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When: -

Where: Dragon's Sphere Recreation Park (, Randle, WA)

Minimum Age: All Ages

Type: Outdoor - Festival

Web Site: Click Here

Genres: BreaksDubstepElectroHouseTechno

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$ 65.00
**July 23-25, 2010**
Dragon's Sphere Recreation Park
Randle, Washington
Photosynthesis Festival is an exhibition of creativity across and between the senses, harnessing the energies breeding creation and channeling them through artistic expression and sustainable living. We seek to exemplify the symbiotic relationship between the eternal moment we call "now" and our choices and experiences.
Our goal is to combine people from all walks in life, and all tastes in music. We seek a sustainable community fueled by intimacy and ingenuity. We hope to provide a platform where everyone can learn, share and grow. We know how strong we are together, and we wish to use that strength to cultivate unconditional love, compassion, acceptance, and creativity. We wish to expose the beauty in all things and all dreams. Together we create intent from desire, deed from intent, and destiny from deed.
We believe that an experience can build community and awaken the higher self. Our staff is here to meld together the vibrations of nature, technology, and sweet sweet communication. The seedling has sprouted. The moment has come. Add fuel to the fire and BE ENERGY!
***initial details anounced***
Blockhead - Ninja Tune - Manhattan, NY
Voodeux - Mothership
Kilowatts - Native State Records
Tanner Ross - Mothership - ALLSTON, Massachusetts -
The Flashbulb - Alphabasic - Chicago, IL
Phoenecia - Schematic, Alphabasic - Miami FL
Bartel - Alphabasic - Toronto, BC
Derek Plaslaiko - Ghostly Int. - Detroit, MI
Ancient Tongue - New York City, NY
SaQi - Native State Records - Portland, OR
novaTRON - Innerflight - Seattle
Splatinum - Street Ritual - Seattle
TKO - Live N Love - Honolulu
Gel Sol - Upstairs Recordings - Seattle
Manahan - Starborne - Seattle
Rob Noble- Starborne - Seattle
Adlib - People Of Earth - Seattle
Phidelity - Starborne - Portland, OR
Sporeganic - Street Ritual - Portland OR
Anjali and the Incredible Kid - Portland, OR
Nordic Soul - Decibel - Seattle, WA
Menami - Shameless - Seattle, WA
31 Avas-Kulturezene - Portland, OR
Ctrl_Alt_Dlt - Sweatbox - Seattle, WA
Recess - Shameless - Seattle, WA
Rolo Tamasi
Curtis Porter
Aqueous - Live N Love - Seattle
Jon Glist - Live N Love - Seattle, WA
Electrosect - Live N Love - Seattle, WA
Northstar - Live N Love - Seattle, WA
Ryan Organ - LoDubs - Portland, OR
Grym - Onset - Seattle, WA
Cyan Wave - From 0-1 - Seattle, WA
Nelia- Live N Love / Starnorne - Seattle, WA
Contents - Live N Love / Starnorne - Seattle, WA
Chris Null with Greer Sullivan - Live N Love - Seattle, WA
Marxman.45 - Live N Love - Seattle, WA
Circuit Bending with Sam Peck
~Bring a battery powered toy to play with!~
Datachurch Lecture Summit
Yoga with Colin and Amber of Sutra Yoga Seattle
Abelton workshop with Ruso
Summit featuring N.W.A.V. (NorthWest Audio & Video)
~demonstrations and lectures on the freshest audio and visual technology in the region~
Sixty-Eight Mixer Demos by Rane
Belly Dancing with Tara
- Contact:
curated by:
Ephraim Peniston
Cameron Nagashima
Come play. Be moved. Namaste.
MUCH MUCH MORE INFO TBA, this is just a teaser!.....additional info available soon at our website! Stay tuned.