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Caspa & Benga @ Webster Hall


When: -

Where: Webster Hall (125 East 11th St., New York, NY)

Minimum Age: 19+

Type: Indoor - Club

Genres: Dubstep

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$ 15.00
Dubstep glitch gods descend upon Webster Hall on Friday, March 26th -- a floor-shaking night built by MeanRed. Bass lovers can rejoice... we've got all their icons under one roof:
If you don’t know Caspa you don’t know Dubstep. This is not us being snobby... it's just the truth. Revered by fans around the world, his relentless musical skills have served to push the genre forward. When he's not jetsetting from one dark and sweaty dancefloor to another. He's busy hosting a bi-monthly night at the world famous Fabric, running runs 3 labels, dropping acclaimed albums such as ‘Everybody’s Talking, Nobody’s Listening’, and remixing bangers for the likes of Deadmau5, Miike Snow, Depeche Mode and Kid Sister.
Ripping speakers apart with monster chunes, Benga is another living legend. His basslines -- fuzzy one moment, hard as ice next -- are deftly wielded for maximum head bobbage. You know it is a Benga set when it feels as though he is taking your heart and pumping it for you.
Hudson Mohawke
We've loved Scottish producer/DJ Hudson Mohawke for a while now... after all, he rolls with the Lucky Me crew -- left-field beat producers that have been making glitch-heads swoon worldwide. But when his debut album "Butter" dropped on Warp Records, we were like DAMN. It's gorgeous, it's wonky. It bleeps, twerks and swells like an Atari orchestra. True to it's title, this instrumental headnodder is a thick, decadant, pad-your-thighs kind of album. Cop it, play it, thank us later.
Cubic Zirconia
One thing you can count on in NYC is that nothing ever stays the same (*cough BK waterfront cough*). And true to the city they dwell in, music outfit Cubic Zirconia is an ever-morphing sound enigma. Many have tried to peg their genre, with descriptions ranging from "spaced-out RnB acid house revivalist" to “soul white boy nerdy disco dance house fun party time music.” Both are a pretty apt descriptions. Kind of. Enh, maybe not at all. Who knows. What does remain consistent is their dedication to pushing sonic boundaries with ADHD basslines, crisp pre-software percussion, and sultry hot vocals. Comprised of East Village royalty Nick Hook, Tiombe Lockhart, and Daud Sturdivant, and known for their outlandish stage shows, the CZ team is as riveting as they are unstoppable.