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Future of Bass 2012 @ NOCTURNUM Eureka


When: -

Where: Nocturnum (206 W. 6th St., Eureka, CA)

Minimum Age: 21+

Type: Indoor - Club

Web Site: Click Here

Genres: DubstepGlitch


$ 10.00



-------------------------Future Of BASS Tour-------------------------------






206 West 6th st.

Eureka, CA

$10 at the door

OMEGA-Mallabel, Simplify Recordings, Tycho


Omega is a bass music producer and DJ, currently residing in Denver, Colorado, US. He first discovered electronic music through the big beat, IDM, and industrial scenes during the late '90s, and bought his first pair of turntables in 2000. Over the years his tastes have also included jungle, progressive breaks, psychedelic trance, and dub - and in the last couple of years have settled into dubstep and related forms of bass music. Though DJing will always hold a special place in his heart, recently writing and producing tunes has become Omega's primary obsession. 

His performances are a hybrid between a DJ set and a live performance - he uses a laptop running Ableton Live, with several MIDI controllers, effects processors, and synths. An Omega set will always include many original tunes, remixes, edits, and mashes, with a heavy emphasis on live improvisation and manipulation. His energy and stage presence, combined with his monster tunes, inevitably whip a crowd into a frenzy of bassed out bliss. He has shared the stage with: EOTO, Liquid Stranger, Vaski, Eskmo, The Malah, Cold Blank, Bird of Prey, Trillbass, Roksonix, Virus Syndicate, NiT GriT, Calvertron, and many more. 

His tracks blend the most raw and aggressive aspects of dubstep - snarling synth sounds and organ churning sub-bass - with a careful attention to sound design and elegant use of melody, creating a sound that is at once primal, funky, and psychedelic. Racking up nearly half a million plays on his Soundcloud profile, and getting DJ support from the likes of Liquid Stranger, Jantsen, Samples, Sugarpill, Future Simple Project, Zeno, Love+Light, and many others, it's clear that Omega is a force to be reckoned with in the bass music scene. 2010 saw 2 short EPs and several tunes released on compilations, as well an official Omega remix on The Crystal Method's "Sine Language" Remix EP, and several other official remixes. Lined up for 2011 Omega has many more official remixes and singles, several EPs, his first vinyl release, some epic collaborations, and an extensive touring schedule.

RUFF HAUSER (Street Ritual, Simplify Recordings, Muti Music)


Tim 'Ruff' Hauser has been mixing for 16 years and producing for 10. He has definitely lived up to his name with his Ruff and rugged production. Tim has developed a style of his own by fusing elements of Dubstep, glitch hop, 2-step, and minimal techno into one beautifully orchestrated arsenal of dance floor bangers.

Ruffs production is very bass heavy yet melodic and he seems to find that sweet spot whether he is delivering Dubstep or 'four on the floor' glitched out dance tracks. His live sets stay consistent with this genre breeding mentality using drum machines, fx processors, and digital sound manipulators creating a unique blend of audio art. From dj set to live performance, Ruff covers all bases leading his audience on a lesson through genres.

Well-respected in the LA underground community, Ruff Hauser has played many of the West Coast’s most inspiring music festivals, including Coachella, Symbiosis Gathering, Lightning in a Bottle and Burning Man. Ruff Hauser is definitely a leader in innovative productions and pushing the electronic sound forward into the future.

JUPTIT3R- do lab, LA


Abducted and raised in a planetary bass station, Jupit3r returned to our world equipped with a galactic sensibility, ready to convey his cosmic anthem to the fortunate inhabitants of Earth. Finding his niche in the Los Angeles underground music scene, Jupit3r went on to create his own techy, geometric robosound he refers to as “Urban Space Gangsta Bass”. 

The ultra-magnetic draw of Jupit3r’s transmission has been heard and felt by the masses from Ireland to Japan at festivals like Coachella, Lightning in a Bottle, Electric Picnic, Boom Festival, Symbiosis gathering, and Rothbury, as well as nationwide venues at the forefront of the digital auditory revolution.