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Addicted to Bass 3


When: -

Where: The Sound Factory - SF (525 Harrison Street, San Francisco, CA)

Minimum Age: 18+

Type: Indoor - Club

Promoters: sweet tooth entertainment DoubleStacked Entertainment

Genres: DubstepElectroHouse

Tickets Buy Tickets
After 10pm
$ 25.00
Day of Show
$ 20.00
$ 15.00
$ 10.00
Double Stacked Ent., Geomagnetic, Sweettooth Ent. and Dance or Die Proudly presents


Come join us as we bring you into a magical world of BASS! Come dance under the neon stars to some of the best artists to come together under one roof! Being that this is our 9 year anniversary we will be pulling all of our collective energies together to bring you biggest wildest event we have done yet!! 

~> Please post this announcement to all family lists! See ya there! <~ <-Here is a link to a Chrome Extension for selecting <-here is how to do it with Firefox (2 steps)

LIne up:

Main Room:

Urban Assault(Dj Shortee & Faust) 2x4

(Heavy Artillery)​banassaultmusic

Denise vs Forest Green vs Dragn'fly 

(Mizumo music,Cute fang,DS,Strategik)​ofile.php?id=740208294​restGreen.CuteFang​ofile.php?id=503303245

St. John vs RossFM vs Frank Nitty ( 1st ever House Nation tag)

(99.7 HouseNation / )​JOHN​ssfm​anknittywilliams

Carlos Alfonzo vs Infusion

(Double Stacked, Vibrance, Geomagnatic)​ofile.php?id=755531755​infusion

Loaded Beats( AdamAnt vs Sychosis)

( Love Allstars, Vibrance, Double Stacked)​ofile.php?id=1282457778​CHOSIS

Dr. Greenthumb vs Tim Brown

( Sweettooth, Double Stacked, Higher Conscience, Apex)​ctorgr33nthumb​mbrown707

Sandwich vs Cas

(Sweettooth, Strategik, strut)​ssSandwich​eetshows

M3RC vs 4N

( Double Stacked)​rccc​exis4n

2nd Stage

Tony C

(Go Ventures, Double Stacked)​BigDealTonyC

Heavy Hittahz


The Doctor

(Primitive Science, Double Stacked)​man.The.Doctor.Robb

K Theory

(Simplify Recordings | Mal Label)​heory?sk=app_4949752878

Luke Nukem

(VitalSC, Double Stacked, Geomagnetic)​keNukemOfficial

Vaporcision( Precision vs Bud Vapor)

( Galaxy Uknown, Geomagnetic, Primitive Science, Double Stacked)

Dubster Spook

( Geomagnetic, Dubstep SF)


( Dubstep SF, Ecstatik Eventz)​ic.ecstatik


Nick Nyquil

( Nocturnalism )​ges/Nick-NyQuil/1837317549​76194

EAst Bay Jay

(Primitive Science, Double Stacked)​tbayj


( Dance or Die, Double Stacked)​ges/OrionZ/114132375305740

Infected Frequencies 

( Double Stacked )​ofile.php?id=1000009592936​94

Ernesto Cruz

( Rock Steady )​ernestocruz

Random Chuck

( Double Stacked )​ofile.php