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Brothers Past @ The Middle East


When: -

Where: The Middle East (480 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge, MA)

Minimum Age: 18+

Type: Indoor - Club

Web Site: Click Here

Promoters: The Brain Trust Events

Genres: Livetronica

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$ 15.00
Day of Show
$ 20.00

The Brain Trust Presents...

Brothers Past

feat. The Indobox

Friday March 4th

@ The Middle East (Downstairs)

The event will feature the best in live music, local artists/ vendors, and opportunities for social activism!

If anyone is interested in either vending, art installations, or live art please contact Phil at Skylon23@gmail.com

Brothers Past

Some bands are recognized for their outstanding live show, others for their prowess in the studio. Philadelphia's Brothers Past garners accolades on both fronts, emerging at the forefront of electro-rock with a willingness to blend various styles seamlessly into an original sound. Yet, whether live or in the studio, the art of songcraft is the prevailing element in their music.

Morgan Wells of Urb Magazine describes the band's latest work as "...a glimpse into the future of pop music... Brothers Past offers a smooth and believable blend of electronica, rock and pop just original enough to place [This Feeling's Called Goodbye] at the top of a growing pile of genre-bending releases." Steven Rosen in HARP echoed the praise: "There's a future in this kind of music." Hailed by critics and fans alike for it's catchy rock anthems, captivating arrangements and inspired lyrics, the album received numerous "Top Ten" mentions and was nominated by the Jammy Awards for "Album of the Year." The release has established Brothers Past as innovative songwriters with a progressive vision towards future.

Past studio work includes the September 2004 EP, statEPolice, which Chicago's Innerview called "Delicious." A Wonderful Day, the band's December 2002 full-length CD, was deemed "Excellent, eccentric, engrossing" by The Philadelphia Inquirer. The Philadelphia Daily News wrote, "The buzz has been very good on rock originals Brothers Past, and yes, it's deserving. This group jumps out as something special on its futuristic concept album." In 2001 the band conceived Elements, a daring and experimental recording weaving live, computer, and studio tracks to create an altogether new sonic tapestry. Richard Gehr of the Village Voice exclaimed, "Elements has style. It's one of the first great post-Phish trance-fusion albums and sounds like Pink Floyd jamming with Sasha and Digweed in Brian Eno's bedroom."

Brothers Past is Tom Hamilton (vocals, guitar, laptop), Tom McKee (keyboards, vocals), Clay Parnell (bass, vocals) and Rick Lowenberg (drums).

The Indobox

From Boston, MA and roots in Northeast PA, The Indobox is starting dance-parties everywhere they go, bringing something they call Dance-Rock... Guitarists Mike Carter and Joe Zarick fuse psychedelic rock guitars with dirty dance beats from Steve Learson's synths and Quinn Ferree's drums, all with catchy hooks to sing along to. An having played gigs with The New Deal and at Camp Bisco Festivals, you know every Indobox show will inevitably turn into a wild dance party.