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Oddity 2010


When: -

Where: Westfair Amphitheatre (22984 U.S. 6, Council Bluffs, IA)

Minimum Age: 18+

Type: Outdoor - Festival

Web Site: Click Here

Genres: DubstepElectroLivetronica

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$ 10.00

$ 15.00
Oddity 2010 April 24th Council Bluffs IA.
April 24th 2010
The Wobble Family & HLN Present:
Oddity 2010
Westfair Amphitheater U.S.6
Council Bluffs Iowa 51503
18+ $10 Before 9:00pm $15 After
Kilowatts - Philadelphia, PA
Kilowatts embraces the bulk of electronic genres, including breaks, IDM, techno, and down tempo. Releases are full of visionary dimensions, fusing together a dexterous knowledge of sound synthesis, deep emotional articulation, and solid melodic intuition. Peppered throughout these monumental statements are releases with class labels such as Somnia, Harmonious Discord, and KiloWatts Music, that celebrate adept technical expertise, often bringing a whirlwind of digital wizardry in the form of glitches and edits.
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The Great Mundane - Washington, DC
From polymorphic wonky hip-hop to shredded-funk club wobble, The Great Mundane packs a versatile and intriguing set of listening histories into an undeniable amalgam. Bossa nova gets chased down by fanged yacht bass, while head nodders pack to the ceiling in an elevator just to strain to hear the tinny squalor of a perfect hook before the cables are cut, the bottom drops out, and the landing thump is blissfully looped and filtered with a french touch.
Aligning Minds - Portland, OR
Aligning Minds is the unique and captivating collaboration of two producers using sound to achieve a mutual vision. Ethereal and dubby, uplifting and haunting, their music winds its way through the imaginative souls of its listeners, offering a deep exploration of subsonic mood and emotional atmosphere. Focused on unifying electronic music through diverse influence, their sound fuses elements of many genres like downtempo, dubstep, breakbeat and idm, but without the need for formulaic restrictions.