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2010 - The Year We Make Contact


When: -

Where: The Untz (, Vallejo, CA)

Minimum Age: All Ages

Type: Indoor - Other

Promoters: National Entity

Genres: BreaksDrum and BassHouseTechnoTrance


$ 20.00

$ 15.00
Area 1: Mission Control

Mars // Frequency 8 - San Francisco, CA

Dragn'fly // - San Francisco, CA

Ganymede aka G.A.M.M.A.// Stilldream / Left Coast Techno

Mek // Signal / Stilldream

Sausee // Galaxy Unknown - San Francisco, CA

Bob-O // National Entity

Andy A.M. //

Atlas // Signal

Area 2: The Landing Bay

Kiro // Infected Logic / Subsonic Sound

No Komply // Primitive Science / - San Francisco

Atom O.N.E. // National Entity / Midnite

Ross B. // Sector 7

Innovate // 916 Junglist

Dr. Who // Apex Productions - San Francisco, CA

Elbereth // Sacparties

Scotty Tree's // Into the Tree's

Area 3: The Central Core

Serch // / freshout - Chicago, IL

Nick Nyquil // Stilldream / Nocturnalism

Jon E. Qwest // United Vibes / Other Promotions

Freddy Silva // The Audiophile / Estillo

Magoo // National Entity

Spaceman Spiff Starry Eyed

Durty Funk // Curty Mc Durty and B Funky / Starry Eyed

Area 4: The Gravity Well

Zapper Live Hardware Set // Ooze System / Full Melt - San Francisco, CA

2 Playa Game // / Synthetic

Reptillian Bass Station // Tha Fruitbat and Ratchet

Tha Fruitbat // Command Collective / Lunatic Works

Psy Fi // Western Science - Humbolt

Jdubz // Milk Money Music / Sweet Tooth

Ratchet // Stilldream / RBS Posse

The History: 2001 - A space Audissy

A small group of friends got together behind a vision of one of their favorite science fiction movies, uniting the theme into an event that changed their lives as they knew it. Showing them that they could accomplish anything with good friends, hard work and passion. Vowing that if they were still around in 2010 (9 years later!) they would create the sequel to the event, much like the famous books and movies did with 2010: The Second Odyssey.

THE PRESENT: 2010 - THe YEar we make contact

Well here we are, the year is 2010 and a few of the original people who were there in 2001 are still around. Along this wondeful journey called life we have gained even more friends and people who share the vision of expression through music, art, dance and gatherings. Here we are, ready to close this special chapter of events. In 2001 it seemed nothing more then a fools dream to think we’d be here to do this event, but alas here we are. We hope that you will join us on another wonderful odyssey of soul searching, expression and creation with a sprinkle of the unknown.

Take a trip with us into Outer Space!

For this event we’ll be transforming the venue into 4 unique and fully themed areas. The people behind the decor at the Stilldream Festival, Nowloween and Atomic Blast are in full swing to bring Outer Space to you!


Sexy Out of this world Go Go Dancers

Bangin Sound Provided by:

LIte Brite Productions & National Entity

LIghting fit for Spaceships:

National Entity

Decor, Stage & Truss by:


Big Open Air Smoking Area!

Friendly Security!


Its not required, but we all know that we have a better time when you participate so dust off those space suits and moon boots and lets see those Napolean Dynamite dance moves!

Lift Off: 8PM

Return: 4AM

All Responsible Ages Welcome

Full Bar for 21+ w/ ID

Things to bring: Big Smiles, Cameras, Good Friends Dancing shoes, Space Suits, Friendly Out of this world Aliens & Good Vibes!

Things to Leave at home: Bad Vibes, Sticks in Mud, Marking Devices, Gang Attire, drugs and any type of weapon. There is a Zero Tolerance Policy in effect.


Limited $15 Presale tickets available at:

SACRAMENTO // UNITEDSTATE BOUTIQUE :: 1014 24th :: 916.444.7230

Online & by phone at: - keywords: 2010 - The year we make contact

phone; 1-877-71-GROOV (47668)

Door tickets will be $20

Early arrival suggested, this event will sell out!


The location will be available the day of the event

via infoline and online at:

916.676.7411 // 415.373.0181

More info: