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Alchemy Festival 2011


When: -

Where: The Untz (, Vallejo, CA)

Minimum Age: All Ages

Type: Outdoor - Festival

Web Site: Click Here

Promoters: Terrakroma-OLD Ultraviolet Carnival

Genres: DowntempoPsytranceTechno

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Thank You ♥ ♥ ♥

Here is some information about the Festival for starters, just to get the taste buds charged with real flavor ;) ... [Updated 2/24/11]


Brought to You by :

:::::::::::Mighty Quinn Records, Mindfull Records, UltraViolet Carnival

TerraKroma, ElectroNarcosis & TeknoKitchen:::::::::::

Down in the Forest::

Ocelot (((Live)))

[Zaikadelic, Avatar, Vertigo, Dropout Recs.] Lisboa, Portugal

Aaron has always been musical. This is even more the case today. he makes loads of music of many different kinds. he travels the world playing his music on parties and festivals in over 40 countries including FullMoonFestival 2005&6, Soulclipse Turkey 2006, Boom 2008, Ozora 2007&9, Transylvania 2007&9, Transcendence BR 2008, Japan, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Europe, North America, etc...

Fractal Cowboys (((Live))) [Manic Dragon Recs.] Alpha Centauri

Then Jesus turned into Captain Zorbak of Alpha Centauri Prime (Galaktik Federation) and said unto them:

"Take these strange sounds and arrange them in a harmonious manner. Add a throbbing next level beat so people can phreak the vuk out to it. Change your name from the Tractor Cowboys to the Fractal Cowboys. And for galaxy's sake, put some pants on!"

And this is how the Fractal Cowboys were born!

Monks of Madness (((Live))) [Psycircle Records] SD, CA

Gregh on Earth (((Live))) [Echo Vortex Records] Berkeley, CA

All New Materiall!!! =)))

KonFlux (((Live))) [Caliphonic/Psytribe/Pharpsyde Recs.] LA, CA

Megadrop (((Live))) [Logical Light Recs.] SF, CA

Sunchild (((Debut Live Set!!!))) [Ultraviolet Carnival] Oakland, CA

Sunchild AKA Adam Heckart found psychedelic trance music at Goa Gils Birthday party when he was 17. Soon after he began DJing for Tantra Productions. In 2004 Adam started the production aspect of Sunchild and over the years has performed in South Africa, the Burning Man Festival, How Weird Street Fair, Gemini Festival, Red Marines Festival, among others. To hear original music and DJ mixes from Sunchild go to:

DJ Niki [Mighty Quinn Records Label Owner/DJ] NY, NY/Japan/Rus

DJ NIKI is a founder and owner of Tokyo/NYC based psychedelic trance label Mighty Quinn Records. He has released five worldwide recognized and respected compilations as well as most recent release; the full length album by Russian project RED - "Audio Drama". Dj Niki has been Djing since 2004 and had played at numerous psychedelic partys from Far East to Wild West. Over many years of musical “tranced out” research and of course serious listening and space partying, Dj Niki has acquired a full length and power collection of exclusive label's music and presents a complete psychedelic story to the dancers on the floor. Niki’s sets are described to be perfect for any time of the party and are always smooth, rhythmic, extra spicy and mysterious. The result is a perfect atmosphere for body and mind. Trancers and dancers are put in a happy, easy going, relaxed state of mind.BooM!

FOG [Peak Recs., Looney Moon Recs. Label Owner] ITALY

Roberto has dedicated his life for the past 6 years to psychedelic music, art and culture with the aim of spreading it all over the world together with its message of peace, unity and respect.

His experience includes being a dj for the Swiss psytrance and chill out label, Peak records, since 2006, as well as founding and managing the Italian record label and party organization,LOONEY MOON, since 2005.

LOONEY MOON record releases are focused on a powerful, full-on

psytrance genre with fresh underground sounds and top level production designed to get the dance floor grooving at any time of the day.

Collecting music and mixing since 1999, Roberto can play a range of psytrance from lighter to deeper, nighttime styles, but he's versatile in psy-dub/ambient/chill out, psy breaks and progressive trance as well.

In the last 6 years, Roberto played almost every weekend in Italy and all over Europe at parties and festivals (including ANTARIS, HADRA, SUMMER NEVER ENDS etc), in Brazil (UNIVERSO PARALLELO), US, India (GOA), Morocco, Russia and countless other stops.

Kode IV [Cieba Records Owner/CCC] San Francisco, CA

Peter needs no introduction... He has been blowing up dancefloors since it all started. He has performed at Boom Festival and How Weird Street Fair, founded the amazing store called Cieba on the Height Streer which features all cutting edge desgns in psychedelic clothes. We are very excited about his return to the decks and so should you!!! =)

KJ [Planet Earth ♥] SF, CA

Keshav Jiwnani has been with us here in San Francisco for many years and has opened up our hearts with his amazing sets. Prepare for his return to the decks!!! ♥ =)

Manifest (((Live PA))) [Tantrum Recs./Akashik Recs.] Portland, OR

Manifest is one of the North west's top psychedelic trance producers. He has released every song he has written with this project making him one of the most demanded artists to hear.

Phat future bass, galactic harmonies and magical sound scape will twist and pull you through a wonderfull journey into sound.

while walking around as a "Freak Of Nature" in san fransisco , He heard a whistle from the sky and followed the little blue bird all the way to the NorthWest. The magical blue bird gave him a new name , a new identity , and a key, to musical manipulation, to unlocking parts of human consciousness throughout the planet. The spirit of manifest is now.

Egnogra [Shaman Films, Akashik Records] Oakland, CA

Straight Soul Descendant of Mexican clairvoyant Shamanism explorer and rebel for the equal.

The man behind Shaman Films Media an Audio Visual label based in San Francisco California.

Egnogra explores the unknown in the language of 3D Multidimensional Esoteric Symbolism mutating the Ancient Mesoamerican Cyber Shamanic Initiation producing higher states of Mystical Experiences..

His live performance consists of a multidimensional audiovisual experience shapeshifting the psychic viewer into the world of the secrets of the ancients, uploading the 2013 archetype actualization for a smoother transition into the next cycle..

Egnogra's 3D Dimensional Visuals are channeled and created at his nomadic studio while in a live performance he merges both the audio and visual frequencies creating a state of Synesthesia..

Egnogra has performed across the world in Europe, Russia, Japan, india, Brasil, South and Central America in the biggest trance festivals around the world.. His message of spreading the message of love and high vibration remains strong!!

LeoHawk [Mighty Quinn Recs., Ultraviolet Carnival] SF, CA/Ukraine

Leo Burkatov aka DJ LeoHawk moved from Kiev, Ukraine to San Francisco in 1992, and has been djing since 1998. Starting out with Melodic and Hard Trance on Vinyl and now playing the most "Full Power" Psy he can find since a Goa Gil experience on October 5th, 2000. A fine mixture of light and dark music, with defined kicks and rumbling base lines is what you can expect every time without fail. Mixing in tracks all the time without stopping is not easy and this is why he dances and sweats through every performance while delivering perfect mixes with epic punctuation!

LeoHawk has performed at various outdoor and indoor, musical and arts festivals all around the United States such as: How Weird Street Fair, LoveFest, Gemini, Red Marines, Burning Man, Contact Festival (OR), High Jinx (OH), Subculture (RI), SEOA (WI), Psycheground (NY, NY), Psytribe and Psycircle events in South California. LeoHawk has also performed with a large array of national and international artists such as: Logic Bomb, Hux Flux, Cortex, Rastaliens, Aphid Moon, Procs, Ajja, Psykovsky, Durango, Mubali, Gregh on Earth, Parus, Fractal Cowboys, Monks of Madness, Fria and many others.

LeoHawk is the one of the founders of and now, as of Jan. 2011 became the first signed Label DJ under Mighty Quinn Records and now promotes and organizes events as one of the Mighty Quinn Family.

LeoHawk spends most of his time organizing psychedelic gatherings such as Goa Gil, How Weird, Happy Camp, Entheogenic Garden, Alchemy Festival, the Resonance Gatherings and many more, DJing and producing Full Power Shamanic Psy in and around San Francisco, CA, USA which can be felt in pure healing light vibration all around our humble little planet. ♥

Waater [Triplag Records Label , Metacrew] Portland, OR

With over ten years in working in electronic communities, Waater has been on the forefront of creation

for some time now and is ready to keep it going and always forward-thinking.With Metacrew and recording label Triplag Music of Ireland, Waater has been bridging the worldthrough trance-dance ceremonies and downbeat grooves. His dance floor experience has given this electronic musician the ability to project deep-rooted Goa trance rhythms through the strange and surreal psychedelic trance experience.Now currently composing a compilation for Triplag due 1st quarter of 2011 dubbed "Tribalessence". Waater plans to take the west coast of the North Americas to a new level of sound and consciousness

Psychohazzard [Mindfunk Label DJ, Chilluminati] Chicago, IL

Maxim Geht, aka , was born in 1983 in Russia. In 1995 he moved with his family to Israel where he was exposed to psytrance music and since that point there was no return for him! After partying for many years in the psytrance scene he moved to the US in 2006 where he met the Chilluminati crew and there starts his DJ path. For this short period of time Psychohazzard has proved himself as a strong night time act with a choice onslaught of powerful, dark energy blasting from the speakers as your mind trips through psychedelic landscapes. He’s been playing all over the Midwest and has had determined success in his Moscow tour. For that short amount of time as a DJ he’s already shared the stage with some of the most talented artists in the scene today like Primordial Ooze, Psykovsky, Mubali, Random, Chromatone, Ocelot, Parasense and many more.

So be prepared and straight jackets should be kept close by as the sounds of Psychohazzard are sure to take over your motor functions and is sure to be a highlight of the night.

Blue Spectral Monkey [Metacrew/TouchSamadhi/Interchill] PDX, OR

Truly a connoisseur of psychedelic electronic music and art, Blue Spectral Monkey has been evolving, collecting and spinning incessantly since 1995, with over 500 performances taking him across 23 states and Canada. Due to his devotion, enthusiasm and mastery of the craft, Blue Spectral Monkey has been widely recognized as one of the leading psychedelic DJs in the US. His trance sets are playful, foresty, funky, driving and mysterious; a symbiosis of tribal intensity and techno-logical meltdown.

Dog of Tears [Xexify Records Owner] Russian River, CA

The Dog has been making electronic music since the sixth grade. An early encounter with groups like Skinny Puppy, Orbital, Autechre, Aphex Twin, Download, Underworld, The Prodigy, and many others provided the impetus for a precocious understanding of electronica. Early on, his fetish for analog hardware was discovered, and since then, nearly all of his music is made with these analog instruments (see Studio page).

In 2004, after reading Jose Saramago's "Blindness," David came up with The Dog of Tears project. At first it was focused on creating unrelenting walls of complex-noise that was at once both meditative and physiologically disturbing. Collaborations between David, Asom, W.V. Kabal, and Knob Goblin (one half of Sweatshop Boys) sprang forth as The Dog of Tears Orchestra, and many live performances were held through-out a four or five year time-span, mostly in the Los Angeles area. Further collaboration with visual-artist Sandy Ding and his "Flashlight Show" completed the sensorial eruption.

As David started frequenting more and more trance parties, it became apparent that he needed to start producing some doof-doof of his own. Having always frowned upon the production of dance-music, this was a difficult transition for The Dog of Tears. Early Dog-trance was maniacally distorted, difficult to bear, pulsing techno-trance, with only the most minor semblance of homogeneity with the genre it was supposed to be apart of. Since this time-period, The Dog has honed his noises, tempered them for the un-suspecting trance-public, and the result is a new form of trance-dance for the underground generation.

David currently resides in beautiful west Sonoma county, California, on the Russian River.

ManipulatioN [Fractal Species] Azores Islands, San Francisco, CA

I believe the energy that makes all of us is a combination of the influences we have from what we listen too, the images we see, the things we eat and what we let ourselves believe.

My music trip started before I can remember my own thoughts, now most of my day is filled with understanding sound. Music has been my main focus and dedication for the past 14 years but yet I find I'm growing to love it more every day I Listen/Mix or Produce a new track. My Goal today is to provide as much good music possible, invite our world to travel through unforgeable places and expose new sound-waves to everyone willing to let go, enjoy and be the unimaginable. This musical journey started in the Azores Islands where I got a lot of ideas for what I do now but moving around and learning about our globe has been my fuel and inspiration for always making it one more step.

Growing up listening to albums from the past 50 years made me appreciate the Goa Trance genre, its complexity, the things it can do with you and the things you can do with it. I was hooked the first time I was exposed to it. This frame of thought that promotes Incredible Complex Music, Social Diversity, Acceptance, Harmony, Ours and Natures Well Being, Love and Unity is not something I could ever turn my back too. Goa/Psychedelic trance for me and many, is far more than just a genre of music, and if you are reading this... chances are, you know it too. [Original Tracks]

Infinite Sun [UVC, PulseSF] SF, CA

Mahadeva [aka Renegade DJ] Big Island, HI

Mahadeva Plays Deep melodic Hard Funky sets that transforms Organic Dance floors into a mandala Psychedelic playground !! Progressive, Deep Shamanic and Full on day sets are in the wild cards for Mahadeva!

A Living Earth vs. Psylotus (Special Organic Mechanix Set)

[UVC, Synchronize, Caliphonic] Berkeley, CA

Xipil [Ultraviolet Carnival, Psytribe] LA, CA

Saturnia [Phoenix Family/Spun Records Label DJ] SSF, CA

Spyros [Caliphonic Recs., Psytribe] LA, CA

Sentient [Alchemy Recs.] LA, CA

Scenator [Psytribe] LA, CA

Aumi Katz aka Scenator began listening/dancing to electronic music while living in France in the mid 90s. Born in Israel and growing up in Los Angels he got into Psytrance while taking a break from life and traveling throughout Asia and Australia. His first gig was on the island of Koh Phangan full moon party in 1999 spinning with mini discs…since then he played in countless parties mainly in LA and Israel. A resident DJ with Psytribe since 2004 he enjoys spinning all kinds of styles and time slots. His forte lies with morning full on underlying with deep inspiring sounds all the while joining with a sexy kick ass vibe. Lately he enjoys playing progressive techi sounds as well as long as the sounds are deep and pumping.

Psynthetic [Goaplay] North Bay, CA

Nico [Psybertribe Records Label Owner] Oakland, CA

Obu [Outpost 23] San Francisco, CA

Nutz [Outpost 23] El Cerrito, CA

:::Up at the Mountain Top:::

TerraKroma (((Live))) [Terrakroma] Los Angeles, CA

Willy Electronarcosis - Terrakroma L.A. / 7th Re Tokyo, Japan

full bio and 11 free full cd downloads of Willy's mixes at here is his latest set!

here is link of last year when Willy was playing on the hill top sat afternoon

LeafyGreen [LeafyTribe/Electronarcosis] Santa Cruz, CA

Dima & Kirill [Teknokitchen] San Francisco, CA


With a penchant for high quality intelligent and esoteric Techno and a record selection to back it up, Dima really has an in depth knowledge of music which is evident in his sets. Dima is one of the founding members of Teknokitchen which has gone from strength to strength holding on to the true essence of the underground in San Francisco providing consistently epic Techno parties to those who seek them out.


Kirill is a San Francisco-based DJ and sound system enthusiast. When he's not meticulously perfecting his mixing and beat matching skills, he's plugging in cables, measuring levels, and tuning the sound for his sound system business, Teamed up with DJ Dima, Kirill has successfully produced TeknoKitchen, a recurring event deep in the San Francisco underground scene, where local and international talent is continually showcased.

Schlaut [Shakelasta/Embryo] Los Angeles, CA

Dj Seek [Spaceship Gaia/ApplTree] Santa Cruz, CA

Arwin [Dilated Sound] San Jose, CA

Tony in Orbit [Symbiosis, Goaplay] North Bay, CA

Trinity Star [Seahorse]

Clymax [Dubauchery] Berkeley, CA

Loke [Pharpsyde Rec. & Animaltreks Rec. Label Owner] Sac., CA/UK

more tba soon =)

Altar and Opening Ceremony: Sarai ♥ =)

Healing Tent:

Led by Dmitry Vulfovich

please visit his website to contact him if you wish to participate =)

more info soon...

Lighting by:

Radiant Atmospheres

Deco by:




Nico Pastor

more tba...

Live Art by:

Mikey Elliot:

Sharon Callison:¬if_t=photo_reply

Sound by:

Team Infinity ::: Funktion 1 Ultra High Fidelity Sound :::

Fire Art Performances by:

Ro Watarimono [LSD Fuego, Pyrotation] Oakland, CA

Belly Dancing performances and class presented by: Isa Shisha =)

More information will be constantly put here as things develop...

Please contact us if you're interested in contributing to the festival =)