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When: -

Where: Stella Blues Bar (204 Crown St, New Haven, CT)

Minimum Age: 21+

Type: Indoor - Club

Web Site: Click Here

Genres: BreaksDowntempoGlitchHip HopLivetronica


$ 5.00
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D.V.S* is a Brooklyn based guitarist / DJ/ Producer. His combines deep digital booms with vintage vocal melodies and swirly guitar textures.

No stranger to spotlight, he has toured as a guitarist or multi-instrumentalist with many varied acts, including DJ Logic, Devotchka, and The Motet.

Here's a few releases..

~How it Ends ep (August 2010)

~Foxey Lady remix (May 2010)

~The Newell and Doran Mix (March 2010)

~Beyond the Looking Glass EP (Jan 2010)

~Before I Sing (Oct 2009)

Brian Haas of JFJO says “"The new D.V.S. album, 'Before I Sing', combines beautiful melodies, super fat beats, jazz guitar power, and lush horn harmonies into true, relevant psychedelic trip hop. The vocal samples are tasteful, emotional and spiritual colors that take the human voice into a melodic fragment world reminiscent of late Miles Davis trumpet work. The record tells a story from beginning to end, has a musical arc from first track to last track and employs real theme and development within each composition. Very positive sounds from a unique, new voice in modern music....highly recommended."



Hidden in Southern Connecticut, a buzz is quietly growing around musician/producer FLOTE's glitched out yet natural brand of electronic hip hop. FLOTE (AKA Dome Wrecka) has true artistic vision and cuts no corners, crafting synths and meticulously polishing every sound making sure nothing is overlooked or compromised. Instead of focusing on a single emotion, a FLOTE production usually melts many contradicting emotions into one, at times creating an overwhelming state of euphoria that is truly rewarding for the listener.

* If you come to a FLOTE show you can be sure to expect an audible orgy of all kinds of ill frequencies, but don't expect to hear me playing other people's material. I'm a musician not a dj.!/pages/F-L-O-T-E/145530675478747?v=info&ref=ts



$3 PBR tallboys, Dogfish Head & New Castle on tap and many other great beers!

Metro North Railroad Schedule:

Stella Blues

204 Crown Street

New Haven, CT