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JOE NICE @ The Warehouse


When: -

Where: The Warehouse Hartford (45 Bartholomew Ave., Hartford, CT)

Minimum Age: 18+

Type: Indoor - Club

Web Site: Click Here

Promoters: 761 Productions Threshold

Genres: Drum and BassDubstepElectroHouseTechno


$ 15.00

$ 10.00
Saturday May 1st, 2010
Threshold Sound and 761 along with The Warehouse are proud to bring you a RAGER that will be going from 9pm to 5am (18+ / 21+ to drink) at the Warehouse in Hartford, featuring US DUBSTEP LEGEND JOE NICE & a HEAVY ALL STAR Northeastern selection of quality DJ's! Check it out!
The Main Room!!!
(Circle | Dub War NYC | Gourmetbeats Radio)
Joe Nice is the most famous American DJ playing Dubstep. Nice founded New York’s irregular Dub War club night, which has hosted performances by prominent British Dubstep artists such as Hatcha, Youngsta, Kode9, Mala, and Loefah. He performs regularly in New York, London (including at scene pillar DMZ), and elsewhere. He first heard Dubstep in 2002, at the Baltimore venue Starscape, and began playing it that same year. He has been praised for his charisma and stage presence. In 2005 music journalist Martin Clark also praised him for his access to new dubplates (in contrast to other American Dubstep DJs) and willingness to play tracks by lesser-known producers. In 2007, Nice was selected as one of URB magazine’s “Next 100″. Joe Nice is like the Donald Glaude of Dubstep, and one thing,… ALL VINYL!!!
Additional Main Room Performances by:
(Konkrete Jungle)
Dissolving boundaries through music, dance & life expression. Iterate quality, resonate with love & inspire movement.
Although having been primarily known for his Jungle/Drum & Bass excursions, Human's main skill is versatility, the ability to adapt to any situation, yet still deliver a trademark sound. Whether it be Jungle, Dubstep, Hiphop, Reggae or any sort of breakbeat & bass driven style, you know its Human selecting with mic in hand. With exclusives, up-front brand new selections & dug up rarities & classics, it's a guaranteed special vibe in any dance Human rocks.
A fixture in the NYC underground party scenes, Human is host & resident DJ/MC at Konkrete Jungle NYC, the worlds longest running Jungle/Drum & Bass weekly. Human has played at virtually every Jungle weekly ever in NYC (Camouflage, Direct Drive, Plan B, Testpress, Physics etc.), countless monthlies & one-offs, and has headlined & rocked numerous spots in Toronto, Montreal, Miami, Boston, Washington DC & everywhere in between. Human has taken on the role of DJ & hype man for Embedded Records artist Bisc1, and they have performed many times, including at NYC hotspots such as Knitting Factory, Studio B, Southpaw, Mercury Lounge & Bowery Poetry Club, as well as across the country and at festivals such as South By Southwest in Austin Texas, A3C in Atlanta, and Scribble Jam in Cincinatti.
Most recently, Human's emphasis has been on boundry dissolution and uniting the tribes on the dancefloor. Hosting & promoting a series of multi-genre events called Fundamental & releasing a series of studio mixes called "Fuck Your Genre", Humans now sound is a sort of "Neo-Jungle" melting pot of dancefloor friendly breakbeats and basslines, classically inspired future thought. check to connect & hear sounds.
(761 Productions | PaRaLLaX SoUnDz | True Crew | Columns Of Knowledge|
Reloaded Records | Soul Champion | Tight Crew| GSP Entertainment)
Garage/Bassline/Speed Garage/4x4
For over a decade, DJ PARALLAX has pushed the dance music envelope with his ever evolving style. Performing for some of the most diverse crowds internationally, his sets have been witnessed from the United States to Europe & Canada. Scouring the planet for music, DJ PARALLAX delivers the heaviest basslines and underground beats.
DJ PARALLAX, also known as Frank Gallagher, began his career producing. Looping samples on an old 486DX PC in 1993 he was completely unaware of the blossoming underground dance music scene. Exposed to the dance music scene a few years later, he knew exactly where he fit. Already a DJ on a local radio station he switched formats and DJ PARALLAX, as he is known, was born.
Spinning 6 hours at a time On-Air he began mixing and blending different styles of dance music. "Earth Electronic", his radio program on WXPL 91.3 FM, continued for 5 long years. Eventually teaming up with other local DJs and bringing in special guests the show flourished for a time and was the only underground dance music radio program in the region.
With the growing success of the radio program, DJ PARALLAX began his journey through the local rave & club circuit. Promoting himself with countless hundreds of CDs and promotional materials he gained greater exposure in the Northeast. Playing from Boston, to Manchester, to New York, he perfected his skills in dancefloor filling and was soon picked up by many respected regional & national crews.
More recently, DJ PARALLAX has crossed over into the global scene. With recent & upcoming events in the Northeast, Denver, Halifax, Vancouver, Ireland, and the UK, DJ PARALLAX plans to dominate the globe with his signature style of 4x4 and Speed Garage. Be sure to check out his acclaimed THUMP mix series featuring only the hottest Speed Garage and 4x4 tracks.
(Dubbage | THRESHOLD Sound | Sunday Dub)
Torrential has been a selecta in Connecticut for well over 10 years now. Starting out at the Municipal Cafe, and a radio show in college, he started out with a love and zest for jungle beats, reggae riddims and heavy grungy basslines. Torrential also in 2002-2003 held down several nights in Hartford at Xando's, Lord Jim's, and the Maple Cafe. It was during these times that he met Mizeyesis, and a friendship based upon the love of jungle and breakbeats formed. In 2004 during a down period in Connecticut with electronic music Torrential and Mizeyesis formed THRESHOLD as a monthly event in Hartford to showcase music, and dj's from local areas and elsewhere. The event all changed their lives as they not only were able to play the music they loved, but in a span of 5 years, they have been able to expand a crew of 3 individuals to now 14 people who all are pushing the sounds in New England to the masses.
Torrential was nicknamed "The General" for his massive soundclash mashup ragga jungle selections and murderation behind the decks. Developing a following he is known for consistency and a stage presence which gets normal wallflowers moving on the dancefloor. Basically no matter what he's spinning, he always remembers this is dance music, given it's electronic medium and a selecta also needs to make sure his crowd responds correctly.
(Dubbage | THRESHOLD Sound)
Symetrex has prevailed through thick and thin, pumping out this new bass music onto every dance floor he possibly can. From the days when Dubstep was vastly becoming a curse word in the DnB scene, he struggled to educate people with his obsession for low end frequencies. Now holding down as one of the key players in the rabid East Coast Dubstep scene he has emerged and truly made a name for himself, and earned respect for the sound.
(Dubbage | THRESHOLD Sound | 413Dnb)
Spinning records for 14 years, with a selection spanning multiple genres including; glitch hop, deep, tech, and electo house, cerebral dubstep, dubbed out techno, tearout breaks, and always, Drum N Bass, Coexist is a selecta that promises to always take you on a journey into mental heights and aural delights!
Beats Lounge (9pm-2am & 21+ only) featuring Jungle/DNB/House/Electro/Techno/Breaks/Hip-Hop
with performances from:
(761 Productions | True | Atari Safari | Illmagic)
Breaks/Hip Hop/Turntablism/DNB
(THRESHOLD | BMC | NEBA| Illmagic) / (Illmagic | Skys The Limit)
Hosted by MC's
Elijah Divine
(Dubbage | THRESHOLD Sound | NEBA)
Don Lox
The Night shall also include:
* Lighting provided by Illmagic Productions
* Reinforced Sound provided by 761 Productions & The Warehouse
* Deco
* Drink Specials
* And more surprises we'll announce as time goes on!
10$ 21 and over
15$ for under 21 (18+ to enter)
9pm - 5am
The Warehouse
45 Bartolomew ave
Hartford CT
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