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#OccupyNightlife with Anthony Attalla


When: -

Where: Eden Lounge (28 W. 33rd St, New York, NY)

Minimum Age: 21+

Type: Indoor - Club

Web Site: Click Here

Promoters: Biohazard Promotions

Genres: House

#OccupyNightlife and Biohazard Promotions


A Special Sedation Thursdays Event

Just a tiny pinch and in goes the stuff. Nothing happens for several seconds and you start to feel a little tipsy. Then instantly several hours of magic take place and you will enter a state of deep relaxation and feeling of not being bothered by anything around you. Time will pass by quickly and you will not even realize what just happened. You may remember nothing at all. Its like a flick of a switch and your brain shuts off and you enter twilight. Just bits and pieces of conversations and wisdom. Complete relaxation and control of everything. You feel no pain at all. Welcome to Sedation!

Featuring Music By:

Anthony Attalla




As an artist, Anthony has charted over 20 Top 100 tracks - including 9 Top 50 in a row – on, the widely popular outlet for purchasing EDM (Electronic Dance Music). In addition, the demand for his live performance has grown to an all-time high with continuous touring throughout the United States, as well as international bookings throughout Europe, Ibiza, Mexico, Asia, and Canada to name a few.

Anthony has illustrated his advocacy of the EDM business world by launching, Incorrect Music. Now surpassing its one-year anniversary, Incorrect Music has experienced success at an alarming pace. The label’s achievements during its inaugural year include, having tracks played and charted by some of the industries’ biggest taste-makers, boasting over 30 Top 100 tracks (in less than 18 months) on various Beatport Charts, and spreading its wings globally with artists from more than 20 different countries making up its impressive roster.

along with

Jon Bon

Reggie Perez

Ladies Free till 12 on the BIOHAZARD guest list!

Reduced till 2am on the BIOHAZARD guest list!

OPEN VODKA BAR 10-11PM (Ladies Only) Every Week!!!

Grey Goose Bottles at $200!

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Eden Lounge

28 W. 33rd Street

New York, NY 10016