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The 10th Annual LOVE GROOVE!


When: -

Where: San Bernadino County Fairgrounds (14800 7th Street, Victorville, CA)

Minimum Age: 16+

Type: Indoor - Festival

Promoters: Motive Events

Genres: DubstepElectroHard DanceHouseTrance

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$ 25.00

DJ DAN www.facebook.com/DJDanMusi 

LA RIOTS www.facebook.com/LARiotsOf ficial

PLASTICIAN www.facebook.com/plasticia n

SOUND OF STEREO www.facebook.com/soundofst ereo 

ARTY www.facebook.com/pages/ARTY/111274298915491

ALEX KENJI www.facebook.com/pages/Alex-Kenji/39621223343

THOMAS GOLD www.facebook.com/djthomasgold

LIQUID STRANGER www.facebook.com/liquidstranger


TRITONAL www.facebook.com/tritonalmusic

VASKI www.facebook.com/vaskimusic

FUKKK OFFF www.facebook.com/pages/Fukkk-Offf/27788884756

JELO www.facebook.com/jlobront

PHIL YORK www.facebook.com/djphilyork

FAUSTO www.facebook.com/pages/Dj-Fausto/62509777322



The years have passed and we've laughed and danced, the music has played and we've giggled and swayed. The night will be magic, the beats an echo in our soul, where once again, we'll lose control. Our bodies in tune, to the booms of the bass, a look of fulfillment on everyone's face. Get ready to shuffle and get down to the beat, this year's Love Groove will for sure be a treat! Come with your friends, or make new ones this night, the show you will witness will be an epic sight! A celebration of love, as we dance to the groove, the sounds are enticing, you cant help but move.

Be part of history as we gather to mark the10th annual Love Groove on Saturday February 19th 2011. Don't miss out on our biggest event yet!