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::CONNECTED:: Beam & Deem + Chris Are


When: -

Where: Stella Blues Bar (204 Crown St, New Haven, CT)

Minimum Age: 21+

Type: Indoor - Other

Web Site: Click Here

Genres: BreaksElectroGlitchHip HopLivetronica


$ 5.00
Bird Knowledge Productions Presents...::CONNECTED::

Thursday, November 18th @ Stella Blues : New Haven, CT

21+ / $6/ 9PM

...★★★Beam & Deem★★★

If Beam&Deem were a perfume, and we were inclined to give you the recipe, it'd be broken down like this: 3 parts Electronica, 2 parts Trip-hop, 1 1/2 parts downtempo, a drop of dubstep, a hint of house, and ladle of electro. The fusion of those essences is then bolstered by a fixative of relentless experimentation and curiosity, and later mixed inside of two Apples. Beam&Deem, consisting of Zach Catarelli and Chris Coffey, is a fresh and innovative act that creates a multi-sensory experience, catapulting the listener into a soundscape where classical elements create a welcoming familiarity, but where the air is also tinged with unexpectedness. In an era where the evolution of music involves merging mind with technology, Beam&Deem offers a breath of life into the machine, generating a unique sound that will shake both your mind and your behind.



★★★Chris Are★★★

Chris Are is the product of Long Island/NYC Hip Hop & Hardcore scenes. After learning to play most instruments in his younger years, for the past 8 years or so he has focused on electronic music production. His sounds are meticulously crafted & no detail is left untouched. Although he has stuck to his roots and still chooses to sample from vinyl directly into his MPC2000xl, Chris takes full advantage of the digital production world as well.

Most of his tracks are based around chopped up, effect heavy drum breaks. With the use of synthesizers, live instruments & software controllers Chris Are creates something that sounds classic, yet futuristic. It is something he likes to call "Space Hop".

Chris' live show takes the audience on a ride through sonic space. Utilizing a combination of hardware & software instruments, his set is guaranteed to keep you moving. If you see him coming to your neighborhood, make it a point to go check it out.






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