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When: -

Where: The Untz (, Vallejo, CA)

Minimum Age: 21+

Type: Indoor - Club

Promoters: Mindoutpsyde

Genres: DowntempoDubstepElectroPsytranceTechno


$ 20.00
Mindoutpsyde and Friends Present
Get ready for a mind boggling trip into the outer realms! A UV lit world where nothing is far fetched and your third eye awakes to the cosmos and beyond! So put on your psy trance dancin’ pants and get ready to stomp to five internationally known live PA’s alongside a plethora of other well known talents in 3 areas inside of a truly unique labyrinth-like setting
FACEHEAD //Eugene, OR – Anomalistic Records
Facehead has the type of sound that will warp your thoughts into a frenzy of rapid thought processes. Brainwaves wave in and out like the vibration of life and frequencies from other dimensions flow through the ripples in space to be heard on this side of the plane. He is the label manager for Anomalistic records with a new release entitled “VA Against the Grain” which has stirred up loads of attention as of late. Prepare for an onslaught of his own live material as he shows what being Anomalistic is all about.
KONFLUX //Los Angeles, CA – Phar Psyde Records-Psytribe
Vasily a.k.a. Konflux has been an active member of the psychedelic trance scene of California for a few years now. Having over ten years of experience in producing multifarious styles of electronic dance music, Vasily began making psy-trance in 2004. A light-hearted, elegant, yet pounding and groovy style can be roughly described as "a blend of Light Night and Heavy Morning Psychedelic Music". Vasily's music is featured on various compilations put on by records labels from the UK, Israel, Ukraine, Italy and USA. Prepare yourselves for the legendary spankings from mr. Konflux!
FRACTAL COWBOYS //San Francisco, CA – Manic Dragon Records
Fractal Cowboys make up Dylalien and Quasar, two Texas born trancers that have become one of the pinnacles of the Bay area scene. A fusion of 4/4 beat, IDM-like sound structures, surprising melodies, and off-the-wall samples, the Fractal Cowboys will take you for a journey that dissects your mind and defies all expectations. Watch out, these outlaws are straight shooters!
MUBALI //San Francisco, CA – Trishula Records
As a dj and producer for many years, Mubali’s blend of dark and funky psy is sure to get anyone moving. He has released tracks on countless compilations and has played in more countries than one can shake a stick at. Prepare for a special set as Mubali is back at the bordello by demand to command our space pod well beyond the outer realms!
****LIVE ACT TBA****
LOKE //United Kingdom/LA – Phar Psyde Records label manager
Paul Arnold a.k.a. Loke is the Label owner and director of UK based Phar Psyde Records. The label has quickly gained an international reputation for releasing top quality psytrance and electronica since the beginning. Paul has been DJing for 5 years and has played in many countries across Europe and some of the biggest events in the UK. Playing both on the psytrance and downtempo techno/minimal/electro stages - what ever he drops be prepared to shake your ass like it aint no thang... His first performance in the Bay Area, watch out for some auditory goodness you’ll soon not forget Wink
SUNCHILD //San Francisco, CA
Sunchild AKA Adam Heckart found psychedelic trance music at Goa Gils birthday party when he was 17. Soon after he began DJing for Tantra Productions and over the years has played in South Africa, the Burning Man Festival, How Weird Street Fair, Gemini Festival, among many other events. Sunchild is the dj aspect of Adam's production project NODE. Expect to dance Smiley
COLLISION //Iowa City, IA – Mindoutpsyde
****LIVE ACT TBA****
RECLIPSE –Dubstep- //Berkeley, CA - Tanked/trauma/norcallights
MEASURE - D –Dubstep-
MEASURE - D is a dubstep producer and DJ out of Oakland, CA. Originally from England, he represents a rapidly evolving strain of electronic music that delivers heavy hitting sub frequencies on the dancefloor while continuously pushing forward into un-charted musical territory. His collaborations with NTRLD have produced a slew of dubs slated for release in 2010 and have been played by Borgore, Ultraviolet, and Sam Supa to name a few.
LOKE -Electro/Techno/Minimal- //United Kingdom/LA Phar psyde Records
LIAM SHY –Electro/Breaks- // San Francisco, CA – Tantra Records
SAUSEE –Prog- //San Francisco, CA - Galaxy Unknown - Goa Records
CLYMAXX -Breaks/Psy-//San Francisco, CA - Geomagnetic
MOR –Dubstep- //Oklahoma City, OK
GOD INTOXICATED //San Francisco, CA – Quantum Frog
God Intoxicated is Dmitry Vulfovich, a Russian native with a deep shamanic musical style that evokes the spirit of nature. He is teaches pranayama and is an aspiring psychotherapist in the transpersonal realms. He is interested in altered states of consciousness and the biosphere. Namaskar!
CHLOROPHIL //San Francisco, CA – Chronos Sound/Bay Area Folks
Sponsored by many great labels like: Cosmic Leaf Records/ Ajana / Chillcode / Six Degrees / Ultimae / Interchill / ESL / Unicorn / Tempest / Geomagnetic / Dubmission / Muti. started up his own record label: Synchronos Recordings, awaiting the day his first release entitled Elysium, a compilation focusing on healing dubstep to see the light of day amdist all the hardships of society. Prepare for a Bay Area local that is sure to please!
KUNVNDRVM //San Francisco, CA
EGNOGRA //San Francisco, CA
SEDNA //Eugene, OR – Anomalistic Records
CHAOSTHETIC //Minneapolis, MN
_-:::: Extra Info ::::-_
_-What: 3 stages of sound: A Psy Trance main stage, a Dubstep/Electro/Techno main stage, and a Chillout/Downtempo Stage-_
_-Where: the Bordello in Oakland, CA
(Full info released on our website a couple days before the event)-_
-Funktion-One Sound by Team and friends-_
_-Flyer: By PsyChef-_
_-Vending By: Cosmic Living Foods-_
_-Supporters: / Full Circle Prod-_
_-(Firm but friendly security will be all about)-_
_-Leave No Trace – Please be respectful of the venue-_
More info at (Don’t forget to register! : )
more info and added artists soon