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Favorite ThisZoogma: Anthems 4 Androids

Published: August 27, 2013
By: Scotty Fuller

What the fuck is Zoogma? At one time, that question was so popular that it became an unofficial slogan for the electronic rock band from Oxford, Mississippi. They even turned it into a popular bumper sticker that you've likely seen at one of the many festivals they perform at every summer. On the heels of their latest release, Anthems 4 Androids, Brock Bowling, Justin Hastings, Ryan Nall, and Matt Harris are poised to put an end to those questions once and for all. 

Anthems is the third official release from Zoogma. It is also the longest, clocking in at a little under an hour. The album was funded by a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised over 15,000 towards the completion of the album. Because of this, the stakes were even higher to create something great for the loyal fans who helped make it happen.

Anthems opens up with a whirlwind of jumpy synths, soulful guitar riffs, and some insane drumming courtesy of Ryan Nall. "Looking for Ground" is a perfect setup for the rest of the album because it seems to pull from all ends of Zoogma’s inspirational spectrum, going from highly electronic, to soulfully instrumental. It could be your go-to workout track, or a perfect driving song.

"Mirage" is an eight minute journey through time and space that will undoubtedly be a huge hit at the band's live shows. The high energy dance track reeks of a good time. Listen to this one on a good pair of headphones to really appreciate how much Zoogma has grown. “Classified” is another great track that shows off the band's funkier side with a little bit of grimy bass thrown in for good measure. The title track of the album features Phantazm rapping over an impressive electro hip-hop beat. Although Zoogma has been known to bring out hip-hop artists during their live shows, this is the first studio track with original lyrics. Other gems on the CD include “Under the Pavement,” “Head in the Sand,” and “Circuit Bored.” 

This album marks a completely new chapter in Zoogma’s story. Time has been good to the group, as it is apparent that they are extremely comfortable experimenting with a slew of different sounds and styles. And why wouldn’t they be? Anthems 4 Androids is a refreshingly unique take on electronic rock that should secure Zoogma’s place as one of the best young acts in music today. What the fuck is Zoogma? Now you know.

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