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Area 51


When: -

Where: The Electric Warehouse (1428 Fulton St, Brooklyn, NY)

Minimum Age: 18+

Type: Indoor - Other

Web Site: Click Here

Genres: BreaksDrum and BassDubstepHouseTechno

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Green Apples presents:



Area 51


TALAMASCA : Mind Control Records, France

PHASEPHOUR : Shiva Space Technology/Geomagnetic, Norway

OSO :T.O.U.C.H. Samadhi, North Carolina

KNO-B : Hikari Records, Japan

FRACTAL PHONO : Zenon Records/Gaian Mind, Philadelphia

DAVE DITTMER : Sonic Beating, Boston

BRANDON ADAMS : Bom Shanka Recs/Dreamcatcher/SYNC, NYC

RAKSHASI HORNPIPE : Radial Engine Tribe, Albany

GUILLAUME : Disorient, NYC

NEURONYMPH : Green Apples, NJ

Area 2


DJ 2rip : B.A.D. A.S.S./Agency Sounds, Washington D.C

JEFF HEART : Wiggle Productions / Proper Phase, Philadelphia

DJ KNOWLEDGE : columns of knowledge, CT

LOVE TECHNIQUE : Land of Los/(S)innerScene, NYC

SUBSECTOR : Disorient/Space Pirates, Philadelphia


DJ RITALIN : Original Brooklyn, NYC

ANIMUS : LIVE/Digital Distortion/NYCR, NYC


WINK-E : Paradox Productions/nUorder, NYC

Area 3


KONTAKT : 3EV/Altered States/Nine73/Kontakt, CA


DR. DISORIENT : Disorient/Cerberus, Philadelphia

LARA : inciting/Nightwerks/NoLove, Philadelphia

DADDY NOOMZ : Digital Distortion/Groove Therapy, NYC


D:[JR] : Audiolust/Cerberus, Philadelphia

ARTEMIS : Fractaltribe/Tight Crew/Krooks Clothing/Awake, MA

IZZY : Paradigm Shift/Radial Engine Tribe, NYC

PSYCHEDELIKUNZ: Psybolic Frolic/Paranormal Dimension Recs, NJ


THETA WAVES : Green Apples, Colorado


Electric Warehouse

1428 Fulton Street

Brooklyn NY 11216

10pm to 8am 

The ELECTRIC WAREHOUSE, a beautiful 10,000 sq ft converted trolley repair station in the heart of Brooklyn. 

In the early 1900's trolleys ran all across the 5 boroughs delivering a fast easy rapid transport across the city. 

This space has been beautifully preserved to capture the excitement and detail of those early days in Transit and New York History.



LUNECELL : Fractaltribe, MA

KALIPTUS : Psybolic Frolic/Pulp NYC, NJ





Sound & Lighting





18+ to dance 21+ to drink.

Open Vodka Bar from 9pm-10pm. 

$25 till July 3rd $30 @ the door.

We don't charge a processing fee for presale tickets.


Area 51


Cedric Dassulle is playing all over the world since 1992...under the name of Dj Lestat first, then, under the name of Talamasca...for dancefloors !

What would you need a biography for ? Just enjoy the music !!!!/talamasca.mind.control


PhasePhour has its roots from one of the northern peaks of the planet: Norway.

The project is in the experienced hands of John Robert Egeland, Eldar von Essen and Christer Andersson. The typical sound of PhasePhour is defined as massive psychedelic full-on - a perfect combination of music to both delight the dance floors and for repeated listening between parties.

With numerous releases on major labels like Shiva Space Technology, Chill Tribe, Aleph-Zero, GeoMagnetic Records and the hit debut album "Boiing & Zipp", the project has earned its way into the international psytrance scene as one of the leading projects coming out of Norway.

PhasePhour has been around the globe several times with mind-blowing performances to packed parties in Europe, USA, Brazil and Mexico.


Oso is a devoted music connoisseur providing a vast collection of intelligent, fun and deep surreal grooves for a spectrum of atmospheres and experiences. Oso’s DJ sets are compiled with intent, representing an array of artists from all over the world. As an experienced Abelton user, Oso is constantly twisting and tweaking tracks to create a unique library of personalized remixes combined with the latest effects, tempo manipulation and layered mixing.Engulfed in the hypnotic rhythm and crispy swirly mayhem is he.

Seek Surrender of the known, submerge in the omnitone, release the spirit of the trance, And ALL together lets dance dance dance!

Peace in sound!


Kno-B has been involved in the music scene since the early 90's, when he discovered the art of psychoacoustics & the sound of electronic music. In the late 90's he started to play psytrance along side of the very founders of the genre itself. Not limited to being in various live bands at the same time also. 

No one comes close to his style of mixing, which has been called by many "the live mix" as he mixes tracks at the same time, or changing tracks every two to four minutes that way keeping you on the dance floor for hours at the time. Kno-B's style has been called new and brilliant as it's something you've never experienced before. Besides being one of the top industry dj's, he is also working on various new projects that will be released in the near future.

Fractal Phono

Fractal Phono is best known for his “quirky and murky” psychedelic progressive trance DJ sets, as well as occasionally playing tripped out minimal techno. As resident DJ for Gaian Mind in Philadelphia, USA, Rory has evangelically spread the Zenon sound across the land. Super squishy, yet articulate bass lines, and deep-dark, psychedelic grooves have always been the main ingredients in F.P.‘s performances regardless of genre.!/pages/Fractal-Phono/112412875490908

Dave Dittmer

"I've been playing Psytrance since the day I began DJing, about 12 years ago. My early influences were Darshan, Psysex, and Infected Mushroom, all played on vinyl. Later, I focused mainly on progressive psy for a couple years and made the switch to CDJs. These days I play various types of full-on using a laptop. I combine the most intense and powerful tracks I can find with some subdued and elegant 'morning style' tracks to create an interesting dynamic between the two extremes. Expanding my musical horizons is always a priority, and you may sometimes see me playing tech/prog/house on a side stage. When I'm not DJing or teaching music, I work with the Sonic Beating crew in Boston to throw our recurring parties at Rise and 'Psyforia' at Machine. Boston is my home, but I also love my NYC psy family and I can't wait to come out there again to play my trippiest tracks for you. BOOM!" ~Dave D.

Brandon Adams

Once New Jersey’s best-kept secret, Brandon has quickly become a fixture in the New York psy scene and beyond. With a wealth of experience and appreciation for all forms of music, especially psychedelic, he is easily one of the most versatile and dedicated DJs around. His night and morning sets have stood up against some of the world’s best and have left a lasting imprint on dancefloors.

Rakshasi Hornpipe

After mixing in and out of various EDM genres for years, Rakshasi Hornpipe stumbled into the world of psychedelic trance, melted down the vinyl, and started traveling a little lighter. Taking his name from a demon-defeating dance in Aldous Huxley’s utopian novel Island, Rakshasi Hornpipe invites you to stomp away your stresses to his harmonically-mixed sets. 

"A Rakshasi is a species of demon. Very large, and exceedingly unpleasant. All the ugliest passions personified. The Rakshasi Hornpipe is a device for letting off those dangerous heads of steam raised by anger and frustration..."--Aldous Huxley, Island

Guillaume Clave

Area 2

DJ 2rip

DJ 2rip is constantly pushing a sound that consistently moves dance floors through the use of throbbing baselines. His style is entirely unique as he seamlessly crosses through different genres and emotions while taking his crowds higher and higher, annihilating the dance floor with every transition. DJ 2rips energetic sets and his undeniable charisma is what makes him a highly sought after DJ. He has the natural ability to electrify a crowd in every city he visits, converting party goers into loyal DJ 2rip fans. 

His interest in Electronic Dance music was sparked in the late 80’s while listening to Synth Pop groups on the radio as a child, splicing together his own makeshift mix tapes. In high school, 2rip began to share his passion by mixing music in his garage where friends and acquaintances would come to hear the latest underground tracks after school. This was the very small foundation of loyal followers that would blossom by the thousands. By 2002 DJ 2rip embarked on his first tour of the United States making his mark throughout the underground music scene. 

DJ 2rip is that rare breed of artist that can successfully hone his craft all while being business savvy enough to produce some of the country’s hottest Electronic Dance Music parties. With 13 years of experience, DJ 2rip now sits at the helm of producing raves and festival events in 6 different states around the country. He has toured over twenty major cities around North America including Cancun, Mexico and has shared the same stage as artists like Rusko, SubFocus, Disco Biscuits, Datsik,Benny Benassi, Vaski, Steve Aoki and Wolfgang Gartner . His status as an East coast legend has now been amplified as he has been a feature at the Starscape Festival which boasts an attendance of over 13,000 as well as maintaining a residency with Steez Promo at the seasonal “Massive” events, hosted out of Baltimore MD. 

2011 marks the debut of the next series of Annihilating Rhythm mixes. Annihilating Rhythm has become a viral marketing campaign which has blended social media and merchandise amongst the mix compilation. Annihilating Rhythm has also become the trademark for what defines the sound of the East Coast. DJ 2rip has a fluid but technical approach to mixing as he blends scratching into a raging blend of dubstep, bassline, electro, and breaks leaving his fans soaked in sweat from dancing hard to the onslaught of grimy bass.

Jeff Heart

As a rare find, house music turntablist currently promoting the genre of dark Electro House and similar styles, Jeff Heart is in his 20th year of the DJ business. Starting out in 1991 as a basement DJ, Jeff worked his way through the commercial club circuit by 1995 and soon after landed his career within the underground electronic music culture. We use the term “landed” loosely because it’s been quite the opposite since his involvement took place in the underground dance music community. Jeff’s popularity in the club, festival and “rave” markets took off shortly after his entry in 1997. Following a short primer period, Jeff was brought onboard at the humble beginnings of club Space which became Philadelphia’s first fully underground music, large capacity venue and the epitome of the underground music scene. It was a who’s who melting pot among the DJ elites and saw the likes of every world famous DJ at the time. Quickly gaining city wide recognition at the most popular and sole underground EDM venue, Jeff was soon added to the weekly resident DJ roster and became the longest running resident that the venue had to offer. Over a 4 year period through Space and its eventual reformation as “Motion”, Jeff maintained the positions of resident DJ, venue manager and the Audio and Lighting engineer (Fields in which he holds degrees and certifications of the highest levels). Jeff also owned and provided much of the sound and lighting systems that the venue was infamous for. 

With a regular weekly avenue to push out his trend setting genres and turntabilist skills, Jeff became known as the sole pioneer for UK Hard House in Philly and collaboratively throughout the East Coast as his travelling career started picking up. Coupled with his inventive rhythmic turntablism within a House music style such as his, it further quantified his contributions to the creation of musical expression that was not yet seen before. It was partially due to this endeavor that Jeff began touring in 2000 and has since been able to showcase his performances in every single state in the U.S. with none to spare. For a bold introduction to a lucrative travelling career, his very first out of state gig was granted by Internationally acclaimed DJ Jon Bishop, at a world famous event known as Hedonism in San Diego California. The event was voted and ranked as the best weekday party in the country by Playboy and Maxim Magazine. Along with international bookings in places such as Egypt, Japan, Italy, Finland, Russia, Belize to name a few, he has been able to deliver his hometown taste of Philadelphia to EDM fans that span the globe. In the past decade, Jeff has had the opportunity to play along side many of the world’s finest talents. Whether a tag team dj set, opening or closing, Jeff has performed along with worldly recognized performers such as Paul Van Dyk, Paul Oakenfold, DJ Dan, Jon Bishop, DJ Icey, Sasha and Digweed, Q-Bert and Keoki just to name a small few (The list is literally hundreds). As a mainstay name in the EDM industry, Jeff’s work has been blessed with granting him the headlining status in about 80% of his current bookings while the other 20% are equal to, or just under such an esteemed position. In the local market, Jeff has played at mostly every single venue that has made a name for itself and supports the EDM community, including one off events such as the never forgotten, famous Whistle party series hosted by Local 13. He has also continued to do so for the past 10 years. Stateside and abroad, Jeff has had the opportunity to perform at venues and festivals ranging from a small 50 person intimate setting to outdoor massives, and being center stage to 25,000 music lovers. Whether you have heard him perform live or only have had the opportunity to listen to one his 20 worldwide album releases, we are certain that coming out to see him for our event will surely be a night worth your time.

DJ Knowledge

Knowledge is one of the original foundation layers for the underground dance circuit in the mid-90’s for New England. His evolving sound has taken audiences of 5 to 5000+ and turned rooms inside out worldwide. Always taking the time to hand select the most cutting edge production in the tracks he plays, his signature sound of genre-bending, layered, journey sets have transformed many minds and moved countless bodies over his 13 year career.!/pages/DJ-KNOWLEDGE/60027260814

Love Technique!/djmatias.j


Subsector's most popular productions are experiments that fuse melodic

and psychedelic soundscapes with fresh dubstep and trip-hop inspired

beats. His lush and mesmerizing productions bring new life and unique

perspective to the dry and passé world of chillout music. The world is

taking notice too. Since his 2010 remix of Snoop Dogg and Kid CuDi's

That Tree (Twitter's top 20 Music Charts and Hype Machine's top 15

music charts), he has been playing to capacity crowds in NYC,

Philadelphia and festivals throughout the United States.!/subsector

DJ Atom C

Driven by the NYC Rave Scene and his insatiable love for keeping parties fresh, DJ Atom C was born and bred as the underground scene's jack of all trades. Beginning to spin at the tender age of thirteen, Atom C has been able to craft a clean and talented style void of sloppy beats to deliver a harmonically appealing auditory experience for all. Not only a passionate DJ, he is passionate about the scene. As Head Staff of NYCRavers he takes on many responsibility's including but not limited to, Flier design, Web design, Video editing & special effects, Club & Stage lighting, Promotion, and anything ells needed to throw a banging party., as soon as the sun sets he is helping plan and promote parties for all to enjoy. DJ Atom C is here to stay with his unique ability to flawlessly flow between genres and keep the party moving until the sun comes up.!/pages/DJ-Atom-C/117016140871!/group.php?gid=76587711859


Animus or J. Mouse those are your two options. Not a fan of Joe right now. Who am I? A DJ in the NYC Rave scene. I spin Techno (its a genre, not the term to describe all rave music...) I love dancing, cant quite describe my style, but Ive been told I float across the floor. Yes I dress like a rave mouse, so what. I wear normal clothes too, but if youre gonna rave, might as well go all out. Dont have to, but every now and then I just like doing it. Its fun. Could care less what you think.


CiM . He began his Dj career in 2003 with two turntables and a two channel mixer. Not wasting any time CiM got right into the scene of different styles of EDM. It wasn’t till late 2004 where he came across the Hard Dance scene. This was the beginning of something that would lead up until now. A few artists that have had a huge influence are: Zany, Headhunterz, Tatanka, Isaac, Technoboy, The Prophet, Noisecontrollers, and Brennan Heart.

In the Present time CiM is part of C.A.O.S. (Creative Axis of Sound) a hardstyle group that including Dj CiM, Dj Sogma, and Ryan Blatt. CiM is also a part of the board of members of HardstylerzUSA a group formed by Dj Drei. Which looks to establish the harder dance scene in the U.S.

Currently, working in the studio on his own Hardstyle productions and different mixes. CiM is one of the youngest among the many talented within HSUSA. Doing things different is what it is all about. Not following the trend of everyone else but being creative and having a sense of an imagination and passion.

His style is straight to your face, in other words “HARDSTYLE”!/CIMDJ


Joseph Winkler a.k.a WINK-E is an Electronic Dance Music DJ from Brooklyn, NY. he specializes in harder styles such as Hardcore, UK Hardcore, Hardstyle and Jumpstyle. 

"I am a DJ. I dedicate what i do to all those who support me, all the kids who are looking for the good vibes, and good times, I do this for my friends who share the same love as I do. I love Electronic Dance Music. The feeling, the emotion, the dance floor. The harder the music the better. Go Hard, or go home. If you stay and continue to feel the Hardcore Vibes, than I absolutely salute you, and the battle continues. =)"!/pages/Wink-E/116024165099975!/pages/Paradox-Productions/156520964400286

Area 3


Founder of Army Collective Records and Kontakt Recordings. Born in NYC, currently based out of Orlando and LA.

DJ Kontakt spins a mix of break beats, electro, and house all in to one big mess.

Voted #1 DJ in over 37 countries by top names like Bassnectar, Deadmau5, Tiesto, David Guetta, Kaskade, Britney Spears, and Lil John, Kontakt is the new Christ behind the laptop behind the decks. He has only been djing for one year but has gone instantly to the top of the rave, club, and pop scenes with his fresh teenage style, knowledge of at least a 1 year backlog of tracks direct off beatport's top 10 lists, and constantly barraging the crowds with epic breakdown tracks and dubstep basslines. Get ready for EPIC RAGE-ING AND FACE MELT GRIME DIRTY EPIC DUB SHIT when Kontakt fires up his playlist!!!

"Kontakt is the best thing to happen to dance music since the invention of MIDI. I can almost say even the synthesizer itself" - Armin Van Buuren, DJ Mag Dec 2010

It doesn't matter how many years of this or that someone has under their belt, how many releases, or what number they are on the DJ List. It's about bringing the energy down on the party, and making it go off!

Kontakt's been around long enough to know how to get it on, and then some.

A night out is an experience, it needs to be crafted by an expert from all angles to be the best night of your life. The DJ is one of those essential elements. And this is one of those essential DJ's.

Promoting his fourth artist album this year coast to coast with underground label parties and sponsored events, Kontakt doesn't need to jack anyone off to get around.

Negative Time - LIVE HARDWARE PA

Negative Time started with Joshua Langberg and Greg Greg in 1996. Josh and Greg provided intense, heavy payload electronic music to the local Worcester, MA scene. Josh was also responsible for some of the best underground parties in the late 90s/early 2000s. 

Upon Greg’s departure and meeting goa/psy-trance DJ ShockWaveRider (Patrick McAndrew) in 2000, the band developed intensity and acquired a serious audio focus. Joshua Langberg and Patrick McAndrew performed live, generally at underground warehouse raves in the Massachusetts area, from 2001-2003.

After more than seven years, the producers were reunited. Negative Time (Joshua Langberg and Patrick McAndrew) is back and with a serious audio vengeance. Playing at numerous parties in Boston at the Machine Nightclub, Champions in Everett, Club Therapy in Providence, RI, and in Brooklyn, NY; Negative Time has professionally performed from 2010 to present. We have played at some of the largest techno/industrial and psy-trance parties in Boston.

Negative Time has turned into a serious techno/psy-trance act that will pierce your mind. Smooth dark progressive beats with an emphasis on bass and analog synthesis please crowds and drive audiophiles nuts! With over 20 years of combined subtractive synthesis knowledge, we aim to blast the dance floors and keep people moving.

Our current setup includes the following brands: AKAI MPC, Jomox, Moog, Acccess Virus TI, Clavia Nord 2, several analog MAM devices, Yamaha 01v Mixer, TC Electronics Finalizer Express, Presonus channel strip, and about lots efx processors. NO COMPUTER IS USED, STRICTLY HARDWARE for Live PA.!/pages/Negative-Time/122590467769210

Dr. Disorient

Since his virgin Burning Man, DR. DISORIENT has immersed himself in burner counter-culture while relentlessly studying electronic dance music's evolution. The numerous hours of scholarship inherent in Doc’s life as a Ph.D. student have helped develop an intensely tenacious attention span that he applies to his creations. Along with eight burns, activities like international travel, skydiving, S.C.U.B.A., & motorcycling have helped rid him of inhibitions toward integrating diverse musical genres; the Good Doctor strives for perfection, but also realizes that the best music comes from the fearlessness to explore. DR. DISORIENT weaves emotive mixes coated with playa dust that catapult listeners through multi-dimensional journeys; his recent blends have explored everything from hard-edge techno, soulful house, ravey-electro, driving psytrance, glitchy dubstep, & ambient sounds. Doc is always seeking to further his evolution as a musician & human being, & his humility comes from being deeply grateful to the mentors, family, friends, & fans that support him in his artistic quest...


Lara is a lifelong student of music; out of 27 years on this planet, nine have been devoted to the art of DJing. In an ongoing quest to find a community of like-minded individuals, Lara spent years paying dues in the rave scene as a drum + bass DJ, hosting several regular nights and playing at countless larger events alongside major names in DnB; but as she watched the music evolve, she became deeply dissatisfied with the rigid attitudes of the traditional underground dance music scene and began to use her stature as an established artist in the community to bend and break conventional understandings of electronic music. Though these iconoclastic experiments were not universally well-received, last year they garnered her sight-unseen entry into inciting, one of Philly's oldest techno institutions; thanks to them, she's opened for such names as Adam X and 2562. Today, Lara's sound spans everything from techno and classic electro to post-dubstep and experimental minimal DnB, bound flawlessly together by an uncompromising vision, formidable technical ability and the passion of a true musician.

Daddy Noomz!/pages/Daddy-Noomz/134237646587857


One of Philadelphia’s finest DJs. 

J.R. has been DJing since 2001. Studied Art & Graphic Design in college. Over the years he has performed at numerous clubs or events in the Philadelphia and New York City area.

J.R. always brings a wide variety of genre bending diversity to his sets. Something that is important to him & drives is sharing music with people. 

He strives to deliver music with SUBSTANCE to the masses. Always trying to remind himself to abide by this rule: "It's not only the music people want to hear... it is music people NEED to hear."

In 2007, D:[JR] released a intensely diverse 4 mix collection series called 

'Residual Relaxations' some of which now available for download on

In April 2011, J.R. released KULA:Spring 2011 Mix and Infinitus æstas estas(Infinite Summer) now available on

"When you perform and you have the crowd, That's what its all about. 

When you play a song and it's exactly THE right track @ THAT perfect moment... It seems as though time slows down. Time slows in such a way, that you can experience the crowd's reaction all @ once! There's no feeling quite like it..."


Diana Levy, better known as Artemis, a name she picked for herself long before attending her first party, is a woman on a mission: To make you dance, but also to make you think. Coming from a background of classical violin and vocal training, Artemis took to the wide variety of sounds within electronic music, and began to experiment with them as much as possible. As her journey evolved, so has her music and her passion to create smiles and good times wherever she plays. Recently, she has joined forces with Tight Crew, not only as one of their DJ’s, but also as a contributor for deco and ambient rooms. This influence has only increased the diversity of music Artemis plays, which previously included, but was not limited to, psy trance of many kinds, electro, techno, breaks, dubstep, and house. Through these special projects and many of her other gigs, Artemis has been able to transcend cultures and reach people from all walks of life. “I feel renewed and awakened in a way that I had previously never thought possible. This music is magic; teaching the body to move, the mind to listen, and the soul to let go. I hope to help my audiences feel this same magic I feel.”




Morgan Freeman VJ BLUECRASH (

Morgan Freeman is a artist, designer, programmer and internationally known VJ.

Morgan received the honor of “North America’s Top Ten Digital Artists” awarded by Corel and PGA. In 2009, Morgan Freeman placed third in a worldwide VJ competition at the Miami Winter Music Conference.

Morgan as worked over a decade as a Visual artist for International stars like Erykah Badu, Curren$y, Stalley, Tabi Bonney, Boy George and for DJS Carl Cox, Tanny Tenaglia, David Harness, Dimitri, Frenchy Le Freak, Mark Farina, Tall Paul, Peretz (Perry Farrel)

With over a decade of free public-art performances and installations, Morgan has spent the last two-years developing a variety of interactive motion-tracking installations using frame comparison, blob detection, and infrared light.

In 2008 he founded the Slow-Art Movement, creating a series of art-in-motion installations where viewers witness the quietly dynamic evolution of images in layered and unstructured light.

In 2009, Morgan brought projection-mapping to North America—by way of the Orlando Science Center. Over 3,000 people attended the gala.

Since relocating to New York City, Morgan has had interactive art-installations in Williamsburg, Chelsea, and the Lower East Side.

Morgan has been working with several NYC based groups including Warper Party, Monsieur Clothing, Max Klaxxon, Moldover and Smooth Moose Collaborative.

Morgan has VJ’ed at Webster Hall, Hiro, Velour, The Delancey, Bar 13 and Santo’s Party House.

Since October, Morgan has a thirty-three minute-thirty-three second film called I_Alone on repeat in the Video-Tunnel at Webster Hall.

two 33 minute visual samples (turn up your own music):

Currently, Morgan works full time as a photojournalist- published online and in print monthly with a international circulation of over 5,000,000.

Lunecell : Fractaltribe

LuneCell is Tim Howe from Frostburg, Maryland. He is an audio-visual artist that produces Psytrance, Psychedelic Dubstep and Downtempo music. He is inspired by the psychedelic movement and the fringe culture that it produces. VJing and producing music is his main drive in life at the moment. He is part of FractalTribe: Northeastern US Psytrance community and is currently based out of Kingston, Rhode Island.


Kaliptus (Born April 16, 1984 in Lisbon, Portugal) is a NY/NJ graduate artist from SVA with a BFA in animation and an MFA in computer art. He uses painting, film, motion graphics, animation, stop-motion, video-mixing, multimedia, interactive arts, installations and more to express ideas that are usually surreal, visionary and vital to the philosophies and understandings of the human consciousness. Kaliptus has been commissioned to work on projects for Alex Grey, Marvel, Stephen King, DC Comics, Black Tide, MTV, Prudential Center, Zoomdout, Shpongle, Sneaux, Orange County Choppers, American Choppers, and more. He is currently living in New Jersey and is a busy, self-employed freelance artist, working on a wide variety of projects from his home studio.


The Devotee!/album.php?id=529097401&aid=26158

NephilNine Deco

Neuronymphonic Art

Sound & Lighting


This company was founded by a NYC DJ and a promoter with a shared love for club driven sound. The main idea behind Audiolust is to network with everyone who performs or promotes music in a live setting and to help them improve their events, clubs and venues. We do live sound, equipment rentals and installations for bands, clubs and DJs of all styles. Our focus is on professionalism. All of our equipment is top-of-the-line and staffed by our own certified engineers. All of our gigs are powered completely by our own systems. Our current services include club installations, sound systems, full PA packages, DJ systems with or without DJ's, Intelligent lighting with on site programming, sound reinforcement with sound tech, video productions with VJ's and projectors, event planning, graphic design, promotions, and photography for your events.

We have been doing this for over 10 years and we continue to grow and add to our services.


Edwin 'Pac-man' Cuevas III

Ronnie Compton Corado


Electric Warehouse

1428 Fulton Street

Brooklyn NY 11216

10pm to 8am 

Welcome to the ELECTRIC WAREHOUSE, a beautiful 10,000 sq ft converted trolley repair station in the heart of Brooklyn.

In the early 1900's trolleys ran all across the 5 boroughs delivering a fast easy rapid transport across the city.

This space has been beautifully preserved to capture the excitement and detail of those early days in Transit and New York History.





18+ to dance 21+ to drink.

Open Vodka Bar from 9pm-10pm. 

$25 till July 3rd $30 @ the door.

We don't charge a processing fee for presale tickets.