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Transmission: 03


When: -

Where: Stella Blues Bar (204 Crown St, New Haven, CT)

Minimum Age: 21+

Type: Indoor - Club

Web Site: Click Here

Promoters: dephinitions

Genres: BreaksDrum and BassDubstepElectroHouse


$ 5.00

Dephinitions and Bird Knowledge Productions are teaming for their monthly celebration of all things considered BASS! Bird Knowledge Productions hosts a solid Thursday weekly at Stella Blues in New Haven bringing the freshest sounds of live electronica, dubstep, glitch and everything in between! Transmission is held the last Thursday of every month! New Haven and southern CT in general have been missing anything remotely like this event for a very long time.

With your Djs:


[Beatdown Prod./761 Prod. - Northampton, MA]


DL was born in the former Soviet Union. It was there that his experimentation with music would begin. At the age of seven, DL was given his first record player by his father. Since he lived above a record store, he was able to begin a collection of many different styles. Every week he would use his allowance to buy new tracks to experiment with. While experimenting in his "lab" one night, he discovered that if he turned his turntable off, and left the needle on the record, it would continue to play sounds. He loved trying out new things like this to better understand how his equipment worked. Sadly, when he moved to the United States, he was forced to leave his belongings behind.

While growing up, DL's choice of music was influenced by his father. Every night he would come home and play jazz, funk, soul, and R&B records These sounds stuck with DL through his life. When he came to America, he discovered the sounds of hip-hop. After a few months, DL purchased his first hip-hop cassette; The Fat Boys. That's where his love for that style of music began. In 1992 he saw Juice. The DMC battle in it inspired him, he had never before seen the art of turntablism or a DJ battle. It was something so fresh to him and he knew that he wanted to be as good as those dj's were. The only thing stopping him now was the money for the equipment.

In 1997 DL was finally able to buy his first Technics turntables and a mixer. He began buying hip-hop records and learning the skills of a dj. He soon started to play at house parties and local clubs. Prior to '99, DL had only surrounded himself with friends that exclusively listened to hip-hop. However, that year, he discovered electronic dance music. DL moved to Florida where he met his close friend Jason, also a dj. Jason played DL a drum 'n bass record that included hip-hop samples. Once again, DL was amazed by what he heard and although it contained some elements of hip-hop, it was unlike anything he had ever heard before.

Eventually, DL discovered the sounds of breaks. He heard Jackal n Hyde and they became his main musical influence. He became instantly hooked on their style and he started going to record stores to buy breaks records. In 2000 he attended his first Winter Music Conference in Miami and the experience pushed him to become as involved in the electronic dance music scene as he possibly could. Shortly afterwards he returned to his home in New England. He became more involved in local EDM events while perfecting his mixing and turntablism skills.

On April 13, 2002 DL signed up for a dj battle at the (now legendary) club Asylum in Springfield, Massachusetts. He won first place and feels that it was the event that got "his foot in the door". DL found himself getting booked more often and continued to promote himself by handing out mixes and networking with promoters. Shortly after his win at the Asylum, DL went on to place first in two more dj battles.

DL continues to be one of the fastest rising breaks djs out of New England and continues to light floors afire with a show like no other by combining all styles of breaks and turntablism, doing live remixes, and bringing something to the table like no other. With DL's nasty scratching and flawless mixing and diverse styles, a serious force to be reckoned with having played all over New England, NYC and as far as Florida, and the West Coast.


[Bumptruck Music/Sequenced - Hartford, CT]


Entering the New England rave scene in the 90's, exposure to the

underground sounds inspired DJ Sonic Bee. Added to the Kingsize-USA

Entertainment roster in 1997, DJ Sonic Bee began performing parties from

New England to Miami to LA, and many stops in between.

Originally behind the decks as a breakbeat DJ, Sonic moved dance floors

with a funky combination of breakbeats and 2-Step breaks. From raves to

the old Wednesday night sets at Function in New Haven, and even rockin'

thousands of bodies at A Tribe Called Quest's Farewell Tour at the

Palladium, Sonic dedicated himself to spreading the underground sounds.

After moving on from Kingsize, Sonic retreated to his lab and began

crafting original tracks. All along, the evolution of electro-house

continued tempting Sonic's ears. Inspired by these big electro basslines

and stomping beats, Sonic crafted his take on what he describes as

"bangin' electro."

Fueled by his new take on sound, Sonic looks to continue moving crowds

with his very own spin of party rocking beats. So come stomp your feet on

the dance floor with DJ Sonic Bee soon... and bee on the lookout for the

product of his time in the studio with original productions on his

forthcoming label; Bump Truck Music.


[Tao TV/Potent Prod/BKP - Stamford, CT]



[Dephinitions - Poughkeepsie, NY]

[Jazzy & Funky House]

-$3 tallboys, Dogfish Head, Allagash, Sierra Nevada & New Castle on tap and many other great beers, shots and concoctions!

-Live Visuals

-Parking lots in back of,next to and across the street from venue.

-Metro North Railroad Schedule: http://as0.mta.info/mnr/schedules/sched_form.cfm

Located @Stella Blues

204 Crown Street

New Haven , CT


$5 Cover

21+ I.D. Required