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When: -

Where: The Untz (, Vallejo, CA)

Minimum Age: 16+

Type: Indoor - Club

Promoters: Epic NYC

Genres: ElectroHouseLivetronicaTechno


$ 45.00

$ 25.00
Epic NYC PROUDLY Presents...
Friday April 30th 2010
The Return of the NYC Massive.
Welcome to the end of the line. Where reality meets fantasy and black and white turns to color. You've found Oz, a portal to both the past and the future. We welcome the massive back to New York City in a 1000 capacity virgin venue located in the heart of Queens. This former movie theater will open its stage to the stars of the past, the present, the future, and you. Go over the rainbow. Just take the 7 train to the end and you'll find it. There's no place like home.
Featuring ALL STAR DJS...
(Ultra Records - / At Large ) Los Angeles, CA
Cultivating a fascination with music since childhood, Charles grew up listening to Motown, disco and funk, genres that heavily influenced his personal style as an artist. An Integral part of the Baltimore/DC scene, Charles if often credited with helping put the scene on the house music map. In 1992 he joined forces with fellow DJ Scott Henry to launch Fever, a club event that introduced the sounds of electronic music to his hometown. The first event of its kind in that region, the night exploded in popularity almost immediately, attracting upwards of 2,500 people. Featuring such top-notch, internationally renowned talent as Paul Van Dyk,Derrick Carter, and Carl Cox, the biweekly event ran through May 2001.
Maintaining a seven-year residency at Fever helped springboard Feelgood's danceable brand of bangin' hard house to widespread exposure across the East Coast. His popularity quickly bloomed thanks in part to his legendary series of mixed tapes, "Time to Get Ill." He soon developed a club-heavy touring schedule that regularly took him to famed clubs such as Avaland,Sound Factory NYC, and Cro Bar, along with numerous other venues on the West Coast, Canada, Europe, Asia and South America.
Charles has been busy in the studio this year remixing the likes of Diddy on Interscope, and has recently signed on with the mega EDM label Ultra, his first release being "Hands" Feat Russell Taylor, the first of many Ultra releases to come this 2010!Also check out releases on where Charles has many releases on Labels such as Dj Dan's InStereo and La based duo Coldbank's Burn the fire.
Constantly in demand all over the world for his ability to light up dance floors with his sets of tech ,and electro drenched house, Feelgood has received numerous accolades in his fifteen-year career. These include being named Baltimore's Best DJ several years, and being included in Dj magazines top 100 Dj's several years running. Playing gigs from as far away as Russia for the Audi Car Company to working the crowd at 2007's Cochella Festival - Charles will be busy behind the decks for the rest of the 2010 year!
Feelgood notes "I definitely try and take the listeners on a musical journey - I like to start out slow and funky and push for a harder ending, a continuous rise."
"I'm far from a purist," he adds. "I incorporate many styles into a single set. I play everything from disco-influenced house to acapella tracks and tech house, and I especially love bootlegs and electro influenced tracks".
The consummated dance floor rocker, Feelgood sums up his musical mission in one sentence: "I just want to do what the name implies, to make people have a good time and go home with a great feeling."
(Dance Mania/Premiere artist group) Chicago IL
What words can describe the one and only DJ Funk? Pioneer? Party Rocker? Ghetto House Icon? Lets start at the beginning, DJ Funk grew up on the musically rich West Side of Chicago where he was exposed at an early age to Chicago, New York & Detroit dance music. Developing from his early influences he started DJing out when he was just a teenager at house parties, school dances, and neighborhood clubs; selling mix tapes in the hood with his former crew "do or die" to make ends meet. Some of his early DJ influence were Grand Master Flash, African Bambada, Farley Jack Master Funk; basically all the original dance pioneers and there's to many to name.
Hip-Hop was also a big influence on DJ Funk and with his early DJ sets he helped push Hip Hop into the chicago club scene when it's wasn't yet popular or mainstream. Mixing House, Techno and Hip-Hop DJ Funk pioneered the "Ghetto House" sound and this sense of crossing boundaries has made his music so appealing and enduring to many people across different musical scenes. DJing professional for over a decade DJ Funk has produced anthem after anthem of bouncing "Ass & Titty" Dance Music for his very own record company Dance Mania Records. Plus, Funk's remix resumé reads like the who's who of dance music: Basement Jaxx, Justice, DJ Sneak, Fast Eddie, to name a few.
While licensing tracks to DJ's such as Carl Cox, Bad Boy Bill, Humpty Vision, Jeff Miles, Dave Clark for their mix CD Albums. Funk has played all over the world in high profile clubs in Chicago, New York, LA, Miami, Detriot, Paris, London, Germany, Scotland, Ireland, Amsterdam, Hawaii, Malta, Canada even Tokyo. Sharing the stage along the way with the likes of Daft Punk, Bad Boy Bill, Green Velvet, Justice, DJ Irene, Franky Bones, Funk Master Flex, Ice T, DJ Dan, DJ Qbert, Wu Tang Clan, Grand Master Flash, African Bambada, Run DMC, and the list goes on. DJ Funk's prolific career lead to a featured roll in the history of Dance Music Documentary "Modulation". The movie has all of the greatest Dance Producers and DJ's in the World and has played in independent theaters across the Country. His biggest selling release to date is "Booty House Anthems" which has sold over 1,000,000 copies. Now he's ready with a whole new agenda. He recently bought one of the top recording studios in the chicago area and with his remix of Justice's indie-club hit "Water's of Nazareth" a whole new generations of fans are finding out about what DJ FUNK is all about. He's poised and ready to put "Ghetto House" music back on the map with his new release "Booty House Anthems 2" out now... hit up for orders. As the sole figurehead of the entire musical genre called "Ghetto House" "Ghetto Tek" and one of Dance Mania top selling Artist. This man is truly a underground dance music legend.
(Delorean Music Company) Boston MA
Picture walking into a packed nightclub; the air is thick and smells of booze, the people are sweaty, the women are scantily clad and everyone has one hand in the air while the other gropes the person next to them. Two men are on stage surrounded by sexy hot pink female gogo dancers bouncing to the beat. One of them slams around like an enraged gorilla while controlling the computer and turntables unleashing massive kick drums pushing the low end of the sound system while ripping guitarlike synths tear through the high end as one of the men onstage MCs and controls the dripping sexed up mob destroying the dance floor. You have just experienced a second of a Hot Pink Delorean performance. See for yourself here:
Hot Pink Delorean was formed in October of 2007, when Chris Barlow, Matt Simmers & Jon Spero, members of the drum & bass group, Terravita, decided to make an electro tune with their good friend, TJ, otherwise known as Fantastadon. In one year, Hot Pink Delorean became an internet favorite, regularly being featured on the world’s hottest blogs. Check out the latest blog posts on HPD here and download some free HPD tunes:
Hot Pink Delorean has completed remixes for labels, like Mercury, Universal, Ministry of Sound, Jive, Sony, Ninja Tune, Iheartcomix and many more. The group has remixed artists such as Pixie Lott, Just Jack, Basshunter, September, Beyonce, Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Q-tip, MIA, Lives of Famous Gentleman, Donald Glaude, Static X, The Faint, Hieroglyphics, Mike Patton, Mephisto Odyssey, the Qemists, Designer Drugs, Hollywood Holt, Totally Michael, Cassette Jam and many more.
Currently, Hot Pink Delorean’s remix of Just Jack’s “Doctor Doctor” on Mercury is making the rounds on European radio and debuted at #2 on the UK club charts.
The group has toured heavily in the USA from the later half of 2008 to present and in England, Scotland, France, Germany & Sweden.
Hot Pink Delorean’s debut LP will be released worldwide in a series of 4 EPs (digitally) before being released worldwide in winter of 2010 as a full length LP in physical media formats. The group is planning collaborations with Just Jack, Far East Movement and more for the release.
Next up for release from HPD is their remix of Pixie Lott “Boys & Girls” on Mercury, their remixes of Basshunter and September for Ministry of Sound and their remix of Donald Glaude.
( -!) San Diego CA
Chicago's Time Out magazine says: "skylab2000 is a rave legend."
Urb Magazine has called skylab2000 live performances "incredible" and "fantastic."
Djs such as Dave Dresden [Gabriel & Dresden] call the Rollergirl single "the bomb of all bombs."
In the UK, Pete Tong of BBC Radio One chose the Auburn single as an "Essential Selection".
These are just a tiny sample of the compliments collected on the long road skylab2000 has traveled.
skylab2000 plays electronic music LIVE. With a full set of synths, samplers, mixer, and effects units, a skylab2000 show is a unique experience. For over a decade, skylab2000 has been making and releasing hard hitting dance music, and traveling city to city playing it for some the best audiences in the world. The music is played live on stage, with vocals, changing to the crowds needs and creating a ride to remember. The sound: An eclectic blend of techno, electro, hard house, breaks, acid, DNB and trance.
After growing up in New York and London, skylab2000 is now living in the Los Angeles area, but playing live shows has taken him around the world to places as far away as Russia, Japan, Istanbul, Hong Kong, Montreal, Puerto Rico, Vancouver, and Mexico. In the USA, skylab2000 has played in almost every state, including hundreds of live shows in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Dallas, Denver, Miami, Memphis, Nashville, Austin, Detroit, Las Vegas, Anchorage, Seattle and many, many more!
Superstar DJs such as Sasha, John Digweed, Carl Cox, Taylor, John Kelly, and Keoki play skylab20000 tracks, and releases appear on iTunes, Beatport, and on top selling mix CDs by Taylor, Keoki, John Kelly, Grover, Psycho-Bitch, Sol Brothers and Thomas Michael, and on great labels such as Moonshine, Koch, Journeys by DJ, Phatt Phunk, 3am Records, Brainiak, City of Angels, Genesis Project, Metronix, and Starshagger. In downloadable mp3 releases, the Rollergirl track alone has almost a million downloads and counting.. Lastly, movies, televison shows and major video game soundtracks also have the skylab2000 touch. Microsoft's "Amped" and Konami's "Dance Dance Revolution Supernova" have skylab2000 tracks in the games.
What's next? Stay tuned!
Mission control out.
(DJ Culture / Phonomental Music / Moist Music/ / At largre ) LA
Simply Jeff's passion for dance music goes back to headlining clubs and special events in Northern California since 1985. By 1987, Jeff made the move to Los Angeles to go to school and work in the promotions department at the World Famous KROQ 106.7 FM. At KROQ, Jeff's production talents where noticed as request came through to play his radio remixes of Depeche Mode, New Order, Pet Shop Boys and EMF. This spawned Jeff's dj career in Los Angeles and ultimately started his journey into the new World of Electronic Dance Music (EDM). During this time, Rave events started to emerge in Los Angeles and Jeff was instantly hooked! By 1991, Jeff (known as DJ Spinn at the time) worked as a co-host and mix show DJ with the legendary Swedish Egil on America's first Electronic Dance Music station known as 103.1 Mars FM. This station based in Santa Monica, California brought the likes of Moby, Prodigy, The Orb, 808 State, Underworld and many other EDM artist for the first time on the FM dial in Southern California. Rave events where reaching record numbers and by 1993 Jeff started his first record label (Orbit Transmission) with artists DJ Dan, Bassbin Twins, X-Calibur and DJ Rectangle. By 1996, Jeff signed a recording deal with LA's most popular Electronic Dance Music label, City Of Angels and later to the infamous Moonshine Music label. In the mid nineties, Simply Jeff was known as the Pioneer of West Coast Breaks and Funky House movement which lead into multiple tours across the globe and to his final vinyl label named Phonomental. A dream come true!
Simply Jeff is recognized for his critically acclaimed original productions as well as collaborations with top DJs & producers. Jeff’s appeal has even branched out into other genres, working with the likes of Afrika Bambaataa, Bones Thugs and Harmony, Shannon, Stacey Q, Snoop Dogg to Andrew Dice Clay. Simply Jeff has also appeared in several films, documentaries and national television broadcasts including G4 & MTV.
With his vast knowledge & love of the music, Jeff has also given rise to DJ Culture (, one of the most respected DJ stores in the United States dedicated to "Electronic Dance Music Culture".
From his home in Orange County, California to dance music hot spots across the globe, Simply Jeff will forever be advancing his style through his DJ sets, his original music productions and his pure love of dance music.
Simply Jeff could now be found working with his digital base label (Beyond Zilla Records) which mainly concentrates on Electro, Fidget House and Tech Funk. A true legend and still dedicated to the World of EDM.
(Aka Alan Oldham, Tresor) Chicago IL/ Berlin
One of Detroit's most talented and venerated techno mixers, DJ T-1000 has been instrumental in the Motor City scene as a label-head and producer as well as DJ. Born Alan Oldham, he spent time as a graphic-design specialist and comics illustrator while studying media at Detroit's Wayne State University. Hired by Derrick May to illustrate the sleeves on a few Transmat releases, Oldham became interested in Detroit's electronic scene, and gradually transformed his Fast Forward radio program on WDET from industrial and fusion into techno. During the show's run, from 1987 to 1992, Oldham introduced thousands of area listeners to Detroit techno via productions from May, Kevin Saunderson, Juan Atkins, Underground Resistance, and Carl Craig — as well as other techno figures like Joey Beltram, Moby, 808 State, and LFO. The show ended in 1992 when an offer to tour with Underground Resistance as the replacement DJ for Jeff Mills proved too difficult to resist. Also in 1992, he formed his own Generator label, the origin of seminal releases by Oldham projects like X-313 ("Interferon", "World Sonik Domination") and TXC as well as tracks by Dave Clarke and Woody McBride. In 1996, Oldham closed Generator and opened a new label, Pure Sonik Records. He also began DJing around the world, gaining a reputation as one of the best Detroit DJs among considerable competition. The DJ T-1000 mix albums Supercollider (a Generator label retrospective) and Live Sabotage: Live in Belgium displayed his mixing genius, while his debut production full-length, Progress, appeared on Tresor in 1999. Oldham also began recording another album, for Astralwerks. In addition, he has recorded for Djax-Up-Beats (also did label artwork), Matrix, and Communique, and has done remix work for Terry Lee Brown, Jr. and the Punisher.
(volume productions/Warlock Records) Rhode Island
Dave Schifino, aka Dj Venom has been an ambassador DJ in the New England rave scene since the mid ninety's. He made his mark as one of the hardest working DJs by releasing a new mixed tape seemingly every month. He has released over 100 mixed tapes in entirety, and 30 mixed cds. His mixes crossed over through countless genres of electronic music, while always displaying precision mixing, and nasty turntable trickery. In 1998, Dave caught a break by dazzling a poolside crowd at the official Winter Music Conference DJ battle. It was a battle for the ages, and much to the chagrin of the witnessing crowd; he placed second to the three time DMC champ Dj Craze. Even though he placed second, that WMC showcase helped launch Dave's career on an international level, and he never looked back....
(Columns of Knowledge) CT
Knowledge is one of the original foundation layers for the underground dance circuit in the mid-90’s for New England. His evolving sound has taken audiences of 5 to 5000+ and turned rooms inside out worldwide. Always taking the time to hand select the most cutting edge production in the tracks he plays, his signature sound of genre-bending, layered, journey sets have transformed many minds and moved countless bodies over his 13 year career. Also playing this year @ ULTRA!
Doors By Sam Black
Lazers: 2 Full Spectrum Graphic lazers
Custom Built Sound System: Supreme Sounds and Junglez
Lighting : PowerTrip/Lighting/Audiolust/Supreme Sounds/Vj Aiwaz
Visuals : VJ Aiwaz/ Funk Taxi
Security: Firm but Friendly security for your saftey
Stiltwalkers, Firespinners, Costumes, Magicians, Eyecandy™ , and much more
***AGE INFO***
16 to Follow the Yellow Brick Road
21 to Click Your Heels Together
R.O.A.R at the door in full effect
Doors @ 7PM
Main Event Begins @ 7:30PM Sharp
Please buy your tickets in advance for guaranteed entry.
Tickets go on sale March 19th 2010
Tickets Available @
Limited Early Bird Special $25 advance tickets until April 1st 2010
Advance Tickets $35 Until April 29th!
$40 dollars Thereafter And at the door
$45 dollars After 11pm
Vip tickets include: Immediate entry/ Oz Grab bag including T shirts/CDs/Complimentary Admission to future events/Private seating/ VIP Passes/1table including 1bottle