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Favorite ThisZeplinn lauches his sequel to 'Blimpin' Ain't Easy'

Published: March 1, 2019

By: Anand Harsh

ZeplinnIf “Blimpin' Ain't Easy” I don't know how Nicholas Kolby Mann makes it look so smooth.

The Undergrowth affiliate from Asheville, North Carolina is back with a sequel to his halftime hit. “Blimpin' Ain't Easy Pt. 2” strays from the halftime territory of the original into wubbier realms, but it's still got that knock that we love to hear.

“Blimpin' Ain't Easy” went viral when he dropped it, but Mann has stayed busy working on his craft and playing out around the country. He's steady repping The Undergrowth family that he works with out of Asheville (and perhaps more is on the way in that regard), and he just signed with Swampwoofer for booking, so things are looking up for this human blimp.

Check the sequel, A-B it with the original, and check out his other originals, collabs, and remixes to get a sense of what this dirigible from The Undergrowth is all about.

Tags: Dubstep