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Maui WoWie


When: -

Where: The Untz (, Vallejo, CA)

Minimum Age: 18+

Type: Indoor - Club

Genres: BreaksDubstepGlitchHip Hop

Day of Show
$ 12.00
w/ Two Cans of Food
$ 10.00

BeatJunktion & S.A.R.S. Productions is Proud to Present :

1st Annual

Maui WoWie

A Luau Themed Party!!

May 14th, 2011

Bend, OR

Dam we have been having some crazy weather lately. It has been feeling a lot like spring. Warm air, sun shinning bright, the smell of summer. 

BeatJunktion has been thinking, A luau party is the best way to start off this years summer shows and celebrate our good friend OLiver's, 25th B-day .

There is so many things we think about when it comes to a Luau party.Grass skirts, coconut bras, Leis, tropical beaches, sunsets, tiki bars, great music, and beautiful ocean views. BeatJunktion invites you all to our own style of tropical paradise this May, in our beautiful town of Bend, Oregon.

We will be featuring some of the most talented artist from all over the West Coast. Bringing fresh new sounds to your ears. Glitchy squishy crunkie Dubstep, Glitch Hop, breaks and straight funky beats. 

To make our night absolutely PARADISE, we present one of the biggest Glitch hop, Crunk / Dubstep producers in the southern California. He goes by the name....

~~Stephan Jacobs ~~

Check out the link below

With a reputation that grows stronger as every beat drops from his fingers, Stephan Jacobs is one of the most exciting multi-genre producers in southern California today. Drawing from a powerful collection of original material and heavyweight remixes, this passionate young producer slings out stimulating sets of uptempo dubstep, twisted glitch hop and straight-up West Coast crunk.

Stephan Jacobs has a knack for inciting crowds with his eclectic music, whether he is performing at major music festivals like Coachella, dark underground events in LA or the hottest club in Hollywood. With over five years of experience making music and ten years playing out from Vancouver to Tel Aviv, Jacobs has honed his skills and style and now stands poised to bring new waves of brain-smashing beats to the hungry masses.

A prolific producer who cannot stop creating, Jacobs is also half of Kether, the highly regarded live electronics duo with a firmly established spot at the forefront of West Coast sound. Stepping out on his own and further down the path of dance floor-pleasing crunk, he continues to tear down the house and rock audiences to their knees.

Jacobs never lets an opportunity to share his sound slip by, and has earned a name in underground circles as one of the most talented bass music producers today. His innovative sets sneak up on crowds and shove them into dance euphoria with their provocative basslines, juicy melodies and mesmerizing female vocals. Devoted to music and to killing the crowd, Stephan Jacobs is an instigator who is on his way up- and always welcome at the party.

Featured DJs

Stephan Jacobs - Headtron, Glitch FM ( L.A. California)

OLiver - Beatjunktion, Slipmat Science, Fader Freekz, S.A.R.S. (BEND)

ELLS - Slipmat Science, Plant Life (BEND)

Wubber Stumpper - S.A.R.S / Bass Union & SubSociety (Nevada)

Prajekt - S.A.R.S, Fader Freekz, Slipmat Science, Beatjunktion (BEND)

SCHIZOTOXIN - Renegade Dub System


Cymatics (BEND)

More Info TBA!!!!!!