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CruTopia's Festivus FEATURING Fiddlehead * Blacklight Ruckus * Last Day Alive


When: -

Where: The Stone Church Meeting House (5 Granite Street, Newmarket, NH)

Minimum Age: 21+

Type: Indoor - Club

Web Site: Click Here

Promoters: crutopiaLIVE

Genres: Drum and BassElectroHip HopLivetronicaPsytrance

General Admission
$ 5.00
CruTopia and The Stone Church Meeting House welcome you to experience a NEW way of giving back this year! Thursday, Dec. 22 we proudly invite you to CruTopia's Festivus FEATURING: Fiddlehead * Blacklight Ruckus * Last Day Alive! Here's how it works:

* Ticket price is either 5$, or a gift off of the "wish-list" below. All donations are received by The Crossroads House Portsmouth (

* We will be raffling off 3 "holiday bonus" gifts throughout the evening. Gifts will be donated by local artisans and businesses. Raffle tickets will be priced at 1$, 2$ and 3$, and prizes will be announced soon!

* Cookies and milk provided by The Cru between 7-9!

* Free after-party with bracelet from the show! Artist TBA, stay tuned!

Help ring in the season right and come RAGE some proper Holiday cheer, here's the "WISH-LIST":

* Hats/gloves/mittens

* Fleece blankets

* Winter boots

* Socks

* Thermal underwear

* Alarm Clocks

* Wallets (Men or Women)

* Daily planners

* Padlock (w/keys)

* Bike locks

* Toiletries (toothbrushes, shampoo, dental floss, deodorant, razors, shaving cream, nail clippers)

* Linens (sheets, pillow cases, towels)

* Cleaning supplies (laundry detergent, dish detergent, air fresheners, antibacterial wipes)

**************NOTE: All gifts must be new***************************



Patrick Nelson = Guitar + Vox + Madness

Strakus = Guitar + Good Vibrations+Bass

Tim Johnson = Drums + Wit

Kevin Maestranzi = Bass + Guitar + Vox + Exuberance

Vicente Gonzalez= Congas + Percussion + Zampoña + PHP/MySQL

Funky, Loud, and Full of Fire, Fiddlehead will melt your face gooey right down to your shoulders.

Blacklight Ruckus

Garrett Cypher - Guitar, Vocals, Bass

Steve Kysor - Drums, Vocals, Synth

Thomas Forbes - Bass, Vocals, Guitar, Drums

Blacklight Ruckus is the musical fusion of Funk, Dance, and Rock where each distinct genre has been mixed in a blender, and served on the rocks. Founded on 80's style and 60's sensibilities, their musical stylings create a unique and unparalleled sound that has yet to be composed by any other musical artist.

All songs are written, recorded, and mastered by Blacklight Ruckus.

Last Day Alive

Last Day Alive or LDA, was put together in the last year before the turn of the millenium. A simple acoustic lead guitar and powerful/hilarious lyrics propel LDA's sound. LDA is proof, in times of force fed auto-tuned crap rap and over played, under talented pop rock, that you don't need to be flashy or fancy to have a good time and produce music people want to hear. LDA prides themselves on Opening The Show, more of a novelty then a headliner, they enjoy warming up a crowd with a few beers, a couple shots, and some good ole fashion laughter. LDA has been featured at Boston's Kings Lounge on St Patricks Day in 2008 and recently performed at The Stone Church in Newmarket. Self described as "weirdo rock" by lead singer K-Funk the Star, most performances are a creative mix of music and lyrics, telling stories of times of old and times which have yet to come, as well as heartache, love, fear, poverty and betrayal. Guitarist, Mark on the Guitar, has an uncanny ability to play his guitar with the fire and passion of 10,000 suns, so much so that it is more than common for LDA shows to be cut short due to the amount of strings broken during the performance. Taking inspiration from life itself, they have songs ranging from Irish folk to happy hardcore. Simply put, when listening to LDA you know you will have fun... and a few drinks.

P.S. It's Deej's birthday party, too!!!