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Where: Ultrabar (911 F St. NW, Washington, DC)

Minimum Age: 18+

Type: Indoor - Club

Web Site: Click Here

Promoters: 3D Productions DC

Genres: BreaksDrum and BassDubstepElectro

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Advance Ticket
$ 15.00
At The Door
$ 20.00
3D Productions Presents,

ULTRABASS Featuring:

AK1200 - Big Riddim Recordings (Orlando, Florida)

The Godfather of DnB in America, AK has been the link between the music and the fans and dj's alike in the states ever since its inception. He is the longest running DnB DJ in the USA, and was the first to give exposure to hundreds of UK based DJ's and producers. His annual Planet of the Drums tour, alongside fellow comrades Dieselboy and Dara and hype man Messinian has been the most successful running electronica tour since it began in 2000. Over the years, AK has released 8 mix CD's, and 1 artist album, along with several singles, and has remixed countless well known electronic acts such as: Crystal Method, Rabbit in the Moon, Keoki, Dub Pistols, Cirrus, Freestyle, Rachel Wallace, Tribe called Quest, and many more. His remix of Cleveland Lounge's "Drowning", was in regular rotation on radio stations all over the USA, and is widely viewed as the most well known DnB tune in America, and was in dance charts all over the world. His 8 year stint as head of A&R with longtime friend Rob Playford, on Playford's legendary Moving Shadow label, has helped make AK one of the most influential DnB figures on the globe.

Truth - Deep Medi / Aquatic Lab / Disfigured Dubz / Boka / Argon (New Zealand)

The theory that isolation breeds creativity has never been as apt as it is for Truth, a dubstep outfit hailing from one of the world’s most southern cities. .... Truth, undoubtedly New Zealand’s greatest Dubstep export; have been making a huge impact around the world with their heavy bassline riddims. Truth have a style that defies categorization; encompassing an array of melodies, vocals and spacious beats that range from half-step stompers to the deeper profound realms of sound; all with one common element which underpins every track; a heavy bassline riddim that lays sheer force on any system heavy enough to handle it. ....

6Blocc & Prolific - Foul Play Records (Golden Hill, California)

6Blocc - R.A.W. aka 6BLOCC is known for his relentless techniques behind the wheels of steel. Getting his start back in 1985, this dj is no amateur when it comes to tuntablizm. He was already battling local djs in Los Angeles before the modern dj culture was even created. In 1988 he joined the legendary L.A. hiphop radio station, KDAY and spun live broadcasts along with other Angelino djs called HIGH ENERGY MIXMASTERS. During this time, he entered many dj battles including showdowns with Joe Cooley, Tony A. and JRocc. This experience has led to the legend we now see on the decks. 

In 1991 the sounds of UK hardcore / jungle were creeping onto the shelves of dance shops in L.A. and R.A.W. was quick to spin and represent. With help from Dj Dan, R.A.W. began playing at major raves and underground events throughout the west coast. His sound at the time was a blend of jungle, hiphop, turntablizm and hardcore sounds which made him an instant draw in the underground scene.

The word on the streets is 6BLOCC is looking to put out some white labels of his hottest dubplates that always get the call...PUULLLL UUUPPPPP!!!! If you're wondering what the name 6BLOCC means? "I got the name from a Masta Ace song here he says, "the bass I create is heard from six blocks". BOOM!

Prolific - Prolific is by far one of the most talented musicians from the United States. Whether it's rocking Electro Parties, B-Boy Jams, Turntablist Routines, Mics, Drum & Bass or Dubstep Assaults, Prolific is moving the crowd with profound turntable routines, intricate lyrics and original tracks with a unique assortment of flavor from his self maintained imprint FOUL PLAY RECORDS.

Prolific developed his turntablist technique around such talent as dj klever, immortal, danny the wildchild, shotgun, SPS, and various other talents in the southeast. His level of skill over time matured into a much more powerful force which led to many wins at local, regional, and national battles in theUSA from the DMCs, guitar center, DMA Magazine, and this past year he is coming off his 3rd win defending his title yet again at Club Lavela "The Biggest Nightclub in the United States"

Prolific has shown his skills are polished and ready for anyone in his way...

Full Line-Up and Info TBA!

May 11, 2011 @ ULTRABAR


911 F ST NW


9:00 PM - 2:30 AM


=========NO DRESS CODE=========

Re-Entry ALLOWED for Smoking

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Lots of Free Parking All Around The Club!!!

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