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When: -

Where: Public Assembly (70 N. 6th St., Brooklyn, NY)

Minimum Age: 18+

Type: Indoor - Other

Genres: BreaksDrum and BassElectroHard DanceHouse


$ 35.00
Saturday October 29, 2011... 

Funky Element Productions & Recordings NY Proudly Presents... 


"An Exotic Halloween Costume Extravagnza





Halloween night 2003... 1500 Party goers from all over the Northeast travelled to what would be one of the most infamous Halloween extravaganzas seen yet. The last party thrown at the legendary lunatarium. The original "Afraid of the Dark?" event. A little under a decade later... WE'RE BACK 

This time join us for a night filled with sensory overloaded production & monstrous bass. World class talent from around the globe and the quality not quantity associated with the name Funky Element. We cordially invite you to share this Halloween with us. A Full on Halloween costume extravaganza... expect the unexpected... be afraid... be very afraid Once again... It's about ta get real hectic up in this motha fuck! AFRAID OF THE DARK 2011... Cum Get Sum !!! 

- Main Stage - 

MILES DYSON * 1st Time Ever NYC Performance!!! * 

(Plasmapool) - Germany 

For the first time ever in NYC... Prepare to make history as one of the worlds most successful selling producer / re-mixers comes to town for his first ever NYC performance! BRACE YA SELVES & GET READY!!! Miles Dyson a name synonymous with heavy bass lines and pounding dirty grooves, is no newcomer to rocking dance floors past the early hours. In the early Nineties, he started his career in one of the oldest electronic music clubs in Germany, Abby. He was a child prodigy at just 13 years old. Not even old enough to legally to drink he took on his first club residency at 15. By 16 he was performing on his own float playing in front of 400,000 screaming fans at the famous Zurich Street Parade. In 1999 he won the European DJ-championships and that was just the beginning…With fame slowly catching up to him, Miles started his first label “Plasmapool Productions" in 2002. In 2003 he occupied the number 1 position of the Swiss DJ charts for 30 weeks with multiple releases. It was therefore fitting that later in the year, Miles was honored with the award "Producer of the Year 2003" in Switzerland. Fast forward a decade, now known amongst the elite producers of the world, Miles has something very special in store for us for his debut gotham city performance. Production wise he has built himself a small empire with his own publishing and production company (Plasmapool Media Entertainment) with over 12 labels under his belt. Myles Dyson and plasmapool have become one of the most successful institutions in the music scene. Plasmapool is now one of the worlds leading selling vinyl and mp3 companies. All this success has him being labeled the CEO of house music! When not in the studio he is busy headlining massive festivals across the world touring on a regular basis. Do not miss this exclusive rare 1st time intimate performance of one of the worlds leading edm talents. NYC... This Halloween its time to get down and dirty with the sounds of the man himself, straight from Germany ... Miles Dyson! If ya dont know... Now ya know!!! 


(Sonic Groove) - LA, NYC 

The Man, The Myth, the legend... That is DJ Frankie Bones. He is best known for bringing the rave culture to the United States after playing at a hangar party in the UK during 1989. Frankie Bones, the first American DJ to play these raves, is considered to be 'The Godfather of American Rave Culture'. He got his first inspiration from his father's vast record collection after his father was murdered. Later on, after he had begun producing records, he was offered a gig to play for 5,000 people in England called "Energy" on the strength of his compositions. As the event started on August 26, 1989, the projected attendance had gone through the roof and Frankie played to 25,000 people while the sun came up. At this event, a fight broke out and Frankie got on a speaker, screaming at the fighters, "If you don't start showing some peace, love, and unity, I'll break your fucking faces". With the subsequent discussion of this event on the Usenet newsgroup alt.rave, Respect was added to the three virtues Frankie was speaking of, creating the hippie-esque raver credo of PLUR: Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect. Being profoundly moved by the experience, he brought it back to Brooklyn in the form of his series of Storm Raves. The Storm Raves events began with only a few hundred people in attendance growing to over 5,000 where the likes of Josh Wink, Doc Martin, Sven Vath, DJ Keoki and Richie Hawtin were able to launch their performances into international careers. The Berlin Love Parade, which is generally considered to be the largest rave in the world, named its 1991 and 1992 Parades after well-known compositions by Frankie Bones. NYC ... He's back... In ya face Brooklyn techno at its finest! 


(Industrial Strength Records) - NYC 

Named No 1 'Hard DJ' by Mixmag in 2004 & 'Best Worldwide Teckno DJ' by the Scottish Dance Music awards 2 years in a row, Lenny Dee founded Industrial Strength in 1991 which was the first Hardcore label in the world. He has also written & produced on labels such as Nu Groove, 4th floor, Warner Bros, Strictly Rythmn, R&S , Atlantic Records, Stay Up Forever Collective and currently has a track on PS2s Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas' (as "Fallout'). Lenny's first residency was at the local roller disco Roll-A-Palace in Brooklyn NY at the age of 17 and has played all over the world at some of the biggest parties such as MayDay, Love Parade, Woodstock, Tribal Gathering, Helter Skelter, Rezerection, Energy, Thunderdome, the Jane's Addiction Reunion tour & the list goes on. Come and see one of the earliest creators of Hardcore & Teckno - Mr. Lenny Dee. We welcome back Lenny who never lets us down in completely and utterly demolishing the dance floor at all of our events. Don't miss out on hardcore techno ... AT ITS BEST! Be Afraid... BE VERY AFRAID 


(Morlock Music) - RI 

Few DJs put as much energy, intensity and insanity into their performance as DJ VENOM. Coming at you with headbangin' sounds and award winning scratching skills, this veteran fills the dancefloor with stomping feet and hardcore beats. His numerous CDs and countless tracks continue to breathe life into the underground scene. At every Funky Element party Venom has consistently done what he does best... DESTROYS DANCEFLOORS! Prepare for the mayhem. Prepare for the chaos. Prepare for DJ VENOM... Once again Be Afraid... Be very Afraid!!! 

DJ DANK * Special Birthday Closing Set & CD/Record Release Party * 

(Funky Element, - NYC 

The man behind the Funky Element Productions & Recordings NY crew has been hard at work. A veteran DJ for the past 12 years and veteran promoter for the past 11 years, DJ Dank has demolished dance floors up and down the east coast. Don't miss what all the hype is about as the the return of NYC's Electro Bad Boy is in FULL EFFECT. This Producer, Re-mixer, DJ, Events Coordinator, Label Owner has booked and played along side some of the hottest talent on the planet including... Rabbit In The Moon * Live, Armand Van Helden, Uberzone * Live, Lazy Rich, Donald Glaude, Charles Feelgood, Scott Henry, Frankie Bones, Goldie, Grooverider, Aphrodite etc to name just a few. 2010 marked the year he started his label Funky Element Recordings with the first release titled "FuNK eL" Remixed by superstar Lazy Rich hit the beatport top 100 off the bat. The same went for his second release titled "Heat Me Up" on this newly established label. His third release titled "Step Right Up" launched Dank into international status and hit #7 in the world on beatports top 100 electro tracks. His most recent work includes a vast arsenal of original tracks and a Remix of Benny Benassi's newest single titled "Close To Me" feat. Gary Go to be released on Ultra Records. With bookings increasing domestic as well as abroad be on the look out tonight for a closing set of massive bass and super funk. With his signature style, of bass in your face "Don't Talk About It... Be About It" DJ Dank vows to continue on his path of moving dancefloors till the early morning. Don't miss out on this one... It's about to get real hectic up in this motha fuck! 


(Bass Monster Music, Plasmapool, Peak Hour Music,Groove therapy management) - NJ 

Nicky Twist is considered by many as the next big breakout star of our scene. He has been described as being a trend setter and a pioneer of Electro House in both New Jersey and New York. In the late 1990's he began his journey playing up and down the East Coast, including a tour in 2002 across Canada. Nicky has also played at the infamous Limelight, The Tunnel, Exit and many other major clubs in N.Y.C. throughout his career. At this point, Twist has the credentials of being a producer and is putting out tracks with various major labels, both domestically and internationally. He has had a release with Wonked Music and and is signed to both Peakhour Music and Plasmapool Records from Germany. Nicky Twist also releases tracks on his own record label, Bass Monster Music. He is currently doing remix work for artists such as Hypster, Dark Punk, Adrien Aubern and Francois Dennig, among others. On the other end of the spectrum, Nicky Twist has also recorded with Rob GEE, Sid from Slipnot and different members of Biohazard. He receives unanimous praise every time he steps up behind the decks, and being an avid Turntablest, Nicky Twist has often been described in one line...Your favorite DJ's, favorite DJ! 


(Columns Of Knowledge, - CT 

Knowledge is one of the original foundation layers for the underground dance circuit in the mid-90’s for New England. His evolving sound has taken audiences of 5 to 5000+ and turned rooms inside out worldwide. Always taking the time to hand select the most cutting edge production in the tracks he plays, his signature sound of genre-bending, layered, journey sets have transformed many minds and moved countless bodies over his almost 15 year career. We are proud to welcome back our beloved friend and ally since the beginning the one and only DJ Knowledge. Be prepared for a set of soulful funky grooves and pulsating bass to get the night started right. 

- Dark Stage - 

CAPITAL J * Canadas #1 Jump Up Scratch Master Bad Man * 2 Hour Set * 

(VIP Dubz Records, - Canada 

Better strap on your seat belts boys and girls, we have in store for you a very special halloween treat from the one and only Bad Man himself... Straight from Canada ... DJ Capital J. J's performances combines lightning fast cuts and scratches heavy bass line house, head bangin Dub Step, and floor smashing jungle, Drum n Bass into one serious show you do not want to miss. After 20 years in the music scene Capital J has dominated everything he's put his hands on since an early teen. Be prepared for an exclusive * two hour set from this canadian jungle maniac whos performance will leave you jaw dropping and awe inspired. We are proud to welcome back Canada's #1 Drum n Bass performer the infamous Capital J. Look out ya'll its about ta get wikked - Canada style ! 


(Breakbeat Science, Planet Of The Drums) - NYC 

Dara has become one of the biggest names in U.S. Drum & Bass history, being part of the legendary Planet of the Drums Tour & every weekend continues to push the harder side of the genre. His brilliant recording endeavors along with his incessant touring marked by consistently awe-inspiring DJ sets have made him one of the most recognized and well respected DJs in the country. On this Halloween night Be prepared for this exclusive set from one of the pioneers of the US Drum N Bass scene. Dara doing what Dara does best... Making history! 

DB * Best of D&B set. Liquid to Jump Up & Jungle * 

(Breakbeat Science) - NYC 

What we're gonna do right here is go back.... way back.... back into time Arriving in New York from London in '89, it could be argued that no one has done more for Drum & Bass in America than DB. First with his hardcore Breakbeat club NASA, (featured in the Larry Clark film Kids) then by launching Sm:)e Communications and releasing the first Jungle singles & compilations in the U.S, as well as signing DJ Dara, thus kick starting his artist career. In 1996 Dara & DB opened Breakbeat Science, dedicated to Drum & Bass, It quickly become not only the most respected record store & label, but also the very epicenter of the jungle community in the U.S. DB recently released an artist project with partner Stakka under the name Ror-Shak, focusing & pushing the limits on the more musical side of the genre, which as a DJ, is what he has become best loved for. We are pleased to welcome back our beloved DB for a prime time Best of D&B set. Liquid to Jump Up & Jungle, that will take us back to the years of our youth to the years when it first began. 


(Empower Recordings, Contagious Musiq) - NYC 

With an array of dirty bass and fast malicious grooves be prepared for one of NYC's legends of Drum n Bass the one and only DJ Empress. Sought after by promoters, artists, bands and fans worldwide, Empress moves crowds, graces studios and stereos across the globe every day. This DJ, artist, producer, songwriter, musician, vocalist, bandleader, and label owner, she began her DJ career in the American northeast in 1996. Empress was the first American DJ to perform in London’s elite drum and bass scene[and the first drum and bass DJ booked in Macedonia and Tahiti. Empress relentlessly pursued a career as an international DJ from as young as 14 years old. In 2009, she slowed down her international bookings to produce, compose, record and engineer an entire album for her infamous style of dance metal and assemble her live project featuring her singing, also under the name Empress. In 2011, after meeting with many major labels and wanting to get her music out as soon as possible, she empowered herself, forming her label, Empower Recordings. Come witness one of NYC's finest grace us with her presence as she will take you on a journey through empowering Drum N Bass! 


(Digital Konfusion, Konkrete Jungle, BFM) - NYC 

Odi as he is known to the world, does not look like the type to have a group of beautiful women fawning over him. And yet, there are several that I have to get through to talk to him. People murmur “respect” as we walk outside. Their admiration is not underserved. Odi, is in great part responsible for the entire style of jungle music in NYC. “I can’t think of anything that makes me happier,” he says. “Every show makes me better.” For years Odi has performed at numerous Funky Element events and we are proud to welcome the king of NYC Jungle back again for another inspiring performance sure not to be missed. He completely tore the roof off Sneaky 2nds... I hope Public Assembly has roofers insurance ... Cause he's about to blow that shit up once again. Prepare your self for NYC's King Of The Jungle ... DJ Odi!!! 


(Bass Fueled Mischief, Step Up World) - UK 

Since the projects birth, late 2008, Hellfire Machina have literally exploded into the worldwide bass culture scene. From A&R and production credits on last years Wu Tang Enter The Dubstep album - 30 plus single releases and remixes - Running the biggest dubstep monthly in New York City - Holding down DJ residencies all over the country - To recently producing 6 tracks for Brand Nubian's latest project Enter The Dubstep volume 2. It's now 2011 and already these guys don't seem to be showing any signs of slowing down. This is the age of the machine with Hellfire firmly at the controls! Don't miss out on these heavy weight bass monsters... for this is only the beginning! 

50,000 Watts of TURBO SOUND 

Sensory Overloaded Production 

German 15 Watt Laser Light Show 

Visuals by Funk Taxi 

Halloween Costume Contest 

Exotic Dancers Dressed to impress 

Free Giveaways by Funky Element & Methods NYC 

Quality Not Quantity 



8:00 PM - LATE 

18 to enter 21 to drink 

* Purchase Tickets at 

* Limited Advance Early Bird Tickets will be $15 - Get them while you can! 

* Advanced Tickets $25 

* $35 At The Door 



70 North 6th St. 

Brooklyn, NY 11211 

Closet Subway: L to Bedford Ave. 

Cross Streets: Wythe and Kent