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LovEvolution 2011


When: -

Where: The Untz (, Vallejo, CA)

Minimum Age: 18+

Type: Outdoor - Other

Web Site: Click Here

Genres: DubstepElectroHouseTechnoTrance

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$ 25.00

We are excited to announce the crews taking part in Lovevolution 2011. As always, we're excited to see crews from all over the Bay Area and West Coast step up to make the event what it is. Stay tuned for more talent info as it develops and check the first round of names confirmed to play the day event below:

They include...

Float: Electro Pop Rockin SKILLS 

Producers: Skills & EPR

Talent: Moby (dj set)Laidback Luke, Markus Schultz, Gareth Emery, Dash Berlin, Blake Jarrell, Dyloot of Deep Voices, Blix Cannon, Disco Vader, JaysOne, Kirin Rider, more tba

Float: Elope

Producers:  Opel Productions & Opulent Temple

Talent: Hedflux, Syd Gris, Dutch, Drew Drop, Melyss, Dex Stakker, Hoj, Billy Seal, Wolfie, more tba

Float: Tantric Temple

Producers: Tantra  

Talent: Liam Shy, more tba

Float: Love & Rockets 

Producers: Dirtyhertz Productions, Matique SF & Bassyx

Talent: Serge Devant, Dirtyhertz, Gunz & Ammo, Drc & DJ Denise

Float: Platinum Baby, Platinum

Producers: Flavor Group

Talent: Shane King, Eric Sharp, Sleazemore, Swayzee, Moral, Nisus

Float: Go Ventures - The Love Festival 

Producers: Go Ventures

Talent: Kill the Noise, Treasure fingers, Junior Sanchez, Barry Weaver, DjReza, Breakdown

Float: The Strip Ship

Producers: The Dancetronauts

Talent: Travnasty, Dulce Vita, Dan the Builder, Philthy Phil, DJ Icon, Atimatik, D.T.P (J.B. Vries & Billy Cazazza), Brian Williams

Float: Bassheadz (formerly known as CDR)

Producers: Cali Dubstep Republic & Tech Support Recordings 

Talent: D-Program, Cosmic Selector, Jeff Taisch, Dubster Spook, Bogl, Dials, Sausee

Float: Temple SF

Producers: Temple SF Presents

Talent: Paul Hemming, Jaswho?, David Isaac, Soulspin, DJ IQ!, and possible DJ Sneak

Float: B.A.E. Krew's chocolate factory

Producers: The Bay Area Electro Krew

Talent: Lucky Date, Saint John, Ross FM, Switchblade, Frank Nitty, Sonny Daze, Felipe Avelar, Carlos Alfonzo vs. Infusion, Lucid Dream, Aleks vs. Vannin, Russ Mack vs. Tommie Leraunch, Black Sheep, D-bot vs Travis Creamer, Jay Dee vs. Mr. Brandon

Float: Jetset Music, Clockwork Events

Producers: Jetset Music, Clockwork Events

Talent: Showtek, Will Bailey, Ron Reeser, Donovan, 

Frenchy Le Freak, Nick G., Vahid and more tba

Float: Red Five Standing by

Producers: Rebel Base Collective

Mochipet, Black Rock City Allstars, Kimba, TDub, Smash & Grab, Underone:DBM (Pushreset vs. N'Ya Bass), Wala

Float: Temple of Boom

Producers: Thursday Night Production & Odbros 

Talent: DJ Lennon, DJ Hi-5, Mr. Simo, Alex T, DJ Lowtec, GobbleBox and Tight Mike

Float: The Sixth Element

Producers: Nutbass Records & Groove Quest

Talent: Dj Travis T, Billy Casazza& Boomrock Saints

Float: Pixel Porn Experience.

Producer: Our House Records

Talent: Girls n Boomboxes, Dynamics, K Theory, Merc, Pance Party, S-T3RRA, Sex Pixels, Realboy, Alex Sibley, Fabian Campos

Float: Anotha Primitive G-Spot

Producer: Anotha-level, Primitive Science, & G-Spot Designs 

Talent: Gridlok, Mayhem, No Komply, Bloodshed, R3M, Lisa Sleevz, Dr Who, Big E, Precision, Mike B, SpeakEZ, Apparently the Obvious One, & Enhale

Float: Sacramento Dance Music 

Producers: Sacramento EDM Community

Talent: Kritt, Jon E Qwest, Todd P., Kaltron, Rich Soto, DirtyBoy, Diego Valle, Jason Vega, Crescendo, + Sacramento Sizzling Sirens Burlesque Show