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Beam&Deem EP RELEASE PARTY @ The Delancy [6/2/11]


When: -

Where: The Delancy (168 Delancey St, New York City, NY)

Minimum Age: 21+

Type: Indoor - Club

Web Site: Click Here

Genres: DowntempoDubstepGlitch

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$ 5.00
Mr. Bugsly Presents:

Beam&Deem NYC EP Release Party w/open Whiskey Bar!

Thursday, June 2nd, 2011


9:00 PM


The Delancy - 168 Delancey St New York 10002

Mr. Bugsly is excited to announce the release of Beam&Deem's new EP "8 Sided." This party will be going down at The Delancy and will feature support from Flote, Space Jesus, and Buck UK



Beam & Deem

Beam&Deem is the launchpad for the musings of Zach Catarelli and Chris Coffey. A fresh and innovative act that strives to create a multi-sensory experience, catapulting the listener into a soundscape where classical elements create a welcoming familiarity, but where the air is also tinged with unexpectedness. In an era where the evolution of music involves merging mind with technology, Beam&Deem breathes life into the machine, generating a unique sound that will shake both your mind and your behind.


Hidden in Southern Connecticut, a buzz is quietly growing around musician/producer FLOTE's glitched out yet natural brand of electronic hip hop. FLOTE (AKA Dome Wrecka) has true artistic vision and cuts no corners, crafting synths and meticulously polishing every sound making sure nothing is overlooked or compromised. Instead of focusing on a single emotion, a FLOTE production usually melts many contradicting emotions into one, at times creating an overwhelming state of euphoria that is truly rewarding for the listener.

Space Jesus

Space Jesus is Jasha Tull, a New Jersey based EDM producer , with deep roots in Hip-Hop, Sci-Fi, BASS, and psychedelia. Jasha has been producing music since 2004, and rocking crowds across the U.S. since 2008. First hitting the stage as an electro DJ and member of the Future Kids, Jasha continued to gain live experience by completing a two month full U.S. tour w/ GDP & Pistol as DJ KrE8. Jasha has since been involved in the NJ hip-hop scene as a contributing member of the Slangcorp record label/collective under various monikers as MC, producer, and DJ. In 2010, with help from his close friend and manager Gregg Sauber, Jasha founded the Planet Cognac Collective. Planet Cognac originated as a hip-hop/electro/dubstep/pop group featuring Jasha's production and contributions from fellow NJ producers along with vocalists Lil Wavey, Xteen, Fancy Boy, and Ron Raygun. In 2011, Planet Cognac evolved into a collective consisting of Space Jesus and fellow NJ glitch and bass producers including former Future Kids members Bartlomein, Mikey Likes iT, and the psychedelic/dubstep power house Break Bomb. In early 2011, Jasha began the Space Jesus project. This project infuses the various musics and interests of Jasha’s past in a contemporary cross-genre format while emphasizing bass and psychedelia. Space Jesus is defined by Jasha’s unwillingness to be constricted by a single genre, while delivering a high energy bass-fueled collage guaranteed to keep the dance floor raging.

Buck UK

Born and Raised in Manchester, UK moved to the States end of '08. Was introduced to UK Garage at an early age being played on local radio stations in Manchester like Galaxy 102 and Key 103 at the weekends. It wasn't till he moved to America and started to miss his English Taste for music and noticed more deeper side to Garage and the way it made him feel. That's when it took him back to his routes and started to notice certain drum beats and artist of this age like Burial, Synkro, Roof Light and Russian Producer Delete. It really touched his mind with the music blending into his life and thoughts, He then found himself in Connecticut and made friends with Subox who had a copy of Reason , an Mpd and midi Keyboard Knowing that could get any sound out of each sampler he went and bought his own set. He started making Grime Beats, and then he later discovered Future Garage which brought him back to when he was growing up listening to UK Garage which became more noticeable that the drums and melody were kinda of the same, remembering hits like 'Sweet like Chocolate' by Shanks & Bigfoot in the UK chart.

More time went by his skills got better at production and started to try different software and making his own drum loops in Reaper and laying everything out in Logic. He came along way in the last year having done a collaboration with one of his Big influences Roof Light & Delete, he has a Release coming out the first week of June on Car Crash Set Future Bass label based in Seattle with amazing amount of talent/artists on there. He also has a few more release's to come at the end of the Summer Slime Recordings in the UK and possible Release on Flaming Idiot Audio owned by talented producer Modepth. Also with the likes of Garage Legend El-B rating his music, who knows what's in store for Buck UK.


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