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Hyperion Music & Arts Festival 2012


When: -

Where: Stable Studios (2034 Dubois Road, Spencer, IN)

Minimum Age: All Ages

Type: Indoor - Festival

Web Site: Click Here

Genres: DubstepGlitchLivetronica

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$ 40.00
In September the Midwestern music festival circuit gains a new gem. On the comfortable, picturesque 55-acre Stable Studios farm in Spencer, IN, Herm Productions presents the Hyperion Music & Arts Festival. This festival site has a great history, having held the Wuhnurth Festival and Stable Studios Festival the past two summers. But this year, these grounds will be taken to a new level by the visual artistic brilliance of the Herm Productions crew. Hyperion is one of the twelve Greek Titan Gods: the Lord of Light. So expect the heavy hitting lineup of 35+ jam and electronic artists to be boldly illuminated with mind-bending amounts of lighting design and visual art from over 30 artists. Festival season is coming to a close in high style this year: Hyperion Music & Arts Festival has arrived.

2012 Lineup:


Future Rock

The Ragbirds

The Twin Cats

Ultraviolet Hippopotamus

Strange Arrangement

The Coop



The New Old Cavalry

Cosby Sweater

Jaik Willis

Midwest Hype


The Main Squeeze



Fresh Hops

Embryonic Fluid

Flatland Harmony Experiment

The Mundies

Elephant Quiz

Shaggy Wonda

Kaleidoscope Jukebox

My Boy Elroy



Shy Guy Says

Bad Dagger

Glostik Willy


Michael Garfield

The Phoenix Down (formerly Namaste)

Derick Howard

MC Sparkplug

Stuttering Ducks

Tonal Caravan

Mikial Robertson

Megan Maudlin

Drew Phoria

Infinite Geometry

Jeff Brist

Moser Woods

Robot GUI


Jimmy James


Turtle Matt

Visual artist lineup:

Andy Reed

Michael Garfield

Tom Reed

Hoops of Creation

D-Find Art


Pineal Paradise

Rae Vena

Wake Leah Lady

Hummingbird Moon

Nicholas Love


Jeremy Lombardo

Julie Young

Alaxandria Lamb and Aaron Griffin

Over Yarnder

Andrew Thompson

Performance lineup:

Lacore Valmon Circus

Cosmic FLOWers

Carli Astell Yoga