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The Do LaB Presents The Polish Ambassador with DJ Vadim, Wildlight


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Where: El Rey Theatre (5515 Wilshire Avenue, Los Angeles, CA)

Minimum Age: All Ages

Type: Indoor - Club

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Promoters: The Do LaB

Genres: DowntempoElectroGlitchHip Hop

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limited discount pre-sale
$ 20.00
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$ 20.00
$ 25.00
Join us on October 5th at the El Rey Theatre as we welcome The Polish Ambassador back to Los Angeles. He will be joined by DJ Vadim and Wildlight. Pre-sale tickets are now on sale for $20. 

Get tickets: https://beticketing.com/polishambassador

Preview the music: http://thedolab.com/?p=4425

-- About the Artists --

* THE POLISH AMBASSADOR featuring visuals by LIMINUS * 

For the Polish Ambassador project, born on the richly-colored streets of Chicago and San Francisco, infectious melody is paramount. However, this never overshadows the depth and harmonic complexity that have made the Ambassador a favorite amongst festival curators and beat aficionados worldwide. Over the course of 6 years, his sound has dipped and swirled through a staggering range of styles, with each album exploring uncharted 

sonic territory. Warm, analogue dreamwave; mind-altering glitch; worldinfused groove; bass-fueled breaks; sexified downtempo; electric lullabies; and psy-fi funk are just a few of the genres that have poured from the 

Ambassador’s soul into earbuds and ghetto-blasters across the galaxy. 

Despite the political connotations of his name, the Ambassador is not a political partisan. Rather, he is a diplomat for a new paradigm rooted in creative joy, radical self-expression, and ecological principles. As part of this mission, the Ambassador has committed to carbon-neutral touring, instigating exploratory dance, and igniting fan participation. 

Flanked on the Ambassador’s left is visual artist Liminus, a master of translating dynamic, sonic landscapes into breathtaking video projection. Liminus’s improvisational abilities are a perfect compliment to the Ambassador’s custom-tailored audio transmission, and his presence on stage allows for an audio/visual synergy rarely witnessed in electronic music performance.

Together, the duo will take you on a voyage that leaves you drenched in sweat, with a smile slapped on your face, and a heart busted wide open. Check the calendar, TPA’s Space Escalade is likely docking at an Earth city near you. To prepare yourself download the Ambassador’s 11 album, 30 remix discography for "Name Your Price" at http://thepolishambassador.bandcamp.com/�


Hardest working man in show business? Trouper? Tireless? However you want to put it, be sure of one thing, when DJ Vadim first heard the phrase “Don’t sleep” he obviously took it literally.

Over the last decade few people can have put so much time and energy into the culture they love. Founder of Jazz Fudge in early 1995, A&R, producer, DJ, promoter, record collector, radio presenter, occasional painter, writer, and in-house producer/dj and cohort of Latin Grammy nominees, Spanish hip hop super group 7 Notas 7 Colorez, Vadim has certainly been keeping himself busy. To describe the man as an internationalist almost seems 

to sell him short.


Wildlight is the space between the notes, the earth’s undulating pulse, the modern echoes of ancient rhythms. It is a sound that will spark your body into motion and swing your soul into flight. An unlikely pairing of a folk songwriter and an electronic music composer has yielded a new sound; music that gracefully traverses human emotions, but can also jumpstart a party into a syncopated bounce.

While vocalist Ayla Nereo delicately crafts songs that climb and tumble through a landscape of crescendos and harmonies, seasoned composer David Sugalski (aka The Polish Ambassador) keeps the beats and bass rooted deep in the subatomic layers of the earth.

-- The Details --

October 5th, 2013


El Rey Theatre

5515 Wilshire Boulevard 

Los Angeles, CA 90036

This event is All Ages

$20 limited pre-sale

$25 final pre-sale and door price

Get tickets: https://beticketing.com/polishambassador

Preview the music: http://thedolab.com/?p=4425

We'll see you on the dance floor soon Los Angeles!