and New Jersey’s Hardstyle Badboy would join forces to become the duo known as the Hardbass Addicts. After years of rocking decks all across the Northeast, Cepheus and Dice linked up in October of 2007 to create a new brand of wall-shakin’, floor-rockin’ Hardstyle that truly represents the genre to its fullest extent. Individually, the boys have played some of the biggest and baddest parties of the last five years, with sets at events like Whistle, Collaborate, I Have a Dream, Unify, Colloseum, and Saturday Morning Cartunes. Together, the two – affectionately dubbed “HbA” by their loyal fanbase – have sought to carve out their niche as the preeminent Hardstyle tag team on the East Coast, droppin’ bombs at events from Connecticut down to Maryland, as well as all over the Tri-State Area. In addition to their consistent gigging schedule, the two have put out two tag mixes, entitled “East Coast Beatdown 3: Hardstyle Edition” and “Hardbass: Generation”, with both projects garnering acclaim by partygoers and promoters alike. This creative trend is surely going to continue into 2010 and beyond, as the boys are set to start work on original productions in addition to continuation of “Hardbass...” series of mixes in the coming weeks and months ahead. From nu-style and jumpstyle to the classic sound of the reverse bass and beyond, Ceph and Dice know how to tear it out each and every time, plain and simple. Be sure to catch HbA at Revolution 5 for a set full of hardbass blasts that will show you exactly why they are a driving force of the northeast’s Hardstyle movement…
(Good Vibes MD // NYCRavers NYC // TruSkool PHILLY, NY)
Born and raised in Philadelphia and now hailing in NYC, DreamMaster is a veteran Trance DJ who started his career in 1997. His signature style of hard anthem trance has rocked dance floors up and down the east coast, including official WMC events in Miami. In 2005 he completed a degree in Audio/Recording engineering at the Institute of Audio Research in Manhattan. From post-production sound design to studio builds for the legendary Erick Morillo, DreamMaster is always keeping busy. His Passion for music is unsurpassed and it truly shows in his DJ sets and productions. Free mixes are available at and original tracks are available at and also coming soon to iTunes.
Please help spread the word and invite your friends.
Hope to see you all Friday May 14th 2010 @ Revolution 5: w/ Dutch Master