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Catsup & Musturd -{Featuring TOM COSM!!!!!!!}-In Condimentobots sept 8th @ planB


When: -

Where: The Untz (, Vallejo, CA)

Minimum Age: 21+

Type: Indoor - Club

Web Site: Click Here

Promoters: Catsup crew

Genres: BreaksHardcoreHousePsytranceTechno

before 11pm
$ 5.00
after 11pm
$ 8.00
dressed as a robot?? 5 all night long baby.
$ 5.00

       Robots have invaded The Land of Condiments!! Catbots and Roboturds are descending upon Portland with Plan B as their home base. The Condimentobots, as they have become known, are threatening our precious sauces.

Luckily we have secured the services of New Zealand's musical badass and robot whisperer, Tom Cosm, to pacify and cutify our metallic invaders.

Though he has pending business in Seattle for the epic Walkabout party, Mr. Cosm, or Tom as we like to call him, will be stopping in Portland to lend a hand in our time of need.

Catbots Lineup:

Tom Cosm

Tom Cosm is an electronic musician and educator based in Christchurch, New Zealand. His music ranges from glitch to techno to pystrance and progressive. Tom released his first track for commercial distribution on Cosmic Conspiracy Records in 2005. He continued to release tracks commercially until 2008, but now he only releases his music for free. Tom is a widely respected Ableton Live teacher, leading workshops at Boom Festival in Portugal, Rainbow Serpent Festival in Australia, and Ultra Groove Festival in Brazil. You can find his music, extensive tutorials and Ableton song packs at

Punk Baba & makoi

they are like bender and flexo finding the best music in the universe and mixing it up for you

Roboturds Lineup:

M2K² brings you Cute vs. Cuter

cute vs cuter will be a cute son dj battle... 

 and get this you decides who wins!!


Possum Sausage


Poppet: Cream of the global hip-hop party scene.  The clothes.  The

choreography.   The seductive electro-craziness.  Number one in 18

basements.  Influential friends.  A singular pedigree (like Motown).  A

savvy rollout.  No dalmation print leggings.  Everybody’s gonna have a good



It's also Kimberlilly's birthday! Help her bring cuteness to our robots. We can do it!!!!!!!

Condimentobots with Tom Cosm

Plan B

1305 SE 8th Ave, Portland

$5 before 11pm / $8 after {{Dress as a Robot & it's $5 all night}}