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Klub Kandie Pop 4


When: -

Where: The Untz (, Vallejo, CA)

Minimum Age: All Ages

Type: Indoor - Other

Genres: ElectroHardcoreHouseTrance

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$ 10.00
DJ Dougal (United Kingdom (Dougal & Gammer) *Essential Platinum*), Elecro Sun (Israel *HKP, Translucent Productions, Boa Group*), Dutchboy Vs. Crackerjack, SpekrFreks (San Francisco *Bug Eyed Records, Couture Records, Eden Recordings*), L10 (Special Live Stage Performance With SpekrFreks), MelleeFresh, Superstar Klub Kid James St. James (Your Host For The Evening!), Tw33k, Gixxer, Electric Criminal
HKP Is Proud To Present: The 4th Annual Klub Kandie Pop! Our Theme For This Year Is DELIRIUM DELIGHT!
Klub Kandie Pop 4 Will Be A Party That Won't Stop, Definitely's Gonna Pop, & You Can Be Sure The DJs Will Blow The Speakers Up! Featuring World Class & Local Talent, Join HKP @ KKP4 For A Night Of Deliciously Deliriously Delightful Booty Bouncing Music That Will Roll Your Eardrums! With 3 Stages Equipped With Monster Sound Systems, You Can Be Sure To Enjoy The Live Stage Performances Along With These DJ's Exclusive Sets!
Klub Kandie Pop Will Also Feature Deliriously Delightful GoGo Performances By The Party Pimp Girls As Well A Your Favorite Harajuku Kandie Pop Kiddiez!
This Is a Fully Themed Event, As It Is Our Anniversary! You'll Enjoy The Free Kandie Making Stations, So That All Of You Party People Can Adorn The Right Attire! Veterans & Kandie Babies Alike! KKP4 Also Comes Fully Equipped With A Flavored Oxygen Bar, Deliciously Deliriously Delightful Flavored Hookah Bar for the 18+ , & A fully Stocked Bar For The 21 & Over! Plus Free CD Giveaways From The DJs & Celebrity Performers!
KKP4 Delirium Delight Is An All Ages Event & All Responsible Ages Are Welcome!
VIP Tickets: Express Entry Into The Event, Free Gift Bags Including CDs & Other Merchandise From The Artists, As Well As A Meet & Greet With The DJs & Celebrity Performers!
James St. James, the ORIGINAL MR. PARTY MONSTER HIMSELF, television personality, author, celebutante & former Klub Kid club scene in the late 1980s and early 1990s. James St. James wrote "Disco Bloodbath" (now published under the title of the Manhattan "Party Monter"). He was & still is notorious for a lifestyle of excessive partying that includes the sexy, the wierd, & the most fabulous of Klub Kid attire that first brought him to national attention as the subject of Klub Kids television appearances & interviews. His life was the subject of the 1998 documentary "Party Monster: The Shockumentary" that was later made into the feature film "Party Monster" starring Macaulay Culkin as Michael Alig & Seth Green as James St. James. James St. James has come to be known as one of the founding fathers of what is today's Rave & Electronic Dance Music Scene! Also now the host of his online show, "The Daily Freakshow", James filmed & hosted Klub kandie Pop 2 Shutup & Lick It in July of 2008! Now hes back again & coming to party with you at the 4th Annual Klub Kandie Pop! Be sure to watch "Party Monster", & The Daily Freakshow again & again!
AREA 1: The World Of Delirium
Dougal *Happycore/Hardcore* -United Kingdom- (Essential Platinum)
DJ Dougal (Paul Clarke) has been one of the worlds leading hardcore DJ's & producers for the last decade and has been voted the number one hardcore DJ by MTV & Dreamscape. DJ Dougal's style is a mixture of euphoric hardcore with uplifting vocals along with a deep experimental edge. Dougal's successful label (Essential Platinum) with over 100 releases has been voted top hardcore label many times over the years. The Hardcore scene has taken Dougal to nearly all of the major cities in the world, with his biggest crowd being Mayday in Germany playing to over 40,000 people. His favorite destination is of course the land of Harajuku itself, Japan! Ministry of Sound signed DJ Dougal to mix a TV advertised Hardcore album after his success with the 'Bonkers' series from React, two albums of which went silver, & one has gone gold! Also famously known for his workings alongside his best mate DJ Gammer, Dougal has also collaborated with Darren Styles, producing their single 'Love of My Life'. Other collaborations with top Hardcor artists include Hixxy, & Scott Brown!
Electro Sun *Electronica/Trance* -Israel- (HKP, Translucent Productions, Boa Group)
Electro Sun (Nadav Elkayam) “19” from Beer Sheva city, in the south of Israel; started developing his infection with trance music at the age of “14”. Electro Sun produces dance floor oriented delights, inspired by other Israeli artists, he adds his own tastefully distinct touches & characteristics. His style can be categorized as Powerful & fully loaded with colors & emotion, sliding between kicking full throttle uptempo to soft delightful melodic beats! His mind blowing performances have continued to captivate audiences from around the world! Having showcased in not only Israel, Electro Sun has reached an expanse that covers the globe, having had multiple performances all over the European continent, South America, Australia, Japan, as well as a few rare appearances in the U.S. Harajuku Kandie Pop brings you this "19" year old musical prodigy for his first California appearance! Electro Sun is an artist that will surely be a TREAT FOR YOUR EARS!
Dutchboy (To Be Confirmed) Vs. Crackerjack *Hardcore/Happcore/Gabber* -LA vs. SF- (Mental Madness Records, Corson Agency)
SpekrFreks *House/Electro* -San Francisco- (Bug Eyed Records, Couture Records, Eden Recordings)
SpekrFreks combine dirty beats with raw and hypnotizing vocal hooks to create a sound that is distinctly their own. Spekrfreks are Edwin Jesus and Bryan Phillip, two young DJ/Producers from the Golden Gates of the US West Coast, SAN FRANCISCO!
Their BugEyed Records debut “MindGames” features the original devastator plus mixes by GenderFix and Rick V. The record entered the Beatport new release chart at 1, achieved a top 20 Balance Pool charting and found UK support from Adam Sky and Mark Moore.Their sophomore effort was a 6-tracker called the "Attraction EP" that has been released to Beatport with a remix of “Attraction” by Blendbrank that has ended up on numerous compilations for the World Music Conference 2007. Since then they have released a number of remixes for Eden Recordings, BugEyed Records, Kritical Noise, & Purchase Musik. Other artist collaborations include tracks with celebrity vocalists L10 & MelleFresh. Spekrfreks have provided runway music for San Francisco Fashion Week & Sacramento Fashion Week. They have also DJ'd for San Francisco LoveFest 3 years in a row, San Francisco Pride, Sacramento Pride, Rainbow Festival, San Diego Pride, House of Xtravaganza, Earthdance, 1015 Folsom, Faces, Club 21, and Green Addict parties as well as numerous other dance clubs up and down the West Coast. The boys behind the beats have an obsession witth the recording studio, rarely coming out except during the summer to play gigs. Here they bring to you a collection of their favorite party tracks mixed in with some of SpekrFreks very own original work!
L10 *LIVE PERFORMANCE W/SPEKRFREKS* -San Francisco- (Panda Beatz Productions)
Celebrity singer L10, a San Francisco Bay native, has become a voice & chart topping electronic dance artist of our time. L10's passion is music with an ELECTRO & MORE AGGRESSIVE sound as showcased on his 2009 current debut EP "Where It Begins"(produced by Cee Von Kay) & debut album "FALLEN"(produced by SpekrFreks). With his latest single "Music's Got U" from the SpekrFreks System Recordings EP "Your Invited" burning up the XM/Sirius/BPM dance charts, L10 is currently back in the studio & hard at work with international producer/remixers the SpekrFreks & Cee Von Kay(Germany) both taking the lead in creating the vision and sound of music L10 has for a NEW 2010 release. Get ready to dance for this special live performance by L10 at the 4th Annual Klub Kandie Pop!
MelleeFresh *LIVE PERFORMANCE W/SPEKRFREKS* -Canada- (Play Records, PlayDigital)
OFFICIAL MelleFresh & SpekrFreks Album Release Party!
Melleefresh, one of the working names of Melleny Melody, is a dance-pop diva, singer, songwriter, DJ, promoter, club manager, & over the top performer who is an icon in the Toronto Canada dance & club scene. She is the founder of Play Records & its subsidiary PlayDigital, & was even a voice of a Care Bear! In 2008, Melleefresh scored a Juno Award nomination for the track "Afterhours," a collaboration with fellow dance music icon Deadmau5. MelleFresh is also commonly known to be Deadmau5's right hand vocalist for many of his tracks, including the popular "Sex Slave (Hey Baby)" as well as the duo's collaboration albums as Deadmau5 & Freshmau5. Klub Kandie Pop 4 is the official album release party of MelleFresh & SpekrFreks newest album!
EvenFlo *Hard House/Electro/Drum n Bass* -Colorado- (MPJ)
DJ Gixxer *Electro/House* -LA- (Jenetixx Corporation, HKP)
Electric Criminal *Electro/House* -OC- (HKP)
AREA 2: The Glade Of Paradox
Wilcox *Industrial/Techno/Electronica* -LA- (Tecno Moshpit Records)
Tadahisa Yoshida *LIVE STAGE PERFORMANCE WITH WILCOX* -Japan- (Vinyl Seahorse Records, HKP)
David Delano *Electronica/House* -LA- (Perfecto)
Tw33k *House/Electro/Tech Trance* -LA- (M3 Productions, HKP, MPJ)