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Fam Chatty: Boom!


When: -

Where: The Untz (, Vallejo, CA)

Minimum Age: 21+

Type: Indoor - Club

Web Site: Click Here

Promoters: Coming Through productions

Genres: Livetronica

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$ 7.00

FAM CHATTY: BOOM! FRIDAY DEC 23, 2011 @ Market st. Tavern


THIS IS ART w/(Miles Cramer on Drums)-Nashville, Tn


This is ART features the live musical performance of Art Webb, a skilled bassist and multi-genre electronic producer hailing from Nashville, TN. ART unleashes raw musical creativity in the form of improvised sub bass-guitar lines, broken break-beats, and epic synth melodies over an array of self recorded samples and stereophonic soundscapes. The result is a distinctively rich sound, complete with melodic tones and organic structures while paying direct homage to the true underground forms of BASS music. Art's latest musical innovation seamlessly bridges the gap between live instrumentation and electronic music, utilizing a special technology that allows him to use bass-guitar strings to control knobs, tweak effects, even trigger sounds from his synthesizer and laptop--unlike anything you've ever seen before.

This is ART has developed grass-roots credibility within three short years, sharing the stage as direct support to Pretty Lights with Adam Deitch in 2010, touring alongside Big Gigantic & Two Fresh, opening for electronic artists Ghostland Observatory, Shpongle, Bonobo, Blockhead, EOTO, Conspirator, and Bluetech, collaborating on-stage with artists from groups such as Emancipator, Bass Science, The Malah, Kidsmeal, & Colby Buckler of Two Fresh, as well as gaining noteworthy performances at Camp Bisco 9, Pretty Lights Illumination Festival, DexFest '09/'10/'11, Boombutywah Music Festival, and STS9's Official After Party in 2008 with Pnuma Live PA, Eliot Lipp, and Two Fresh. 

"I can't help but give credit to the innovators--Herbie Hancock, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, all the way up to Amon Tobin, DJ Shadow, RJD2 and STS9--for inspiring me to continually push the boundaries of genres in every fashion: drum & bass, hip-hop, garage, even jazz and dubstep are tools used to breath new life into the forgotten music of the past. There's always an undeniable feeling of satisfaction to hear and perceive the kind of experience a musician creates on-stage while attempting to express the inexpressible." Info, media, and tour dates can be found athttp://thisisartmusic.com/

Instant Downloads / Links

http://thisisartmusic.com/thisisart-2011-10-04.zip - Live Opening for Ghostland Observatory

http://thisisartmusic.com/thisisart-make-believe-universe-leak.zip - Excerpt of upcoming Album (live) 

http://thisisartmusic.com/thisisart-2011-09-21.zip - Live Opening for Conspirator (Oxford, MS)

http://thisisartmusic.com/thisisart-2011-08-13.zip - Live w/DJ Kidsmeal (Atlanta, GA)

http://thisisartmusic.com/thisisart-2011-03-11.zip - Live w/ Miles Cramer on Drums (Chattanooga, TN)

http://thisisartmusic.com/thisisart-2011-01-29.zip - Live & Sold Out (Knoxville, TN)

http://thisisartmusic.com/ - Latest ART

http://youtube.com/thisisart - Latest Videos

http://soundcloud.com/thisisart - Latest Releases

Skinny ill- Chattanooga, Tn, Digital Butter


KRRS24-Chattanooga, Tn, ALR, 423 Bass, Coming Through productions


Drug Money-Chattanooga, tn, 423 Bass


Wayzout-Denver, Co, By the Way recordings


Styles-San Francisco, ca/Chattanooga, tn, Coming Through productions


Including a Visual Arts showcase