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Favorite ThisZeplinn shows a different side of the blimp on 'Pressura'

Published: October 25, 2019

By: Anand Harsh

Zeplinn - Praeda LPWe decided to go with something completely different from the blimp man.

Nicholas Kolby Mann, better known as Zeplinn to discerning bass fans in the mid-Atlantic, is back with another release via his crew's label, The Undergrowth.

This time Mann is packing eight full tracks as part of the Praeda LP, and it's a wide-ranging album covering a number of distinct styles. What jumped out to me, though, was a smooth lil' liquid DnB track that caught me off guard, especially considering my intro to Zeplinn was the wonkiest of the wonky weird bass. “Pressura” is an absolutely gorgeous track that demonstrates just how versatile Zeplinn can be.

This album is out on Halloween, so until October 31st you can put this track on repeat and gaze deeply into this mind-blowing artwork by Sebastian Ellison. Simply incredible stuff.

Tags: Drum and Bass