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Reso presented by MalLabel & Redline


When: -

Where: The Untz (, Vallejo, CA)

Minimum Age: 18+

Type: Indoor - Other

Web Site: Click Here

Promoters: MalLabel Music - Promoter Redline

Genres: DubstepHard Dance

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For the first time in almost two years, MalLabel & Redline are bringing you
...RESO (Civil Music,, UK)
Grotty, aggy, dark, brutal are all words used to describe the music of Alex Melia aka Reso, which is sometimes at odds with his boyhood dream of drumming in a jazz band. This frustrated sticks man, who has been hitting the skins for a number of bands including the ubiquitous Jamie Woon, instead pours his frenetic energy and love of breakbeats into his dubstep/breaks/ techno productions. “I started making beats in 2002 when I got a PC and a bunch of cracked software.” A versatile producer and gifted DJ gaining worldwide notoriety for his technoid inspired productions. From the chugging metal guitars of Metal Slug, via the pulsating techno echoes of Identity, and into the bowels of the haunting, filtered sub bass workout of Holograms, Reso’s aural identity is a densely layered, high octane tapestry, rich with musical texture and colour, which really sets him apart from the minimal sparseness of many of his fellow producers. Mary Anne Hobbs has been a fervent supporter of the young producer, commissioning a special 20-minute mix for her Radio One Breezeblock show. More recently Reso’s remix of The Dubstitutes 2 Faced Rasta (Dubting) has been gathering strong support from some of Dubstep’s key players such as Benga, N-Type, Walsh and Rusko. With a number of key releases on Storming Productions, Destructive, Urban Graffiti and Skud, Reso has taken the dubstep scene by storm.
ZENO (Sub.Mission, MalLabel, Denver CO)
Hailing for the Sub.Mission crew in Denver, CO, Zeno has releases with many dubstep labels including Betamorph, Shift Recordings, and MalLabel and several widely acclaimed remixes that have put Zeno on the map as a highly respected electronic music artist. Zeno has versatility in style and substance as a producer who also slays the dance. Expect big bass to be brought as Zeno continues to hold it down touring the US and soon the world.
ZOMBIE-J (MalLabel, Camp ?)
RASTATRONICS (MalLabel, Subwize)
BLACKHEART (MalLabel, Redline, Filthy Digital)
MYCHO PAN COCOA (MalLabel, Fringe, Greenermix)
SKULLTRANE (MalLabel, Cutty Dubz)
EL DIABLO ( MalLabel)
EPCOT (Frite Nite)
UV (Redline, Stateside Dubstep)
DIALS ( Soundpieces, Change the Beat)
HADJI (Shift Recordings, Rukkuz)
Visuals: Satsi & Alli Gallixsee
Photography: Melted Lenz
VIdeo: LuxVibes
Live Painting: Just Eye & Laurus & Mr. Kitt
Security by: Cyn
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