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KiloWatts @ The Garage at Biltmore


When: -

Where: The Garage at Biltmore (101 Fairview Rd, Asheville, NC)

Minimum Age: 18+

Type: Indoor - Club

Genres: BreaksDowntempoDubstepGlitchHip Hop


$ 10.00
Kilowatts returns to Asheville along with top notch local support for a night of mind expanding musical exploration!


A seasoned electronic producer, Kilowatts crafts some of the most technical and elegant, yet danceable electronic music in the world. Incorporating numerous styles including breaks, downtempo, hiphop, dub and IDM, Kilowatts' music straddles the line between body moving beats and soulful melody. Based in ...Philly, Kilowatts has released numerous solo and collaboration albums. His latest project is a collaboration album with downtempo connoisseur Bluetech.

Download his free EP "Six Silicates" here:

Listen to a track off of Hyperdimensional Animals, the new album from Kilowatts and Bluetech:



Weaving hand-wound sonic threads together to fuse alchemical dreamscapes with modern beats, the creations of Futexture come from the heart, move the body, and stimulate the mind. Drawing upon a wide variety of influences, both musical and otherwise, the music transcends genre while remaining relevant to various cutting edge electronic styles. Futexture's vision is an ever-evolving transmutation of personal experience into tangible vibration.

-Liam Collins-

-Sacred Blast-

Sacred Blast is the musical conversation between DJ Woodwork and Guitarist Andrew Kirk (of Agobi Project). Tech-house and downtempo hip-hop + tasty jazzed out guitar work = Bliss.