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Kandyland 6


When: -

Where: Jumbo (4208 Rainier Ave South, Seattle, WA)

Minimum Age: 16+

Type: Indoor - Other

Genres: BreaksElectroHardcoreHouseTrance

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$ 30.00

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George Acosta
Trance, whether you like your trance melodic and uplifting, or hard and fast, trance by any definition is here to stay. From the warehouse parties of the late 80’s to car commercials in 2001, trance has become part of the new millennium, part of our lifestyle. And all because of DJs like George Acosta. George proves every time he puts a needle on a record that "trance”, whatever the label, has changed, evolved, become a lifestyle, a culture… as well it should. With over 15 years of experience as a DJ and producer, George has helped change and evolve trance from an underground movement to massive festival experiences throughout the world. “George Acosta is probably America’s most unique DJ and has undoubtedly been a major force in shaping the sound of trance in Miami and beyond” says fellow DJ Dave Ralph. George Acosta is America’s representative in the global Trance scene.
He knows his crowds so well because he is just as big a fan as they are of his music. Just like the thousands he plays for, George Acosta lives it. George tries to maintain a close connection to the people who come to hear him play because like them, he discovered the music as a fan first.
With record bag and headphones in hand, George prepared to move the planet in his own unique way. He began playing some of the biggest clubs and festivals in the world, Berlin's Love Parade, Miami's Ultra Beach Festival and Rave on the Rocks to name a few. And with demand for George reaching a fever pitch, he produced his second mix cd,”Release: AM and PM”. This ambitious double cd was representative of his legendary all night sets, evoking the different emotions and textures of his sets, from epic, string-soothed splendor to searing tech-trance.
Beef T.V. (Channel Surfer vs Beefer) The Milky Way: TVR / MadCow / Pussycat / Free UR Mind
Check 6 Wired / MadCow / Smokeshack
Marq P3E / Fiberline Audio / TVR
Web MadCow
Haeyooni MadCow
DJ Dan
DJ Dan has been on the cutting edge of forward thinking dance tracks for over 18 years. As one of the pioneers of the west coast explosion throughout the 90s to the present day wave of electro and indie dance, DJ Dan continues to push the envelope as he brings to you his long awaited debut artist album entitled Future Retro.
To celebrate Dan’s 20th anniversary in music, he decided to create something special, one vantage point looking back and paying homage to where we have come, and another looking to the future of where we are going. Based in 2 parts “Future” and “Retro”, its a culmination of all things great on the dance floor, fusing classic dance tracks with Dan's unique blend of funky driving electro; A musical journey that spans the infamous past, present, and looks to the future of electronic music, from Mr. Fingers to Phuture to Frankie Knuckles to Midnight Star...Chicago to Detroit to San Francisco to New York City and back again.
Future Retro is much more than just an album; it’s a way of thinking, an idea, and most importantly a community. FR is a place for any and all music enthusiasts to come and share experiences, thoughts, content. FR is an open stream of consciousness, a place where people can interact with other like-minded individuals, and a forum to share ideas, perspectives, and content from the past…present…and future of music.
Terry Mullan Chicago, IL Catalyst Recordings,
Terry Mullan, Chicago's turntablist extraordinaire, turns out dance floors week after week throughout the US and abroad. Any true fan of House Music knows his name, and celebrates his amazing DJ sets. His credits include Coachella, Sullivan Room, Bugged Out, The End, Footwork, and Ruby Skye amongst raves as far off as Japan, Australia and Germany. He has developed a faithful following to those who know through his signature style of funky quirky jacking acid house combined with cutting and scratching making up an entirely new genre all his own.
The eighties posed as the formative years of Terry's career. Although his roots began in hip-hop, he found himself smack in the middle of the Chicago house explosion. House and Disco were styles of music that were entirely new to Terry, but the match was struck. Soon after gaining inspiration from Chicago air personalities like Farley "Jackmaster" Funk, Fast Eddie, Armando, & Mike "Hitman" Wilson via 102.7 WBMX, Terry made house his home. Next, when acid house hit the US, the link was completed; Terry found the sound he was looking for. It was that added flavor he was waiting for, something new, twisted and forward. Now all the elements were coming together. And with the addition of the Detroit sound, this was it, three different languages, disco, house and techno. They could all translate the same message together or apart from one another. With his fluent style, these languages reflect his DJ'ing as well as the tracks he's now composing, which is his way of furthering the evolution of dance music.
Jesse J Washington D.C. Hard Sound Productions / Mad Cow / Innermix Records
Jesse J returns to Seattle after a three year absence and is stoked to rock his favorite city in all the US. Jesse J plays a mixer of Funky and Nasty Electro with heavy basslines and an incredible build up to end his sets down right filthy and hard!! Being a former resident of the now infamous "The Spot" he is again happy to play to the city that he finds has the BEST crowd. Dont miss this performer for one night of Electro Madness!!! If you get down hard enough he my even give you a tune from his own personal collection!!
Miss Min. D & Bigg Nick Free UR Mind
Gang Busters (James Ervin vs Mumbles) Free UR Mind / Housewrekin'
Cut-Rite Free UR Mind
Filthy Rich Free UR Mind
Ian K LIVE! Seattle, WA Mad Panik records
A longtime fixture in the Seattle rave community, Ian K is dedicated to bringing the sounds of hardcore to the masses. He first took the stage under the name MC Verbal, quickly building a reputation for his energetic performances with appearances with headliners like Hixxy, Force and Styles, Kevin Energy and Scott Brown. Soon he found himself focusing more and more on production, building up his studio (The LAB). After building up a collection of original tracks, he began to play out under the “Ian K.” moniker, focusing on DJ’ing and his Live PA.
Ian’s growth as an artist continued into 2009, when he was invited to perform at Hardcore Till I Die in the Sun, in Lloret De Mar, Spain. This weeklong event focused on Hardcore and Hard Dance every night and featured top talent such as Hixxy, Chris Unknown, Gammer and Re-Con. Finishing out the year with appearances at Earthdance 2009 in Phoenix, AZ and appearing weekly in his hometown of Seattle, WA, Ian K always does his best to bring energetic, uplifiting and driving beats to the ravers!
IridiumSky & Ikari
Bobby Ritalin
Pop Top
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$30 at the door