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Papadosio / Horizon Wireless / Speakerbot + @ Highline Ballroom [2.9.12]


When: -

Where: Highline Ballroom (431 West 16th Street, New York, NY)

Minimum Age: 21+

Type: Indoor - Other

Genres: Livetronica

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$ 12.00
Papadosio - Horizon Wireless - Speaker Bot - pH Factor

M.B.P is excited to announce the one and only NYC stop on Papadosio's upcoming Awake Inside Tour at the gorgeous Highline Ballroom. If you caught their last play at Public Assembly you have an idea of what is about to go down, and if you haven't seen them before, this is a must see show. These guys are absolutely incredible. With support from Horizon Wireless, Speaker Bot, and pH Factor, this show is going to be phenomenal.

Thursday, February 9th, 2012

Highline Ballroom - 431 W 16th St New York, NY 10011

All Ages

Doors: 7:00 / Music: 8:00

Tickets: $12 adv - $15 dos


Some music, because of its originality, timelessness, mass appeal, or perhaps because it is just plain odd, will always be destined for the hallowed halls of cult classicism. No band fits this criteria better than Papadosio. Formed in Athens, OH, the band has been creating a home at the forefront of live electronica for five years, wowing crowds from Denver and Cleveland to NYC and Atlanta, and shaking the earth at festivals and clubs alike. 

Papadosio's music is all about unexpected combinations. From rock and house to jazz, hip-hop, dub, and so on, every song has a unique approach to attaining originality. Long improvisational interludes and vocal harmonies project an amplified message of transcendence, unity, and universal understanding that quickly sets this group in a new category of mass appeal. 

Now hailing from Asheville, NC, Papadosio has released three albums: Magreenery (2007), By the Light of the Stars EP (2008), and Observations (2009). Take one listen to any of these discs, and the band's mission becomes abundantly clear: to combine eclectic musical traditions with modern electronica to stir the heart and fuel the mind.

Horizon Wireless

DJ/Producer Harrison Waxenberg has been making music since he was able to tie his shoes. This might have been later than most children his age, but better late than never. After playing numerous shows and festivals under this moniker for the past year, Horizon Wireless seems to only be picking up speed and momentum. With the addition of Sol Montoya (Digifront) on drums, Horizon Wireless becomes a storm of soul smashing beats, titillating harmonies, and wet melodies. This sonic tsunami can easily induce multiple crowdgasms. Bringing a towel to shows is not only recommended, but also encouraged. 

With custom designed sets for every single show and the uncanny ability to bump any floor they're hosting, Horizon Wireless is generating an electrical storm that would excite Benjamin Franklin himself. Check them out the first chance you get.


Speakerbot is the robot-DJ alias of Aashish Bansal. While playing bass and djing with a few different bands over the years, Aash started producing innovative and creative electronic music. Thus, the Speakerbot was born.

Speakerbot has since been playing local parties, bars and electronic shows all over the NJ, NY and PA area. With hopes of expanding his eclectic sound even farther into the electronic music scene, Speakerbot will blow it up in 2011. His dirty mix of house, tech house, electro, disco, nu disco and minimal beats are always sure to get the party started weather it’s at a club, festival, or dank basement party. Speakerbot is coming to a late night dance party near you.

Are you ready to get robotic?

pH Factor

From the non-theoretical minds of Paul Hamilton, Joe Lane and Erik Diaz comes a new brand of Rock n Roll that few have heard before. With influences such as Phish, Yes, Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, and Mahavishnu Orchestra, pH Factor proudly brings you a fusion of styles from jazz, rock, progressive, funk, jam, and nuances of sound yet to be classified. The concept of pH Factor came into fruition from a basic idea, an idea that the anatomical perception of nature can be broken into music. Fueled to submerge our listeners into a storyline that bridges the gap of consciousness between each other and the world around us, we are enabled to harbor genuine illumination as we manifest our music. Born in Ohio raised in Colorado, pH Factor is proud to call Denver home. The eclectic music scene of Colorado has nourished the new sounds and creativity of this power trio. Through the journey to find what is now the sound of pH Factor, many combinations of instrumentation have been exhausted, yet nothing filled the void quite like the organic sound of guitar, bass, and drums. We encourage you to stay tuned for pH Factor’s first studio album “Chemical Nature” expected in the first quarter of 2012.


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