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APPRECIATION w/Minnesota, CRNKN, Mr.Bill, Stylust Beats


When: -

Where: hOMe (1255 26th St, Oakland, CA)

Minimum Age: 18+

Type: Indoor - Other

Web Site: Click Here

Promoters: Camp Questionmark

Genres: DubstepGlitchHip Hop

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Limited Pre-Sale
$ 10.00
General Addmission
$ 15.00


On November 23rd we gather to celebrate this time of year. To dance with fiery passion for the things we appreciate, & let go of the things we don't.

This event marks the 5 year anniversary of the 1st 'public' event the camp had organized together, and what began an amazing part of the journey. We celebrate & continue in that journey with an entire evening of perfect music & creative expression. This will be a very special night, with

a lineup to satisfy any appetite.

Providing a more intimate atmosphere for music, art & people to be the focus of the experience. With an amazingly open, creative space to enjoy the night, the event will feature Aerial Performances, Live Painting & Live Visuals, for a more complete event.






The Mr. Bill project is based on evocation, I like to write music that excites the ear and the brain. This requires me to explore a vast range of strange production methods and musical theories to keep exciting my senses. The best way to describe the music associated with this project is a mix of unlatched, glitchy breakbeats, heavy, swung-out bass lines and flawless edits with a large dash of palatable melodic content.





"I'm a 19 year old fellow from woodsy New Hampshire. I've always had a strong passion for music, and that passion recently turned to heep hop tings.

In my short time as a producer, I've gotten praise from some big names like: Flosstradamus, BBC Radio 1, Foreign Beggars, Diplo and more.





Christian Bauhofer, known by his fans as his party crushing alter ego Minnesota, is a producer and DJ heralding from Santa Cruz, CA that has been lighting up venues across the country with his frantic energy and pounding bass. At 23 years old, Minnesota has recently spent his time touring with acts such as Big Gigantic and Paper Diamond while artists like Bassnectar and PANTyRAID have been incorporating his tracks into their sets.





Starting off as a multi genre DJ in 98’ Stylust quickly got into the hip hop production game contributing to the local scene as well as being lucky enough to work with mc's all over the world such as THE GAME, SOUTH CENTRAL CARTEL, NGAFSH(Project Blowed), SWOLLEN MEMBERS, EMOTIONZ, and many more. Lately, Stylust has focused back on Dj’ing and Producing but now in the dubstep/Bass Music arena’s. Stylust’s production quality has caught on quickly in the Bassmusic world catching the eye of BASSNECTAR who asked him to remix his smash tune “Cozza Frenzy” as part of the Cozza Frenzy remix pack 1.





Ohm Wrecker (formerly Dubble Penetration) was conceived in September of 2009 and was the brain child of Penny Wide Pupils (Will Costello) and Humpfree LowGart (Jon Curran). The two met and embarked on an epic and exciting journey to Burning Man where their musical tastes became infused with heavy basslines and broken up chunky beats. Shortly after returning to Bellingham WA Ohm Wrecker was formed. In early 2012 the duo decided to change their alias to Ohm Wrecker to celebrate their first release 'Float', on Tycho Records, as well as, the overall maturity of their career and musical tastes. With a first EP out of the way and many new tunes in production, nothing can stop the bullet train of awesome sauce representing the Seattle bass music scene.





Sponsored by Line6, The Genie is an avant garde performing artist and guitar looping innovator; taking a DJ approach to guitar, he is the creator of a live-looping method called 'scratch guitar' and a unique brand of live-remixing called ‘g-mixing'. Bringing together a hybrid of genres, he utilizes unconventional live production styles, turntablist techniques, and original looping methods. All of this while manipulating dials on his pedals with his toes, producing uniquely mesmerizing performances.




Í•2nd Music Area•Í

We added a silent disco headphone area to the event provided by Zero d/b & Gruntworthy



INDASKYES » http://soundcloud.com/indaskyes



CARLY D » http://soundcloud.com/carly-d



DR. KNOBZ » http://soundcloud.com/dr-knobz



FOOBZ » http://soundcloud.com/foobz



STEEZY NICKS » http://soundcloud.com/audiobombmusic



MEGOWAN » http://soundcloud.com/megowan



MAGELLAN » http://soundcloud.com/magellan11



INTELLITARD » http://soundcloud.com/intellitard




Ticket sales/ space will be more limited than normal for this event, so pre-sale's are highly recommended. We will try to let you know when it is about to be sold out.


$10. pre-sale tickets available NOW...Click link below...



*Or purchase from a 'Designated' Camp? organizer in person*

Music & Performance From 9pm until 4:20am

Try not to 'hang out' on the streets around the venue/ No outside alcohol/ Must have ID / LIMITED $10. presale, $15. After / 18+

hOMe venue is located inside the historic Noodle Factory. We are adjacent to 11 live-work studios. Please smoke on the roof or across the street from the venue. Be responsible for your footprint on the neighborhood! We are a solar powered venue and like to keep it clean, so we encourage people to bring their own cups, etc. Please keep all liquor indoors and upstairs.

*Please be responsible and Respect hOMe hours of operation *

UG Etiquette ∫ Be Good To Each Other ∫ You Are Appreciated



Sound By »»» The Liquid Project

Live Painting By »»»

Jeremiah Allen Welch / Rolando's Art / Jonathan Solter

Face & Body Art by »»» Faerie Meadow

Live Visual Manipulation by »»» VJ Dumps

AiReal TheatriXx By »»» maDamn burnZ & the DTFlyladies

2nd Sound Area by »»» ZEROdb & Gruntworthy


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