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Heartbeats - Lovefest Evolved


When: -

Where: In The Venue (579 W 200 S, Salt Lake City, UT)

Minimum Age: 16+

Type: Indoor - Club

Promoters: V2 Presents

Genres: ElectroHouseTrance

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$ 35.50

$ 20.50
Featuring 3 full rooms with full visuals and decorations in each room.
Cupid's Arrow
BT - Live
George Acosta
Tunnel of Love
Turner & Heit
DJ Bandwagon
Broken Hearts
Breaks, Dub, DnB
Keith Mackenzie & DJ Fixx
Illeven:Eleven Records / Zone Records
Sporty - O
Illeven:Eleven Records / Household Management // Atlanta , GA
Sir Kutz vs. Dig Dug
F.S.O.B / V2AM / USC // Seattle, Wa
Tink Fu vs Loki
V2AM / F.S.O.B / Priss Co
Bass Factor
Julliette & Ashton Mac
V2AM / Priss Co
- Full 3 rooms of sound, each with amazing headliners and decorations
- A dating service to help you find that special person
- Free Chocolate
- Costume Contests
- Amazing Visuals
- 3500 Capacity
- With many more suprises coming as well
This event will sell out.
BT *live*
His concept of epic house inspired by the classical training he received from an early age, Brian Transeau revitalized the British dance community in the mid-'90s and provided a point of entry for later dream house merchants like Robert Miles.
Sash!, and BBE (though Transeau had, for the most part, left the style behind by the time of its pop success during 1997-1998). After his debut album appeared in late 1995 (as BT), Transeau hit the dance charts when his remix of Tori Amos' "Blue Skies" became one of the most-played American club tracks of the following year. Though he attempted to leave dream house behind on second album ESCM, Transeau continued to do well with club-goers and critics in Britain as well as America. One 1996 remix largely changed that. Transeau's reworking of "Blue Skies" by Tori Amos became a massive club hit in America and Great Britain. By 1997, England received a wave of pop hits in the same line pioneered by Transeau; dubbed dream house, artists like Robert Miles and Sash! typified the approach with a wash of new age or prog-influenced synthesizers and a chugging beat indebted to trance. Transeau himself attempted to distance himself from the style with his 1998 album follow-up, ESCM. Movement in Still Life followed in mid-2000. He marked time between albums with high-profile production work, including chart hits from Britney Spears ("I'm Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman") and *NSYNC ("Pop"), while a career retrospective entitled 10 Years in the Life was released in 2002. Emotional Technology, which featured collaborations with JC Chasez, Charmed actress Rose McGowan, and guitarist Richard Fortus, appeared in 2003. BT was also moving beyond his own musical sphere during this time by venturing into film. His score Music from and Inspired by the Film Monster was released in spring 2004, Now coming into 2010 hard dont miss his world famous Live Performance!!!!!
Trance by any definition, hard and fast or melodious and uplifting, is here to stay. And the reason for this is because of DJs like George Acosta. Everytime he puts a needle on a record, whatever the label, George Acosta shows us why he is counted among America's most unique DJs. He represents a lifestyle, a culture, and has been undoubtedly a major force in shaping the sound of trance, whether it is Miami or beyond. With over a decade of experience both as a DJ and producer, George has helped trance evolve from an underground movement to what it is now, a massive experience. George started off producing tracks of his own with great hits like Planet Soul, Emotions, RU Awake, and The Reaper, to name only a few. He then went on to open his own record store, Grooveman Music in Miami. One reason he is such a big hit with crowds lies in the fact that he connects with them, like none other. He is a music fan first and understands the crowd's needs. Who can forget his first mix CD "Awake?" This became the sound of South Beach and helped catapult his fame across the world. There has been no looking back, ever since. George has played in some of the biggest clubs and festivals in the world including Berlin's Love parade, Rave on the Rocks, and Miami's Ultra Beach Festival, to mention only a few. Then came "Release: AM and PM" followed by "Trance Nation America" and "History of Trance" on Ultra records. "Traveling to different places and countries every week, playing for so many people--it makes me want to play more intimate stuff," he says. "I used to play harder. Now I'm into the more melodic stuff. I guess when you grow into this scene you want to play records that mean something. Whenever I play anywhere, I feel like I am at home, I look down to the dance floor and I see my people, they understand me, they understand what is happening as I spin my records." By George, keep playing, we are listening!