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GLOW at FUR Nightclub: Bob Sinclar


When: -

Where: Fur Nightclub (33 Patterson St. NE, Washington, DC)

Minimum Age: 18+

Type: Indoor - Club

Promoters: Panorama Productions

Genres: House

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$ 30.00
*Limited Tickets Available…this event will sell out*
On this night Bob Sinclar makes his highly anticipated DC debut performance! Limited tickets will be sold to ensure your comfort. Music and Visuals from the main room will also be broadcast throughout the venue!
In 2007, after the success of the albums “WESTERN DREAM” and “SOUNDZ OF FREEDOM” - the latter a compilation/DJ mix stuffed full of unreleased tracks - BOB SINCLAR decided to say goodbye to the Paris rat race and spend a year in Los Angeles to find the right inspiration for a new record. Once there, he came upon some folk-rock that he hadn't heard before (America, Boz Scaggs, John Fogerty, Michael McDonald, Dan Fogelberg). The events leading up to Born In 69 (his new album, out 11th May) had been set in motion.
After having prepared a dozen instrumental tracks between September 2007 and March 2008, Bob then left for Jamaica, where - despite a really nasty fever that hit him just when he arrived in Kingston - he recorded a number of singers such as Christopher Martin, Tony Rebel and Queen Ifrica. Back in LA, a few demos were already finished: good vibes, great vocals, some of them really great actually, but still nothing to put shivers down you back like “Love Generation” or “World Hold On”, still not quite the unremitting beat of “Rock this Party” or “Sound of Freedom”. Only once he had returned to Paris to record some music with his trusty team - especially sound engineer and co-producer Cutee B - was Bob Sinclar finally able to sort out the pieces of the puzzle.
“At that point, I went back to the tracks I'd recorded in LA and polished them up. Then I called Steve Edwards who came to Paris in October, took a sample from Richie Havens “We Are Everything“ (a sort of psychedelic song with a Beatles-style sitar) and another from a track by Illusion released in 1969. Using a title with a tinge of flower power, “Peace Song”, the concept of the album started coming together.”
Another crazy idea: making a daring blend of “Je ne t’aime plus” by Manu Chao and the voice of Shabba Ranks on a track called “Love You No More”. Manu Chao accepted being sampled and Shabba Ranks came (on time for once!) to the studio that Bob had rented at the end of 2008. Suffice to say, two miracles had come together.
Also in New York, the song that was soon to be chosen as the first single from Born In 69 was recorded: the legendary Sugarhill Gang - who released the legendary old school hit “Rappers Delight” in 1979 - accepted the offer of a collaboration with Bob Sinclar.
With a baseline concocted by Cutee B, MCs Wonder Mike and Master Gee rapped out in their unique trademark styles, accompanied by a killer hook inspired by a kid's choir from a Kid Creole song!
And thus “LaLa Song” was in the can: a hybrid rap/dancefloor killer where new style meets old school. “Personally, I say 'Bob Sinclar and Sugarhill Gang, they're amazing!' (laughs) I don't know why, but right from the beginning I knew it would be great, and the day we recorded, Wonder Mike and Master Gee told me that they' just come from CNN where they'd been invited for the 30 year anniversary of “Rappers’ Delight“! After a year of trying to make it come together, something magical had happened.”
And you can definitely feel it on this first single. A real party track, both vintage and modern, funky and pop. “I got the concept of Born In 69 by brainstorming around the theme of peace and love and flower power. My birthday is 10th May, and the album comes out on 11th May. It's a great birthday present,” concludes DJ/producer Bob Sinclar.
With this decidedly fun and eclectic album just begging to be danced to, Bob Sinclar isn't just celebrating his birthday, he's sending his groove around the world to brighten up some dismal times.
-The Main Room (Bob Sinclar)
-The Martini Room (Bob Sinclar)
-Outdoor Patio (Smoking Allowed)