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One Night Stand


When: -

Where: Lupin Lodge (20600 Aldercroft Heights, Los Gatos, CA)

Minimum Age: 18+

Type: Outdoor - Other

Genres: BreaksDrum and BassDubstepElectroHouse


$ 20.00
Hey folks, here is the next party im planning at Lupin Lodge, again we will have Camp Questionmark hosting the Nudome, as well as some extra surpises this time around, keep the date marked for this event so u will not miss out!
jef stott (Six Degrees/Dakini)
Kalpataru Tree (Cyberset)
dragonfly (Goove Garden)
mihkal (Symbiosis)
leohawk (Ultraviolet Carnival)
Chlorophil (Synchronos/Cosmic Leaf/Ajana/Aleph-Zero/Chillcode/Tempest/Unicorn)
KEYS (Acid Totem)
leafy green (Leafy Tribe)
toxic rainbow (2 sets)
mozo aka Steve Mosley
Kirill (Teknokitchen)
matt bailey noise disorganizer
Genie (scrath guitarist)
Arie redtree
jon holliday (2 sets dubby minimal/dubstep)
osmia rufa (2sets d+B/dubstep)
Circuit Damage
Live art: Jeremiah Allen Welch
Christina Wagonblast
tea service by Ronjon
hotubs/swimming pools
Camping/rental yurts/cabins
this is a no trace event, please pack in pack out!