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Nit Grit + Mindelixir


When: -

Where: The Spot - Portland (2401 N. Harding Ave., Portland, OR)

Minimum Age: 18+

Type: Indoor - Other

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Genres: DubstepElectroHouseTechnoTrance

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Voxx Presents: ***Nit Grit + Mind Elixir***

Together Nit Grit and Mindelixir will send you on a soul searching journey to the inner depths of bass and enlightenment! Ready for this Portland?!

Nit Grit (San Jose, CA) 

Simplify Records/Audible Assault

Mindelixir (Charlotte, North Carolina)

Drivepilot (PDX)

Traction Records

Mason Roberts (PDX)

Analog Network/Kaos Kreations

One30 (PDX)

Voxx/Optimal Ent

Joonya Jr. aka Mac (PDX)

Voxx/My Own Pulse

Remy (PDX)

Voxx/My Own Pulse

Hogan 64 (SEA)


Killa K (PDX)

Dirty Trio/Bear Cave

Virtue Villain (PDX)


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Unlimited Standard $15 pre-sale tickets available until February 17th

Unlimted$20 tickets available at the door

Limited $40 VIP Tickets (VIP Includes, VIP badge, easy fast entry, free water, CD's from performers, free water, and energy drink.)

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Nit Grit (San Jose, CA)

Simplify Records/Audible Assault

San Jose based Dubstep and Glitch producer Danny Beall, also known as NiT GRiT, is a quickly rising star in the booming West Coast bass music scene. With several of his tracks breaking's top ten most played tunes, NiT GRiT is rapidly staking his claim. Hollow Point and Rottun Recordings' Triage says, "His use of synthetic melodies and bit crushed rhythms definitely caught our attention."

Dark and twisted melodies mark his signature sound - best seen through his heavily popular remix of Stellamara's "Prituri Se Planinata", which is getting frequent playtime by dubstep's heaviest players. He's recently found a new home at Simplify Recordings, where his forthcoming releases "DMT", "Synthetic Heaven", and "what Am I" will be released June 2010.

Mindelixir (Charlotte, North Carolina)

Mindelixir has been a busy individual recently. His funky jazz infused blend of bass music has been categorized as dubstep often but there's something very different about this producers sound. See for yourself by checking out his new mix that just dropped for URB magazine or checking out his last release, Mindelixir Presents Music for Funerals and Banks (every single track charted on beatport's top 100 for electronica.) His monthly party is one of the largest bass parties in the country and his work with Atlanta based record label ALR has lead to record sales for every quarter that he was on the team. He'll be starting a new imprint soon, so stay tuned. Watch out for his live show, there's no other place on earth to hear the futuristic bass heavy blend he's wielding.

Drivepilot (Portland, OR)

Traction Records

Drivepilot is the Electro project of 25 year old U.S.-based producer Nick Edwards, originally from Vancouver, Canada. Started in Nov 2009, Drivepilot built off his previous years of rock production, fusing his knowledge of this- with his love for hard electronic music- and immediately gained attention and support with his first original tracks and remixes.