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Archnemesis @ Live Wire Music Hall


When: -

Where: Live Wire Music Hall (307 West River St., Savannah, GA)

Minimum Age: All Ages

Type: Indoor - Club

Genres: BreaksGlitchHip Hop

Hello music fans of the Ga coastal area!!! It is time to sit back and let the sounds of live-tronic fusion, and bass take you to a place that can only be found through the creative sound and lighting production found during this event...Archnemesis put together by Curt Heiny of Telepath and Justin A. of Mo Theory have created a sound all there own known as ghettotech, live-tronic, FUNK that has been moving the minds and feet of ...crowds from NYC to the southern tip of Florida and are being featured with group such as STS9,Disco Biscuits, Pretty Lights, and even finished up an after party with such superstars as Deadmau5..so you are in for a treat!! As for Green Hit this 3 peice deep rooted , Fla based live-tronic group reaches deep into the soul finding the rhythm and goodness in everyone and bringing it to the dancefloor for a full on rage..you canb find this group touring with top leveled headliners and are featured at this years Bear Creek Festival with artists from MOE to Dumpstaphunk to Lettuce and more..so get on you dancing shoes , because LK3000 Productions has got a PARTY goin on!!!!


Formed as a musical brain child of Justin Aubuchon and Curt Heiny, Archnemesis (www.archnemesismusic.com) roots its sound in the self-coined term "Intelligent Electro-Crunk". Keeping to the true definition of the word, the musical "villain" of Archnemesis uses influences drawn from other projects they are involved in (Telepath, MO Theory) as well incorporating samples that range from timeless to modern day. By doing this, a sound is created that makes every night a unique musical experience. With their first album in the works and by keeping the approach of appealing to the masses with musical familiarity, Archnemesis is constantly gaining new young fans at every show and continually growing musically as they move forward.

Read more: http://www.myspace.com/archnemesismusic#ixzz12wVvXDRu

This is a band comprised of three musicians; the efforts of this collaboration have produced something truly unique.

Motivated by their pursuit to accurately imitate nature, GREEN HIT listens to the music that exists naturally around them and becomes a funnel for the modern world as they translate their musical vision into song form. Using an original blend of instruments and effects they are able to capture tones and colors not typically found in popular music. This group includes, Trey Hebson, on electrotrumpaphone, synths, sequencers, and glockenspiel; Chase Hudson, on electric piano, synths, looper, and melodica; and drummer Sean Sullivan.

The band has just released the first album from their current personnel line up, the third effort from the band, “purpose.”. They are touring in support of this album. When GREEN HIT performs live, look for newer tunes such as “Oddly Metered”, “It Goes On”, and “Albert’s Bicycle”, to exemplify the progression of the band as a whole.